David Lynch’s horoscope

Who remembers Twin Peaks?
One of the show’s creators was David Lynch. And a new season of Twin Peaks (finally!) returns this May. Which is reason enough to take a look at David Lynch’s horoscope.

David Lynch's horoscope

Lynch in 2008. Photo by Pere Ubu CC BY-NC 2.0.

David Lynch is one of my favourite movie Directors. I like the quirky and surreal worlds and characters he creates. I wondered how this might be shown in his horoscope.

Lynch was born January 20th, 1946, in Missoula, Montana, at 3:00 am according to astrodatabank.com.

David Lynch's horoscope


His Ascendant (or ‘rising sign’ – purple arrow, above) is Scorpio. Scorpio is an intense water sign, ruled by Mars.

The Ascendant is our personality and appearance: how we ‘come across’ to others.

So for starters we can say Lynch comes across as emotionally (water sign) intense. Particularly as the Moon is so prominent in his chart (i.e. horoscope), which we’ll get to later.

We learn more about his personality by looking at the state or condition of his Ascendant ruler, Mars.

Mars conjunct Saturn

Mars in David Lynch’s horoscope is in Cancer. It is conjunct (‘next to’) Saturn. Saturn conjunct Mars indicates his personality is shaped by themes of discipline, maturity, responsibility, endurance and structure. These are all qualities associated with Saturn.

Not only does this Mars-Saturn influence his personality, it also says something more generally about his ‘actions’. Because Mars in a horoscope describes our ability to act, to ‘get stuff done.’

Lynch’s Mars-Saturn conjunction thus also means his ability to act (Mars) will be slow, enduring, persistent.

This is reflected in the five years it took to make his first feature film, Eraserhead. And the 27 years between seasons of Twin Peaks!

Sun conjunct Venus

This conjunction is in Capricorn, and is shown by the blue oval, above. And it ties-in with the Mars-Saturn conjunction in several ways.

The Sun is self-identity, our ‘ego’ on some level. Venus is about ‘love’, art, aesthetics, what we value.

This conjunction shows that Lynch has a natural interconnection between who he is (Sun) and the creative and artistic side of life (Venus). And in a rather conservative way, because the conjunction is in Capricorn.

And Capricorn has an enduring quality, because it’s ruler is Saturn. So again, we have Saturn involved again, and Saturn-Mars opposite (by sign) this Sun-Venus.

This opposition by sign (red arrows, below) shows a struggle between artistic self-expression (Sun-Venus) and the challenges of ‘getting things done’ (Mars-Saturn).

David Lynch's horoscope

But it’s not all doom and gloom!

Venus square Jupiter

Help is at hand, thanks to Jupiter. Lynch’s Venus is in a square aspect to Jupiter (about 90°), shown by the blue arrows above.

Jupiter’s qualities of optimism, hope, luck and expansiveness remove some of the heaviness of the Saturn side of things. It gives Lynch a ‘vision’ of how something could be. And connects ‘wealth’ (Jupiter) with his artistic self (Sun-Venus).

Mercury inconjunct Uranus

The inconjunct (or quincunx) is an aspect I don’t mention very often. It’s an aspect of about 150°. It’s not one of the ‘major’ aspects (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition). But it’s one that helps explain a horoscope from time to time.

And here it explains Lynch’s quirkiness. It’s shown by the orange arrow, above.

Uranus is the quirky planet. It’s changeable, unpredictable, keeps everyone guessing. In David Lynch’s horoscope, Uranus connects to his Mercury, planet of communication and thinking.

Uranus ‘doesn’t like to settle down.’ It’s restless. And here it gives Lynch the ability to move in new directions, and not be stuck in the ‘same old, same old’ that Saturn loves.

David Lynch's horoscope

Lynch’s Midheaven, or 10th house cusp, is in Virgo. This is shown by the green arrow, above.

And Virgo is ruled by Mercury. And as we have seen, his Mercury is restless and quirky. But in a conservative Saturn-ish kind of way.

Moon conjunct Midheaven

But here we have Lynch’s Moon, conjunct the Midheaven (purple oval). His Moon is in Virgo as well.

Any planet close to one of the ‘angles’ in a horoscope (cusps of the 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th) gets additional ‘loudness’ and prominence. In traditional astrology, we’d say Lynch’s Moon is accidentally dignified.

In fact, his Moon is the loudest planet in his chart. So firstly his emotional self (Moon) going to be a big part of his career (10th house is the house of career, vocation).

But in a Virgo kind of way. Virgo is an earth sign, reknown for being kind of a perfectionist. And particular.

My hunch here is that Lynch inflects his artistic career with a peculiar emotional flavour. Because his Moon is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury connects with Uranus.

David Lynch’s horoscope: summary

His horoscope is not as strange as I might have imagined. He’s actually a fairly enduring and careful person, who can be fussy (Moon in Virgo) and take quite a while to get things done (Mars-Saturn).

His self-identity (Sun) is connected to the Arts (Sun-Venus) in a seemingly conservative way (Capricorn). And yet … Jupiter brightens the picture, and Mercury-Uranus keeps everyone guessing.

His Moon-Midheaven may have something to do with his long-term interest in Transcendental Meditation, the seeking of emotional perfectionism and harmony.

I was expecting a horoscope with a stronger Neptunian presence, but what it does show is an inventive and unpredictable character wrapped inside a somewhat conservative and intense package.

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