Brad Pitt’s horoscope

This post takes a look at Brad Pitt’s horoscope. It’s sort of a companion piece to the one I wrote about Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt's horoscope

Pitt in Sydney, 2013. Photo by Eva Rinaldi. CC BY 2.0. Image is cropped from original

According to, Pitt was born on December 18th, 1963 at 6:31 AM in Shawnee, Oklahoma. His birth time is reasonably accurate, rated ‘A’ (from memory).

Brad Pitt's horoscope

There’s plenty of opinions in the media about what caused Jolie to file for divorce a few weeks ago.

Some allege Pitt is a ‘stoner dude,’ prone to depression and outbursts of anger, and possibly violence. He’s also seen as someone who (overly?) enjoys recreational drugs such as marijuana and alcohol.

Who knows if any of this is true? But let’s see if any of this speculation ties-in with his astrological makeup.

Four planets and South Node in Capricorn 

A central feature of Brad Pitt’s horoscope is the four planets (Mars, Mercury, Moon and Venus) in Capricorn. This is shown by the blue oval, above.

Capricorn is ‘ruled’ or governed by Saturn. And Saturn is the planet most associated with ‘melancholy.’ This is an old-fashioned term with links to the more modern ‘depression.’

Likewise Capricorn is considered the most serious, structured, and seemingly responsible and rule-driven sign of the zodiac.

This is reflected in an article I read that claimed Brad’s parenting style is more ‘old school.’ He prefers discipline and rules. At least compared to Jolie’s more hands-off approach, and giving their children more say in things such as clothing choices.

The four planets in Capricorn can be associated with several sides of Pitt. There’s assertiveness (Mars), thinking and communication (Mercury), emotions and emotional security (Moon) and values/desire (Venus).

All these planets share a common feature. They are all in Capricorn, and all ruled by Saturn. So they all have a sense of responsibility. And that can express positively, or negatively.

South Node in Capricorn

The South Node is a mathematical point. By sign and house it provides insight into instinctual and habitual behaviours. Or what we’re good at, and familiar ways of doing things. Things that might not be all that good for us in the long term.

Astrologers typically see the South Node as being stuff we need to move away from in order to grow as individuals.

Our life aim is to try and do more North Node stuff. The North Node signifies ‘uncomfortable but it’s good for me’ stuff. We all know our South Node stuff very well, it’s easy and comfortable. Some claim South Node behaviours come from past life.

Pitt’s South Node is in Capricorn. It is conjunct (close to) his Mars. Which means it’s easy for him to slip into being the responsible and serious (Capricorn) one. And that action and assertiveness (Mars) are second nature to him.

So his natural South Node response is to act (Mars) responsible, structured and disciplined. Or, worst case, it might expresss as overly authoritarian and rule-driven.

However, his Mars is aspected by Jupiter. And this brightens and takes weight off his actions and sense of responsibility. More on this shortly.

Saturn: CEO of his Capricorn planets

Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn. And it is like the CEO of the four Capricorn planets in Brad Pitt’s horoscope. His Mars, Mercury, Moon and Venus all look to Saturn as their leader. And how is that leader, Saturn, doing in Brad Pitt’s horoscope?

Well his Saturn is in Aquarius, another sign Saturn rules. So Saturn’s got good essential dignity, it’s comfortable in Aquarius. It’s able to (potentially) be a nicely-behaved Saturn.

But. And it’s a big but.

But … his Saturn is in a square aspect (about 90°) to Neptune. And Neptune muddies things. In many ways it’s the opposite of Saturn.

Saturn loves boundaries. Neptune doesn’t. Neptune is diffuse, idealistic, interested in alternate realities, fantasy, mystery. Saturn? Not at all.

So normally stable and reliable Saturn is confused here. It lacks the clarity it normally has. It means Pitt wants to be responsible, but the CEO of his four planets in Capricorn is rather confused and less reliable than usual.

His Saturn is infused with an otherworldly ‘something else.’ And what that something else actually IS, is unlikely to be clear or easily discerned.

Mercury: sextile Neptune, conjunct Moon and Venus

This is a great planetary signature for an actor. It is shown by the green arrrows, above.

Neptune has a chameleon-like quality; adaptable, idealistic, artistic and diffuse. Connected to Mercury, the planet of communication, it gives the ability to be ‘someone else’ and to take on a role.

And his Mercury, like Bruce Springsteen, is conjuct his Moon. This means his speaking and thinking is closely connected with emotion (rather than being dry and disconnected). Again, a very useful combination for an actor or performer. It helps give an emotion-based performance.

Mercury and Moon are furthermore conjuct his Venus. And Venus is about love, desire, values, art. Which is an appropriate combination for a celebrity named ‘the sexiest man alive’.

Finally, Mercury is the planet that rules his Midheaven sign of Virgo. And the Midheaven (large blue arrow, below) is about career.

His career is about communication (Virgo, ruled by Mercury) shaped by the ability to change roles (Mercury to Neptune). And communicating emotion (Mercury-Moon) and desire  (Mercury-Venus).

Mars square Jupiter; Jupiter the Ascendant ruler

I mentioned Pitt has Mars in Capricorn conjunct the South Node. And of itself, that might be someone rather serious in terms of their actions.

But his Mars is in square aspect (about 90°) to Jupiter in Aries. This is shown by the purple arrows below.

And Jupiter is complementary yet seemingly opposite qualities to Saturn. Jupiter is jovial, expansive, optimistic. Larger than life. Louder.

Brad Pitt's horoscope

And Jupiter is in Mars’s sign of Aries. And it aspects Mars in Capricorn. So there is dash of optimism and extravagence (Jupiter) about some of the things that Brad does (doing = Mars).

And what he does, might tend to be what he’s always done (South Node, and in 1st house of self). North Node in Cancer shows what he’s aiming for in life. Which is less about structure and more about emotion (Cancer is ruled by the Moon).

And North Node situated in the 7th house (presuming accurate birth time) means emotions via ‘relationships.’

Pitt’s Ascendant is Sagittarius (large red arrow, above). This gives him the appearance of being outgoing, larger than life, a go-getter.

It’s a good Ascendant for a salesperson, as it indicates charisma and confidence. Or at least, the appearance (Ascendant) of confidence.

And his Sun is there in Sagittarius, in his 1st house. The Sun in a horoscope is our self, our core identity. Pitt’s Sun re-inforces this ‘image’ of an optimistic and larger-than-life (Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter) big-time personality (Sagittarius Ascendant, 1st house).

Mars trine Uranus and Pluto

We’re not done with Mars yet! Because Mars is central to understanding Brad Pitt’s horoscope.

Pitt’s Mars is in trine aspect (about 120°) to both Uranus and Pluto. Shown by the green arrow, above. This adds complexity.

Uranus gives changeableness, suddeness and variety to Pitt’s actions. Pluto, an occasional sense of power and force.

Both of these are qualities are not ‘switched on’ all the time. Because a trine is a ‘soft aspect’. And soft aspects can be dormant until activated. The energies are ‘on call’.

On the other hand, his Mars-Jupiter aspect IS on all the time. Because that is a ‘hard aspect’ (conjunction, square, opposition).

Brad Pitt’s horoscope: summary

I see two Brad Pitts in this horoscope.

‘Outward Brad’ is the wealthy, larger than life (Jupiter, Sagittarius Ascendant, Sun in 1st house) celebrity. He is an accomplished actor (Mercury Midheaven, Mercury to Neptune).

‘Mars Brad’ centres on Mars, the most aspected planet in his horoscope. And therefore one of the most important.

Mars Brad is not so visible to the world. It’s a guy with four planets in Capricorn. A fairly ‘heavy’ sign in terms of responsibility, structure, seriousness. And one of those planets is Mars. And his Mars is significant, a central player.

Significant because it conjuncts his South Node (instinctual behaviours and habits). And it squares Jupiter (I can do big things, I’m out there, larger than life!).

And Mars also aspects Uranus and Pluto. So my doing stuff can also be (when I want) unique and different (Uranus). And/or powerful (Pluto).

But the bottom line is that Mars is action, assertion, getting things done. It’s a masculine action-oriented planet. It’s a planet associated with sport, martial arts, combat.

Mars energy can also express as anger and violence. And Pitt’s Mars has some complex connections by placement (conjunct South Node) and aspect (Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn). So motives that underpin his actions will not be straightforward. Even to himself.

His Mars looks to Saturn for guidance. But his Saturn is not straightforward either. Because it’s trine mysterious Neptune. And Neptune has some kinda interesting or confusing ideas about structure. And being a trine, it will flick on and off. Sometimes solid Saturn. Othertimes, things are unclear.

And confused actions have a higher chance of not playing out well. And the ‘weight’ of four planets in Capricorn may make recreational drugs appealing, to lighten the load.

My next post will be about Brad and Angelina’s relationship, from an astrolgical perspective.


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