Anita Pallenberg’s horoscope

This guest post about Anita Pallenberg’s horoscope is by Sarah Murphy. Find more of Sarah’s work at her blog,  The Brujamix.

Anita Pallenberg was often referred to as the 6th Rolling Stone; she was Controversial, Powerful and Demonised.


Her open rebellion of the status quo, as well as her often controversial and at times un-glamourous life made her a polarising person in the 1960s cultural revolution.

Anita was an unconventional archetype, playing by her own rules. A modern day Lilith. She was the original 1960’s IT girl, albeit on the darker side of the tracks.  She pushed boundaries between the light and dark. Both in Life and in Art. Not always on the the right side of the line or law.

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Kurt Cobain’s horoscope

Kurt Cobain’s horoscope is complex. And it’s one of the most ‘challenging’ I’ve seen.


His horoscope contains a difficult combination of factors. The overall picture is certainly a ‘big ask’.

Cobain was a talented musician and grunge-rock icon of the 1990s who battled drug addiction and depression for much of his adult life.

The unexpected success of his band Nirvana made him famous. Particularly after the massive impact of their album Nevermind in 1991. Predicted to sell 250,000 at best, it sold 30 million copies.

The pressures of fame, drugs, depression and illness all took their toll. Cobain took his own life by shooting himself on April 5th, 1994, at the age of 27.

He was born February 20th, 1967 at 7:38pm in Aberdeen, Washington, according to astrodatabank.

Let’s now look at the main factors in Kurt Cobain’s horoscope.

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