Astrology transits

In astrology, the term ‘transits’ refers to ongoing connections between two things. First, the planets’ (including Sun and Moon) ongoing motion through the zodiac. Second, how those movements relate to the planets fixed positions, such as in a horoscope for someone’s birth.

Transits are a common tool astrologers use to make forecasts for particular periods in someone’s life. An astrologer might say, ‘I’ve got transiting Pluto square my Venus.’ This is a shorthand way of saying that the slow-moving planet Pluto is currently in a square aspect (about 90°) to where Venus was on the day they were born. It would generally indicate a challenging time. Pluto energy is transformational, and Venus usually has some connection to personal relationships.

Other transits can be more positive. And none of them last forever. They are transiting, or temporary, transitory. So they come and go, over the whole course of our lives.

The most well-known transit we all experience is called the ‘Saturn return’. This occurs when we are about 29 years of age. Saturn takes about 29 years to ‘transit’ (aka traverse, or go through) all 12 signs of the zodiac.

So the Saturn return is the time when Saturn returns to the degree of the zodiac it was at the time you were born. Transiting (moving) Saturn at this time is said to ‘conjunct’ natal Saturn. A conjunction is a particular astrological ‘aspect’ (I’ve written previously about aspects).

The general forecast for a Saturn return is of a time of renewal. It is a time of taking-on additional responsibility. Of no longer being a youth, but someone who has had a full cycle of experience. It marks the astrological start of adulthood.

There are many other transits. For instance, the mid-life transits. These are the Pluto square, the Uranus opposition, and the Neptune  square. Everyone experiences these, typically between the age of 45 and 70.

The Pluto square is when transiting Pluto is in ‘square’ aspect (about 90°) from where it was on the day you were born. It denotes a time of transformation and upheaval.

The Uranus opposition occurs when transiting Uranus is opposite (or ‘in opposition’ about 180°) to the place it was when you were born. Uranus provides sudden changes in life direction, new adventures, reversals and renewal.

Transiting Neptune in square aspect to its natal position can bring idealism, delusion, uncertainty, and a ‘lost at sea’ feeling.

All astrology transits are temporary, because the planets move, and so the transiting aspects eventually dissipate. Although the effect of transits on the individual may be long lasting. And many transits will be unique just to you.

Most astrologers will use more than just transits when forecasting. They might also use Solar Arc Directions. Or secondary progressions. When each of these methods tell a similar story for a particular period in someone’s life, it is likely a powerful transforming experience will occur.

Here’s an example of astrology transits and Solar Arc Directions in action.

Donald Trump is running for President, and we have accurate birth data for him. According to he was born June  14th, 1946, at 10:54am in Jamaica, New York. I have written about Trump previously.

Below is his natal (birth) horoscope on the inner circle. In the middle circle are Solar Arc Directions for Inauguration Day, 20 January 2017. And the outer circle shows transits for that date.

Astrology transits

The red arrows show transiting Pluto (lower right) in square aspect (about 90°) to Trump’s natal Jupiter. This is one of the mid-life transits mentioned above, the Pluto square.

Secondly, the green oval shows Solar Arc Directed Pluto conjunct (about 0°) Trump’s natal Jupiter.

So there is a strong Pluto (power, force) energy aimed at Trump’s Jupiter (optimism, speculation) at this particular time. Jupiter can bring great gain, or great loss.

Another factor to consider, is that Trump’s Solar Arc Directed Sun has just changed signs. It’s gone from Leo, the sign the Sun rules, to Virgo. The Sun has much less strength, or dignity, in Virgo.

Trump certainly has powerful transits and Solar Arc Directions (SAD) for this period of his life. He is likely to experience great gain or loss at this time. Given the Sun has changed sign, I would anticipate it is more likely to be loss or disappointment. The Sun is our vitality, and Trump has his SAD Sun in Leo for about 30 years. Now it’s changing gears, to a more moderate expression.

The energy of a particular transits the closer the aspect is to exact. If the transiting planet is exactly 90° from my natal planet, the effect will be pronounced. If the transiting planet is 95° away, then this transiting square aspect is weaker in effect. In Donald Trump’s case, above, transiting Pluto is within half a degree of being square to his natal Jupiter. So the effect will be powerful.

Astrology transits: summary

Transits are one way to look at how our lives are shaped over time. Life events are shown to be not as ‘random’ as we might think. Behind many key life events are significant transit correlations.

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