David Bowie’s horoscope

David Bowie, rock legend, died on January 10th, aged 69.

He will be remembered as a innovative musical pioneer. He released 25 albums during his career, the most recent being Blackstar, released shortly before his death. In retrospect it was written by Bowie (according to Producer Tony Visconti) with his impending demise in mind, particularly the single, Lazarus.

Bowie was born at about 9am on January 8th, 1947 in Brixton, London. Let’s take a look at his horoscope. What does it say about this remarkable artist?


David Bowie's horoscope diagram.

Birth horoscope for David Bowie, born 9am, 8th January 1947, Brixton, England.

Firstly, he has a Sun-Mars conjunction in Capricorn, in the 12th house. By itself, Sun-Mars denotes an ego and will (Sun) closely aligned to his drive and energy (Mars).

Mars is essentially strong in Capricorn, the sign of it’s exaltation. But on the other hand both Sun and Mars are in the 12th house – considered rather unfortunate (‘accidental debility’). This is because it’s the house of ‘self-undoing’, associated with prisons and captivity. At the very least, it denotes a certain privacy, an ‘unknowableness’ about David Bowie. He keeps his real self rather hidden. And being in the sign of Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, we have a conservative person at heart. But nevertheless someone with tremendous endurance. And the ability to structure and manage his world.

This Sun-Mars is enlivened by its inconjunct (150º) aspect to Uranus in the Gemini 4th house. This adds Uranian quirky inventiveness to an otherwise conservative person.

And up there right on the 10th house (of career) cusp is Venus in Sagittarius. This indicates a career in the arts, given that Venus is associated with that field, and dressing-up, fashion, etc. And Venus is in sextile (60º) aspect to his Mercury, nicely connecting career with creativity. That he is a singer is best illustrated by his Gemini 5th house (of creativity) which is ruled by Mercury. And, not only is Mercury sextile Venus, it’s in square aspect (90º) to that otherworldly planet, Neptune.

Another interesting feature of Bowie’s horoscope is his Saturn-Moon conjunction in Leo, on the 7th house (of relationships, other people) cusp. Saturn is ruler of his Aquarian ascendant, and his Sun, Mars and Mercury. So his drive and musical ability is connected with ‘other people’, the public in general. And it would indicate that he’s quite hard on himself (Saturn) emotionally (Moon). A Leo Moon by itself is known for dramatic behaviour, but with Saturn here would tend to put the brakes on, and perhaps seek a structured compromise to the showy Leo Moon. Perhaps ‘managed flamboyance’ is one way of describing this combination.

And this Moon-Saturn connects nicely with his Venus, described earlier, via a trine (120º) aspect, joining the artistic to the dramatic, his career partly about  expressing his theatrical side to the world.


David Bowie is inherently conservative (although you’d hardly notice it). He is a traditionalist underneath it all. But that side is well-hidden (12th house). He’s creative (Venus conjunct 10th). Particularly through communication, music (Mercury-ruled 5th, Mercury sextile Venus). And he found a way to be flamboyant (Moon in Leo) to other people (7th house) in an oddly structured and controlled way. (Saturn-Moon). One that provided an enduring (Saturn) and ever changing (Uranus) career.

On the day he died transiting Uranus and Solar Arc Directed Saturn were aspecting Bowie’s natal Sun-Mars.

David Bowie - horoscope for the day he died.

Using the 90 degree dial, we see Bowie’s horoscope (inner), Solar Arc Directions (middle) and transits for January 10th, 2016.

Uranus is at 16 degrees of Aries, squaring his Mars. And Solar Arc Directed Saturn is at 16 Libra, also square to his Mars. This combination doesn’t predict death, but it does indicate a tough time in terms of his energy (Mars) and willpower (Sun). These are afflicted by Saturn’s heaviness and the ‘electrical’ energy of Uranus.

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