Anita Pallenberg’s horoscope

This guest post about Anita Pallenberg’s horoscope is by Sarah Murphy. Find more of Sarah’s work at her blog,  The Brujamix.

Anita Pallenberg was often referred to as the 6th Rolling Stone; she was Controversial, Powerful and Demonised.


Her open rebellion of the status quo, as well as her often controversial and at times un-glamourous life made her a polarising person in the 1960s cultural revolution.

Anita was an unconventional archetype, playing by her own rules. A modern day Lilith. She was the original 1960’s IT girl, albeit on the darker side of the tracks.  She pushed boundaries between the light and dark. Both in Life and in Art. Not always on the the right side of the line or law.

Upon her recent death, I felt drawn to look at her birth chart. Interestingly, after her death Keith Richards confirmed a new Birth Date and Year for Anita. And her son Marlon confirmed a new birth location. Not uncommon for people in the public sphere to dish out alternative birth dates, for privacy.

This new birth data made her two years older. And astrologically, it provides a whole new interpretation. Would the new birth data feel more like the Anita we know as legend as tabloid fodder? With new data, and straight off the bat, the chart screamed … YES!

This chart interpretation is based on her new birthdate and year. As supplied by The New York Times.

An earlier version of her obituary misstated Ms. Pallenberg’s birth date and age. According to a spokeswoman for Keith Richards, she was born on April 6, 1942.  Not Jan. 25, 1944. And therefore she was 75, not 73. The error was repeated in the headline.

We don’t know Pallenberg’s birth time, so we cast Anita Pallenberg’s horoscope for noon on April 6th, 1942, in Rome, Italy – her birthplace.

Anita Pallenberg's horoscope

Sun and Moon

The new Sun and Moon aspects are now both in Fire Signs. Straight off the bat we see a portrait which has more Creativity, Flare and Passion, than the 25th of January birth chart; with its more muted Aquarius Sun/Virgo Moon.  She certainly wasn’t a victim to circumstance (St. Virgo), or a sacrificial lamb of the collective and idealist powers around her.

She was the creative fire, she was the source, the engineer. Aries/Sagittarius: we can see a real warrior signature. Anita was more than an accidental icon, she was the force du jour of the movement.

“How Anita came to be with Brian [Jones] is really the story of how the Stones became the Stones. She almost single-handedly engineered a cultural revolution in London by bringing together the Stones and the jeunesse Adorée (Guilded Youth).
Marianne Faithfull, in her 1994 book Faithful.

Sun in Aries/Moon in Sagittarius is the signature of a person whose independence and warrior spirit pushes forwards despite the odds thrown at them. A fighter. An Original Creator or Source Spark.

Someone who seeks adventure and movement. Anyone with Fire in both Sun and Moon signatures, can’t stand being Idle; Fire is dynamic, unpredictable and uncontrollable. They are an innovator whose sole purpose is to act with passion.

It’s survival to a Sun in Aries. With an ego’s core and an emotional base in fire signs, Anita was capable of accessing and harnessing all this unpredictable and dynamic energies, and not giving much of a care to anyone who might want to restrain them.

Keith Richards in his memoir describes her as terrifying. “I like a high-spirited woman,” he wrote. “And with Anita, you knew you were taking on a Valkyrie — she who decides who dies in battle.” … Hardly the attributes of a free-thinking Aquarian don’t you think?

Moon in Sagittarius fuels this Aries Sun Ego with an internal quest to explore foreign culture, travel and truth seeking for the ages. Her Sagittarius Moon was stamped all over her personal style.

The originator of Boho Chic, She showed off her international aesthetic via speaking five languages, living in numerous places around the world including France, Jamaica, London, Rome, New York. Reflecting cultures through her (at the time) over-the-top dress. A child of the world after coming into the world, when it was at its darkest hour during WWII.

Anita and Keith

Interestingly enough, Her Sagittarius Moon in this new chart, clearly shows the connection between her and Keith Richards, the ill-fated Bonnie & Clyde of the 1960s.  Ms Pallenberg’s Moon is very close to conjunct Keith’s Sun, although hard to confirm without an exact birth time. It is very much in orb and this combination is the classic red hot tick in relationship synastry. It was not present until this new birth date was revealed.

Lilith in Anita Pallenberg’s horoscope

Other strong signatures stand out in her chart, demonstrating how dynamic and revolutionary she was in the counter-culture movement. Lilith being one of the most interesting, and paralleling her life story. Interestingly this new birth chart has Lilith as a backbone to her chart.

Lilith is the Anti-Eve, or the Female Mars energy in a chart.

Anita Pallenberg's horoscope

Lilith has been demonised through out history for her Rebellion in the Garden of Eden. Refusing to submit to Adam as his first wife. She was cast out of the kingdom forced to live alone, foraging fending for herself. Sounding Familiar?

In history, demonised and often depicted in Art with Snakes and Serpents. Labelled a child eater in Jewish folklore, Lilith was a figure of female independence before the 2nd Testament, she paid a heavy price for it. Lilith is the original female rule breaker and her strong placement in Anita’s chart shows how parallel this story was in Anita’s life.

Lilith is conjunct her Mars and Jupiter. Archetypically, these planets represent Female (Sexual) Independence (Lilith). Masculinity and Personal Power or Strength (Mars). And King of The Gods, The Gift Giver, Great Expander, Excess (Jupiter). All in Gemini.

Simply, Anita had an abundance of men and male energy around her and she wouldn’t be playing by there rules – Period.  Gemini being an intellectual and mutable slant of these planets.

She was fiercely smart and was one step ahead of the game, and adept with change. Lilith meant she wouldn’t submit to any man, Keith Richards being perhaps the closest she would, after Brian Jones and allegedly before Mick Jagger.

Anita’s male relationships and the masculine energy she gave off, was un-traditional and at her own pleasure. There is no victim of circumstance; she certainly wasn’t a victim of these men, she was the engineer.

There is no collective good purpose here in her rebellion. Anita was a woman of her own making, for her own pleasures.

Her Sun sextiles into the Mars-Jupiter-Lilith Conjunction, and her Moon opposes this hefty conjuction.  Confirming Ms Pallenberg’s ego quest was supported by this Anti-Eve.

The Men in her life and the masculine energy she had both physically and energetically, was ingrained in her. They (Men) would have come to her, even if it wasn’t in this manifestation.

Emotionally it may not have always have sat well. There have been well-documented struggles.  Balancing these powerful and leading energies, would not have been easy.

But her Emotional dependence or wellbeing was inscrutably ties to the conjunction’s energies. This Moon opposition creates a place where cracks and dependancy issues on substances found a happy resting place.

Moon square Neptune

Her Sagittarius Moon also squares Neptune (red arrows, below). Moon square Neptune is a strong signifier of escapist and addiction issues. When things aren’t sitting well the Moon escapes to the nearest connecting planet.  Moon-Neptune can be very high vibe: Spiritual, Artistic creation, Music, Poetry.

Low-end it’s Drugs, Escapism. It has been well documented how this aspect manifested in Anita’s life on both these high and low vibe ends.

Mercury coming in to oppose her Neptune (purple arrows, below), re-enforces this Neptunian Story. Although this opposition is another example of how deeply Neptune connected to her personal realm. The Neptunian anaesthetic haze is well-placed and a highly active Octave in her new birth chart. Not Surprising considering how strongly she was associated with Heroin, an anaesthetic, and The Rolling Stones.

Anita Pallenberg's horoscope

“How many lost years were there altogether? I don’t think they were lost years. I went about doing what I did, travelling anyway, even if sometimes they had to carry me. Self-medication they call it now. I went into this — what do they call it before you become a butterfly? — cocoon for a long time. And in a way it’s kept me probably more childlike; that’s what drugs do to people, they stop emotional growth, so when you come out of it you’re kind of 17.”


Mercury in Aries coming in to Oppose Neptune also Squares Pluto (blue arrows, above), tying into this Lilith vibe. Mercury-Pluto is being a messager from the Underworld. This worked perfectly for her Astrological DNA, ties perfectly into her legend, as well as, being a great role for her in Barbarella. The Roger Vladim Film where Anita played the physical manifestation of The Queen of The Underworld.


Venus appears quite lonely in Anita Pallenberg’s horoscope. In Aquarius it makes few aspects considering the aspects Neptune and the Lilith Conjuction’s make. Telling us that the Anti Eve role fitted more with Pallenberg than the Venuisan comparisons that originally put her in the  spotlight.  She was a strikingly beautiful woman, but the Venus Archetype may not have been the one she identified with straight away.

Venus in Aquarius Squaring down the rulers Saturn/Uranus of Aquarius (orange arrows, below), made her version of Venus to be quite revolutionary (that word again!), siding once again with non-traditional means and ideas. Reinforcing Lilith-type archetypes and a reworking of the Venus energies. As per below, Pallenberg embraced ageing as people finally stopped talking about her beauty.

Anita Pallenberg's horoscope

Singer Courtney Love once asked Pallenberg whether she would consider getting plastic surgery. She answered, “Darling, I was the most beautiful woman in seventeen countries. I like being ugly!

That’s an interesting quote, in a society so obsessed by beauty from a Woman who was labelled the most beautiful of her time, an Alternative to Bardot who preferred to live life on the darker side of the tracks.


Vale Anita Pallenberg — A living embodiment of Lilith, and a true female visionary; who upon her death the final portrait was now available to come out.

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