Four great astrology apps for iPhone

There are plenty of astrology apps for the iPhone and iPad, but most of them are fairly useless, and of the ‘your daily horoscope’ variety. Daily horoscopes are rubbish! Avoid at all costs! Real astrology has nothing to do with the pithy and inane few paragraphs you might read from a sun sign columnist.

But moving right along … here’s four great apps. To use them, you’ll need to have some astrology experience.

1. Astro Gold $AUD39.99

From the (Australian!) makers of the desktop astrology app (Windows only, sadly), Solar Fire. Although I don’t use Solar Fire (preferring Janus, also Windows only, from New Zealand … btw, if you’re on a Mac, Io Edition is okay-ish). Astro Gold has evolved nicely since it’s launch a few years ago, and while it misses a few features that I’d like, it’s a great tool for horoscopes-on-the-go. Expensive – for sure. But it’s professional grade. Worth every cent, if you’re serious about astrology. [iTunes link]

2. iPhemeris  $AUD12.99

Once upon a time, before personal computers, astrologers would have to manually calculate planetary positions using data from a big fat book, called an Ephemeris. Times have changed, but if you want a similar set of planetary data on your iPhone, this app is the one to get. It has lists of planetary positions, very similar to the textbooks of old. These are great if you’re wanting to know when a particular planet is going retrograde, for instance. I don’t use this app all that often, but it’s a good reference to carry around. [iTunes link]

3. MoonPhase $AUD 1.99

A simple app for showing the current Moon phase. Why does this matter? Well, Moon phases have some bearing on the general behaviour of the population. The whole full moon thing, of people being ‘lunatics’ (lunar-tics) and going a little crazy around the full moon – well, there’s some truth in that. People are also broadly more optimistic leading up to the full moon, so it’s a good phase to sell something. You more likely to get buyers. [iTunes link]

4. Hours $AUD 2.99

There’s a little known part of astrology called ‘planetary hours.’ If you’re doing any kind of natural magic, or looking to choose an astrologically ideal time/date for doing a particular activity, then planetary hours are important. In a nutshell, each planet (we count Sun and Moon as ‘planets’) governs a day of the week. Sunday (Sun), Monday (Moon), Tuesday (Mars), Wednesday (Mercury), Thursday (Jupiter), Friday (Venus), Saturday (Saturn). And each hour of each of those days is also governed by a planet. By ‘hour’, we don’t mean clock hours. But rather the time between sunrise and sunset, divided by 12. So for instance the first hour after sunrise on a Friday is ruled by Venus. So it’s a Venus hour, on a Venus day. Great for doing Venus-stuff.

The Hours app calculates the planetary hours for your location – no calculation required. [iTunes link]

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