Beyonce’s horoscope

Beyonce sings, writes, produces and acts. She’s a talented and powerful entertainer. Beyonce’s horoscope is just as interesting.

Beyonce's horoscope

Photo by Rocbeyonce/Shawntok via Wikimedia Commons. CC BY SA 4.0.

Beyoncé was born on September 4th, 1981 in Houston, Texas. Unfortunately there’s no record of what time she was born that day. lists two speculative birth times, 10:00am and 4:37am. But it has no evidence that either of these is correct.

I’ll use the 4:37am time, with the knowledge that its probably incorrect. Even without a birth time, we can outline Beyonce’s horoscope.

Although certain elements will have to be ignored.

For instance, the Moon’s position. This is because the Moon moves an average 13° a day. And the astrological house positions, because these change very quickly as the day progresses.

Nevertheless, Beyonce’s horoscope is certainly ‘different’.

Beyonce's horoscope

Different for two main reasons.

1. Five planets in one sign

It’s not often you see a horoscope with five planets in one sign of the zodiac.

Beyonce has Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Pluto in Libra. Shown by the purple oval, above.

Astrologically, such a group is called a ‘stellium.’ And ideally it should consist of four or more planets in the same sign and house.

Like other horoscopes I’ve looked at (e.g. Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johannson, Gordon Ramsay), Beyonce has planets grouped in about one third of the horoscope.

This typically denotes personal drive and a focus in just a few areas of life. Which is helpful in terms of ambition and a clear sense of purpose and what you want.

The focal point of the grouping in Beyonce’s case is her stellium in Libra, an air sign ruled by Venus. So these planets ‘look to’ Venus as their mentor, their CEO.

And her Venus is conjunct (close to) two planets. First, the transformative and powerful Pluto (green oval). And secondly Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth and optimism.

Venus in its own sign (Libra) is strong in essential dignity and is turbocharged by being conjunct Pluto.

So these Libra planets are activated by a transformative and expansive Venus as their leader, and will behave accordingly.

Libra seeks balance, and is about ‘relationship’ on all levels. Being a Venus-ruled sign, Libra is interested in the arts, fashion, desire and beauty.

And being an air sign, it has to do with ‘speaking’ and communication. Which includes singing.

2. No oppositions or squares

There are no square or opposition aspects in her horoscope. This would hold true, even if we had an accurate Moon position.

So there appears to be less internal conflict or friction in Beyonce’s makeup. Her planetary ‘team’ are more harmonious and focused.

Now let’s look at a few other features…

All those planets in an air sign are balanced element-wise by Beyonce’s Sun in Virgo (earth), Mars in Leo (fire) and Moon in Scorpio (water).

Mars is sextile her Mercury (red arrow, above). This provides powerful and assertive (Mars) communication and thinking (Mercury). But only as needed.

This is because a sextile is a soft aspect, and soft aspects are only activated some of the time. They are ‘on call.’

Mars is conjunct her North Node in Leo. The North Node represents an area of life we’re striving towards, away from instinctual behaviours (South Node).

Here Beyonce is striving towards honour, self-realisation, and to ‘shine’ in some way (Sun, ruler of Leo).

Shine through her singular actions (Mars), rather than being part of a group (South Node, Aquarius).

And that’s about all I can say about Beyonce’s horoscope, given we don’t have accurate birth data. And that her horoscope does not have an squares or opposition aspects.

Life event: signing to Grass Roots Entertainment

Wikipedia says the band she was in signed the contract on October 5th, 1995.  The band would soon be known as Destiny’s Child.

Below is Beyonce’s horoscope (inner) with Solar Arc Directions (SAD, middle) and transits (outer) for that day.

This style of diagram is a 90° dial. It might look odd, but it’s a great way of showing key aspects. All hard aspects display as conjunctions.

Beyonce's horoscope

SAD Saturn (structure, formality) is conjuct her Pluto (transformation), shown by the red oval. And Pluto in her horoscope is conjunct Venus, the ruler of those five planets in Libra.

Also in the red oval is transiting Neptune, which is square Pluto. Neptune can be high ideals, vision, wishes. A dissolution of one life and the start of another.

In the blue oval, transiting Jupiter squares Beyonce’s Sun. This aspect is applying and will be stronger in the following 12 months.

It indicates possible wealth, honour and growth for Beyonce’s identity and sense of self.

Life event: marriage to Jay Z

Beyonce married Jay Z on April 4th, 2008. Using the same type of diagram for this date, gives this result.


Here we see transiting Jupiter (growth, optimism, expansiveness) square her Venus (love, desire etc). This is a great transit for a wedding!

And SAD Uranus is just past a conjunction with her Neptune (purple oval).

This is change, disruption or ‘electrification’ (Uranus) of her ideals (Neptune).

Beyonce’s horoscope: summary

A strongly Libran person, Beyonce’s focal point is Venus. Venus is ruler of Libra and in her horoscope is powerfully connected.

Her Venus in strong in her own sign, and is conjunct Jupiter and Pluto. This brings fortitude, power, drive and optimism.

Mars sextile her Mercury brings on-call assertiveness and energy to whatever she communicates.

Beyonce has no opposition or square aspects in her horoscope. This pehaps gives a less complicated or conflicted internal life.

With five planets in Libra, one school of thought says the opposite sign is also activated. In Beyonce’s case this is Aries, the sign of assertive indepedence, ruled by Mars.

And Mars, as we have seen, is sextile her Mercury, her communication.

Overall, a simple yet powerful horoscope. Which would be useful to examine further, with an accurate birth time.




  1. My daughter’s pageant coach used to compete in pageants with Beyonce when they were children in Houston. I saw a video of nine year old Beyonce being awarded a huge grand talent trophy. Beyonce has worked towards her career from a very young age.

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