Robin Williams

Robin Williams was a hilarious, quirky and unique comedian and actor.
His suicide in 2014 was a tragedy. His death was due, in part, to his struggle with Dementia with Lewy bodies, which was mis-diagnosed as Parkinson’s disease. Robin Williams’ horoscope clearly reflects features of this fascinating man.


Williams was born July 21st, 1951, at 1:34pm in Chicago, Illinois. This data is very accurate. It is from his birth certificate, according to

‘Comedy’ with primarily associated with the planet Mercury. As a reminder, recall Jim Carrey in The Mask. Carrey’s character wore the mask of Loki, Mercury’s Norse equivalent. And the movie displays many facets of Mercury: trickster, comedian, mischief-maker. Mercury is also about communication, thinking, words.

So it’s perhaps no surprise that Williams’ Mercury is very prominent in his horoscope.

It is conjunct (‘next to) a powerful point, the Midheaven, and also conjunct forceful Pluto. This combination is shown by the blue oval, below.

Robin Williams' horoscope

The Midheaven (10th house cusp) is about career, vocation. Mercury is this particularly prominent and ‘loud’ location in Robin Williams’ horoscope gives a highly ‘Mercurial’ theme to his career.

Loud because of the Midheaven conjunction. But also reinforced by being conjunct Pluto. Pluto brings power and intensity to whatever planet it aspects.

This conjunction is also in Leo. This is a fire sign ruled by the Sun. It is about self, identity, and ‘showing off’. So Williams is predisposed to this kind of career.

Mars, ruler of Ascendant, conjunct Uranus

Wait, there’s more! William’s Ascendant (‘rising sign’) is Scorpio, shown by the green arrow above. Of itself, this means he’s going to be intense in how he comes across, his personality. Because the Ascendant describes these parts of a person.

We learn more about his personality by looking at the ruler of his Ascendant, Mars. Mars is conjunct Uranus in Cancer (purple oval, above). This indicates an erratic, unpredictable and surprising (Uranus) personality, with an underlying emotional component (Cancer, ruled by the Moon).

And this is certainly true of the public face of Robin Williams.

What is less obvious is his highly sensitive emotional nature. Which is indicated by his Moon in Pisces, the most emotionally sensitive of the 12 zodiac signs. More on this shortly.

Venus opposite Moon, nodal conjunctions

Williams’ Moon is in Pisces. It is conjunct his North Node (green oval, below). His Venus is in an opposition aspect (about 180°) to his Moon (red arrows). And Venus is conjunct his South Node in Virgo (orange oval).

Robin Williams' horoscope

His feelings (Moon) are thus connected to what he loves, desires and values (Venus). But they can be contradictory (Venus-Moon opposition). What he loves is a career in the limelight (Venus in the 10th). A career not only about Mercury, but Venus too.

His Venus ‘looks to’ Mercury for guidance, because Venus is in Virgo, a sign Mercury rules. And his Venus conjuncts the South Node. This indicates he will be naturally good at this limelight stuff, because the South Node indicates our instinctual behaviours or talents. Ones that we are good at, but in the long term might not be best for our personal growth.

His Moon in Pisces is opposite this. In the homely and more private 4th house. And conjunct the less comfortable but ultimately beneficial North Node. Which is about what we have to learn in this life as part of our overall journey.

So while Williams has a gift and for Venus and Mercurial antics, part of him is very sensitive. His quirky presentation may on some level be a way of diverting attention from the more introspective side of his nature.

It’s also interesting to note also that Venus is in a sextile aspect (about 60°) to his Uranus. And Williams’ Moon is trine (about 120°) to Uranus. So the Uranian qualities of change, disruption, surprise and restlessness inflect several sides of his makeup.

Neptune opposite Jupiter; both square Mars-Uranus

The final main piece of Robin Williams’ horoscope is a planetary feature called a ‘T-Square.’

Robin Williams' horoscope

In Williams’ case, the main axis of his T-Square is the Neptune-Jupiter opposition (blue arrow, above). And both Neptune (orange arrow) and Jupiter (purple) are in square aspect (about 90°) to his Mars-Uranus combo. So the overall shape of this is a ‘T’, with Neptune-Jupiter the crossbeam.

What does this mean? Well, his Jupiter is in Aries in the 5th house, the house of creativity. Jupiter is about exaggeration, wealth, luck, enthusiasm. Its aspect to Neptune infuses this creative enthusiast with idealism, imagination and fantasy. It gives an ‘otherworldly’ dimension to his playfulness.

And this Neptune-Uranus in turn informs and shapes the Mars-Uranus excitability we saw earlier. The Uranus that also aspects his Moon and Venus.

Robin Williams’ horoscope: summary

Williams was (and is) a hilarious comedian and exceptional actor (My favourite movie of his is Dead Poets Society). At various times he struggled with drug addiction, alcohol and depression. His suicide is perhaps related to the many difficult side effects of Dementia with Lewy Bodies. Being as emotionally sensitive as he is, would make this illness even more challenging.

His wild and erratic Mercurial nature changed the face of comedy. He had an abundance of talent, and was full of (Uranian) surprises.

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