Bruce Lee’s horoscope

A new biopic about legendary martial artist Bruce Lee is underway.
So let’s take a closer look at Bruce Lee’s horoscope.

Bruce Lee's horoscope

Bruce Lee in 1973. Royalty free pic from Wikimedia commons.

The new movie is called Birth of the Dragon. The movie’s trailer is on YouTube.

His horoscope is fascinating. And educational. Because even a cursory glance at it correlates nicely with what’s generally known about him.

His horoscope describes an intense, charismatic, witty, assertive and physical individual. has accurate birth data for Lee, from his birth certificate. He was born on November 27th, 1940. In San Francisco, California at 7:12 am.

He died in 1973, aged 32.

Bruce Lee's horoscope

Let’s firstly take a look at features highlighted by the two ovals, above.

1. Sun conjunct Ascendant

The green oval shows Lee’s Sun at 5° Sagittarius. It is very close, or ‘conjunct’, his Ascendant degree of 6° Sagittarius.

Anyone born with a planet close (i.e. within a few degrees) to their Ascendant will express that planet’s qualities publically.

This is because the Ascendant describes how we ‘come across’ to others, our face to the world, or personality.

The Ascendant is one of the top two ‘hot spots’ in a horoscope (the other is the Midheaven).

Planets close to either of these points are in the spotlight. They get additional prominence and ‘power’ in a horoscope. In astrological terms, they have extra ‘accidental dignity‘ at those locations.

For instance, Donald Trump. Trump has fiery Mars close to his Ascendant. Similar to where Bruce Lee has his Sun. Or Angelina Jolie. She has Venus in this location. Singer Katy Perry has Mercury conjunct her Ascendant (and four other planets in Scorpio).

The Sun is self identity, ego and ‘who I am.’ Lee’s Sagittarian Sun is amplified by being so close to his Ascendant degree. He is a strongly ‘solar’ presence, in some sense a radiator of light.

Sun in Sagittarius adds a larger-than-life, exaggerated flavour. An optimist and adventurer. These are Sagittarian and Jupiter qualities (Jupiter rules Sagittarius).

At best, Sun in this sign at this location shows someone whose personality (Ascendant) can be large, jovial, honourable. On the flip side: over-confident, exaggerated, full of bluster.

Strongly ‘solar’ people (such as Bruce Lee) like to be honoured and recognised. They are the centre of their own solar system. Just because of who they are.

Which is different to a strongly Mars person, like Trump. That person might prefer recognition for what they do. Because Mars is about action, doing.

2. Stellium in Scorpio, in the 11th house

The blue oval above shows a cluster of planets (Venus, Mars, Moon and Mercury). All are in the intense water sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is ruled by Mars.

Scorpio intensity is primarily ’emotional intensity’. Because water signs are associated with emotions. And it is emotions with underlying drive, due to Mars’ influence.

Mars is associated with combat, action, assertiveness and violence. All central to martial arts.

And these four planets are in one ‘house’ of Bruce Lee’s horoscope (read more about houses). Astrologers call four or more planets in one sign and house a ‘stellium.’

A stellium is a concentrated bundle of planetary energy. One that expresses through one particular area of life.

Within his stellium is Venus. Venus is conjunct (meaning ‘very close to’) Mars. This means desire/values (Venus) and will (Mars) are bonded; they interact ‘as one’.

Lee’s Moon is conjunct Mercury in the stellium. Emotions (Moon) and thinking and communicating (Mercury) closely entwined. Lee communicates with emotion, with passion.

Brad Pitt and Bruce Springsteen have Moon conjunct Mercury.

The stellium expresses through one area of life, because it is in one house. In Lee’s case it is in his 11th house.

The 11th is about friends, groups and associations. Much of Lee’s drive was to develop and promote martial arts, particularly in the West. He formed schools, founded groups and drew many followers.

This included developing non-traditional fighting styles and collective approaches to promoting the sport.

Mars is the planetary ruler of Lee’s stellium in Scorpio. Those planets are all influenced by Mars.

And Bruce Lee’s Mars is particularly powerful, as we shall see.

Two significant plantery aspects in Bruce Lee’s horoscope are shown below.

Bruce Lee's horoscope

1. Mars square Pluto

The red arrows show a square aspect (about 90°) between Mars and Pluto.

I know plenty of people whose horoscope contains this aspect! In terms of celebrities, Scarlett Johannson’s horoscope has a Mars-Pluto square.

Mars-Pluto square people can be blunt. They call ‘a spade a spade.’ They often present and act (Mars) forcefully.

They have drive and determination. These people can be perceived as dogmatic and irritable. They present their views sharply, with a sense of urgency.

But they are determined, focused and energised. This is helpful for getting things done.

These characteristics are due to Mars being ‘turbo-charged’ by this aspect with Pluto. Pluto delivers additional force, energy and thermonuclear power to Mars. So in Mars-related activities (such as martial arts), Lee has tremendous energy at his disposal.

The square is a ‘hard aspect’ (read more about aspects). And hard aspects are ‘always switched on’ and active. From birth.

Bruce Lee’s Mars is CEO or main influencer of his stellium in Scorpio.

So turbo-boosted Mars governs his thinking/communication (Mecury) and emotions (Moon). And his desires and values (Venus).

2. Sun trine Pluto

His already prominent Sun (close to Ascendant) gets additional power from a trine aspect (about 120°) to Pluto. Shown by the blue arrows, above.

The trine is a ‘soft aspect’. So it is NOT ‘switched on’ or active all the time. It can be dormant. It wakes up from time to time, as required.

Pluto adds ‘on-call’ power and force, a booster switch, to the Sun in Bruce Lee’s horoscope.

Now let’s look at a third planetary aspect (or aspects). See the purple arrows, below.

Bruce Lee's horoscope

Jupiter conjunct Saturn opposite Moon, Mars etc

Saturn and Jupiter are in an opposition aspect (about 180°) to Lee’s stellium of planets in Scorpio.

Those planets closest to being ‘exactly’ opposite (exactly 180°), such as the Moon and Mars, get the strongest influence from Jupiter and Saturn.

Jupiter and Saturn have complementary qualities. Jupiter is expansion and growth, the accelerator. Saturn is the discipline, structure, limitation; the brakes.

In Lee’s case these energies have a direct connection (by opposition aspect) primarily to his Moon and Mars. And secondly to Mercury and Venus.

How would all this express?

It gives Lee the ability to be serious one minute, fun the next. He can run hot or cold. In martial arts, he was able to keep his opponent guessing. Expansive and jovial (Jupiter) one minute. Serious and disciplined (Saturn) at another. Particularly in relation to his emotions (Moon), but also his will (Mars).

Jupiter and Saturn are in Lee’s 5th house of creativity, fun and pleasure. So he will see these qualities as playful, cheeky.

Life event: release of The Big Boss, September 1971

The Big Boss was Lee’s first leading role. This movie made him a huge star. It became the highest-grossing film in the history of Hong Kong. Until Bruce Lee’s second film, Fist of Fury.

Wikipedia lists The Big Boss release date: September 3rd 1971. Below on the inner circle is Bruce Lee’s horoscope.  The Big Boss release date Solar Arc Directions (SADs) is on the outer circle.

Bruce Lee's horoscope

I previously mentioned the Mars square Pluto aspect in Lee’s horoscope. That aspect now connects with his Sun by SAD.

Here’s how…

  • SAD Mars (purple oval) is conjunct his Sun.
  • SAD Pluto (red arrows) is square his Pluto.
  • SAD Ascendant (blue arrows) trine his Jupiter.

The result — already powerful combinations in his horoscope are amplified even further!

Particularly around his identity, self and ego (Sun). And presence, personality, charisma (Sun conjunct Ascendant, in Sagittarius).

SAD Ascendant trine his Jupiter shows a time of great opportunity for Lee. An opportunity (trine) to for growth, wealth, stardom (Jupiter).

In total, these are excellent SADs for someone starring in a martial arts movie, and predictive of ‘big things (Jupiter) to come.’

It should be noted these aspects are ‘separating’, particularly SAD Mars and Pluto. That is, they are moving away from being exact. They were exact (strongest) in the recent past.

In context, the immediate past was making The Big Boss. A movie filmed when astrology shows Lee’s incredible power, charisma and force are on display.

SAD Asc to Jupiter is only just past exact, so it’s energy is very strong at the point of The Big Boss release.

Bruce Lee’s horoscope: summary

This has been a very brief look at his horoscope. But it’s clear we’re looking at a larger-than-life personality (Sun in Sagittarius conjunct Ascendant, Sun trine Pluto).

Furthermore someone with intensity and drive (stellium in Scorpio, Mars ruling Scorpio, Mars square Pluto).

A man who is focused on working with colleagues, friends and groups (11th house). Who creatively (5th house) might be fun one minute, serious the next.

Intense emotions inform actions (Moon conjunct Mars in Scorpio). And thinking/communicating (Moon conjunct Mercury).

In terms of key life events, the release of The Big Boss set him on the path to stardom, by capturing him at a time of incredible power, force and charisma.






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