Kurt Cobain’s horoscope

Kurt Cobain’s horoscope is complex. And it’s one of the most ‘challenging’ I’ve seen.


His horoscope contains a difficult combination of factors. The overall picture is certainly a ‘big ask’.

Cobain was a talented musician and grunge-rock icon of the 1990s who battled drug addiction and depression for much of his adult life.

The unexpected success of his band Nirvana made him famous. Particularly after the massive impact of their album Nevermind in 1991. Predicted to sell 250,000 at best, it sold 30 million copies.

The pressures of fame, drugs, depression and illness all took their toll. Cobain took his own life by shooting himself on April 5th, 1994, at the age of 27.

He was born February 20th, 1967 at 7:38pm in Aberdeen, Washington, according to astrodatabank.

Let’s now look at the main factors in Kurt Cobain’s horoscope.

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David Lynch’s horoscope

Who remembers Twin Peaks?
One of the show’s creators was David Lynch. And a new season of Twin Peaks (finally!) returns this May. Which is reason enough to take a look at David Lynch’s horoscope.

David Lynch's horoscope

Lynch in 2008. Photo by Pere Ubu CC BY-NC 2.0.

David Lynch is one of my favourite movie Directors. I like the quirky and surreal worlds and characters he creates. I wondered how this might be shown in his horoscope.

Lynch was born January 20th, 1946, in Missoula, Montana, at 3:00 am according to astrodatabank.com.

David Lynch's horoscope


His Ascendant (or ‘rising sign’ – purple arrow, above) is Scorpio. Scorpio is an intense water sign, ruled by Mars.

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