Emmanuel Macron’s horoscope

France has a new President.
And to many, he’s a very welcome change from tradition. So let’s take a look at Emmanuel Macron’s horoscope.

The 39 year old Macron won the French presidential election on May 7th, defeating right wing rival Marine Le Pen.  He’s the youngest President in French history and is certainly not from the traditional political establishment.

Macron established his own centrist political party, En Marche! on April 6th, 2016. Transiting Saturn was conjunct his Neptune at this time, indicating a time in his life devoted to structuring (Saturn) ideals (Neptune).

His personal life is interesting. Although it attracts some unjust criticism. His wife Brigitte Trogneux is 24 years his senior. They met when he was a 15 year old school student; Trogneaux was his drama teacher.

As a schoolboy, he vowed to marry her one day. Even though she was married at the time, with three children. He kept his promise, and they married on October 20th, 2007.

Macron was born December 21st, 1977 at 10:40am in Amiens, France. This is very accurate birth data from  astrodatabank.com.

Emmanuel Macron's horoscope

Relationship with Trogneux

His unconventional relationship is clearly shown in Emmanuel Macron’s horoscope.

Relationships are 7th house matters: the sign on the house cusp (or boundary), and the condition of the planet ruling that sign give clues about this area of life.

Macron’s 7th is Cancer (green arrow, above). Cancer’s ruler is the Moon. And his Moon is in the Taurus 3rd house.

That the ruler of his 7th is the Moon in Taurus says he primarily values and needs partners and relationships that have stability and endurance (Taurus qualities).

And furthermore, his relationships require emotional (Moon ruling 7th) connections. They need to give him the feeling (Moon) the bond with other/s is a close partnership, much like with a sibling (3rd house).

But there is an additional dimension to the relationship dynamic. Because his Moon is opposite Uranus (purple arrow).

Uranus’ planetary energy is unconventional, surprising and eccentric. It inflects uniqueness and change to whatever planet it aspects in a horoscope. And here it’s aspecting Macron’s Moon.

This aspect — together with the Taurus Moon — nicely illustrates the relationship with Trogneux: unconventional and emotional, stable and long-term.

Let’s now look at other features of Emmanuel Macron’s horoscope.

Emmanuel Macron's horoscope

Mercury conjunct Sun

Macron’s Sun conjuncts (next to) his Mercury in Sagittarius in the 11th house (red oval, above).

This says thinking and communication (Mercury) tightly integrates with his sense of self, ego and identity (Sun).

This ensures ‘what he says’ and ‘who he is’ presents as consistent and integrated. And being a Jupiter-ruled fire sign, Sagittarius denotes a ‘visionary’ of sorts. And furthermore this conjunction is aspected by Jupiter. Which turns up the volume.

Mercury-Sun opposite Jupiter

This aspect is shown by the blue arrow, above. Jupiter is expansive, confident and optimistic. Here, it enlarges and expands the scope of Macron’s combination of identity and ability to communicate a vision.

This is a valuable and appropriate aspect for a politician. It gives the ability to convey ‘hope’ and future-focused optimism. And it provides “presence” in terms of amplifying (Jupiter) who he is, and what he says.

Jupiter enlarges whatever planet it aspects. It can lead to grandeur and excess; promises unable to be  fulfilled. Positively, it is motivation driven by idealism and hope.

Mercury-Sun trine Saturn

Saturn is in trine aspect to the Mercury-Sun conjunction (orange arrow). Saturn adds pragmatism, discipline. It is the complementary opposite energy of Jupiter. Saturn will moderate and structure Jupiter’s opportunism. It’s a valuable and useful aspect for Macron. It is a ‘reality check’.

Being a trine, it will only operate some of the time. Metaphorically Saturn here is like a sensible wise person he can call on from time to time for pragmatic advice.

Becoming President

Let’s look at the astrology of his official swearing-in on May 14th.

Below is his horoscope (inner circle), surrounded by Solar Arc Directions (SADs) for May 14th in the middle circle. And transits for the same day on the outer circle.

This is using the ’90° dial’ system. It re-arranges things so that hard aspects all display as conjunctions. This makes things very clear, visually.

Emmanuel Macron's horoscope

The most important feature here is SAD Jupiter. It aspects Macron’s Mars, shown by the red oval.

Mars is the planet that governs his career, because Mars is the ruler of his Scorpio 10th house. In Emmanuel Macron’s horoscope, Mars is in his 7th house of relationships and other people.

Mars is also more generally about drive, action and ‘doing’.

So SAD Jupiter expands, grows and elevates his career (Mars). This occurs through ‘other people’ (7th house – which in context includes French voters).

We can also see that in the coming year SAD Mars moves forward to aspect Venus (blue oval).

In this case his planet of career, Mars, aspects a planet associated with love and values. But for him it is ruler of his 3rd (siblings, short journeys) and 4th houses (home, foundation).

So there will be change and action in these areas of Macron’s life in the coming year.

Marriage to Trogneaux

They married on October 20th, 2007. This was an astrologically significant time for Macron. A 90° dial set for that date shows why.

Emmanuel Macron's horoscope

There are three significant alignments.

Ascendant to Midheaven (purple oval, above) shows a coming together of self and personality (Ascendant) with vocation and status (MC, aka Midheaven).

Neptune to Pluto (red oval) shows idealism and his dream (Neptune) being transformed (Pluto). His wish as a 15 year old to marry his drama teacher is now fulfilled.

MC to Mercury (orange oval) joins career, vocation and reputation (MC) to his identity and sense of self (Mercury conjunct Sun).

Emmanuel Macron’s horoscope: summary

He’s a youthful and charismatic breath of fresh air in French politics. Marcon has a clear and larger-than-life sense (Jupiter) of who he is and what he has to say (Sun-Mercury, opposite Jupiter).

He has a vision, a plan; hope (Sagittarius). He seeks and values enduring (Taurus) emotional (Moon) relationships. Ones with a sense of brotherhood/sisterhood (3rd house). Yet also with a sense of the eccentric and unpredictable (Uranus).

He becomes President at a time when his action-oriented career planet (Mars) is boosted by SAD Jupiter, and channelled through other people (Mars in 7th).



  1. This is most interesting and I hope Macron will be in office long with a happy Brigitte by his side. The world needs an uplifting couple/president to bring a bit of light into this world.

  2. Burnt Mercury RETROGRADE in exile, Neptune in 10 and a lot of (from a distance there is harmony) Sagittarius. Sun on the 29th degree – not very helpful. Mars also retrograde in fall by sign and exile by house..
    Not what I would trust a lot to be a competent leader.
    Lots of nice iridescent soap bubbles.

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