George Clooney’s horoscope

He’s an actor, director and humanitarian blessed with charm, looks and style. George Clooney’s horoscope reveals the origins these characteristics and more.


I’m currently reading a book by Ronald Reagan’s astrologer, Joan Quigley (What Does Joan Say? Amazon link).

At one point, Quigley mentions she sees Neptune as the planet of ‘charm’, a facet of this mysterious planet I’ve not considered before.

For some strange (Neptunian) reason, Quigley’s comment made me think of George Clooney. If anyone has charm (or perceived charm), it’s him.

Clooney was born May 6th, 1961 in Lexington, Kentucky at 2:58 am. This is ‘AA’ rated accurate birth data according to

George Clooney's horoscope

While Clooney’s Sun (his ‘Sun sign) is in Taurus, his Ascendant or ‘rising sign’ is Pisces.

And since the Ascendant indicates how we ‘come across’ to others, our personality, we can say George appears rather Piscean.

Which means amenable, affable and easy-going. Pisces is a sensitive water sign, and astrologically water is associated with emotional empathy.

Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. And by looking at how the Ascendant ruler is placed in a horoscope, we can learn a bit more about someone’s personality.

In George’s case, his Jupiter is in Aquarius, just inside his 12th house. Which might seem rather odd. Odd because the 12th is a very private house.

It is an area of a horoscope associated with all sorts of things, depending on context. Large animals (really!), self-undoing (getting ourselves into trouble), prisons, privacy, hidden enemies.

The word ‘transcendence’ also pops-up when astrologers write about the 12th house.

The 12th house meaning that seems to fit in this context  is privacy. George Clooney might be a public figure, but part of his public persona (Ascendant) is about privacy, about ‘not revealing too much.’

Neptune aspects

What is clear, is that both his Ascendant and Jupiter are aspected by Neptune.

Neptune is in square aspect (about 90°) to his Jupiter, shown by the purple arrow, above.

And trine (about 120°) to his Ascendant, shown by the blue arrow.

If Neptune bestows ‘charm’, well here it is.

Neptune is also mystery, allure and an elusive ability of someone or something to be what you want them to be.

And this is why Neptune aspects are very useful if you’re in the business of controlled deception, such as acting.

In Clooney’s case, with his Neptune aspecting both the Ascendant and its ruler Jupiter, we have someone who can easily adjust to the situation or role at hand.

Let’s look at a few more planetary aspects in George Clooney’s horoscope…

George Clooney's horoscope

Uranus square Mercury

This is shown by the red arrow, above. Uranus is the quirky, abrupt planet of unexpected surprises. Mercury is about ideas, thinking, communication.

So George will have plenty of sudden thoughts and ideas. He might change the subject quickly during a conversation. Or have an unusual or quirky way of communicating.

His Mercury, like his Sun, is in the earth sign Taurus. So his thinking and communicating will be along grounded and pragmatic lines, about ‘things’.

But Uranus will put some quirky novelty into the mix. Which might make him a unique and changeable conversation partner. Some folks like that kind of thing.

Saturn conjunct Moon

This is a surprise. Moon is our emotions, Saturn is order, structure, discipline. So here we have both of these in the conservative Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn (blue oval, above).

Together, this indicates emotional conservatism and someone who likes to have a fairly structed self-control in emotional matters. He likes tradition, orthodoxy.

And I’m not saying this is a bad thing. It just means George is perhaps more conservative and emotionally grounded than he appears.

Saturn-Moon opposite Mars

Both Moon and Mars are in opposition aspect (about 180°) to Mars, shown by the green arrows, above.

Clooney’s conservatism inflects his actions (Mars). And those actions are Leo-ish, because his Mars is in Leo, which is usually the outgoing ‘look at me!’ zodiac sign.

But this Leo Mars is under Saturn’s control here. And this tones-down the exuberance to be more measured, structured and considered.

Life event: relationship with Amal

Much to many people’s surprise, George eventually married. He married Amal Alamuddin (now named Amal Clooney) on September 27th, 2014.

We don’t have Amal’s birth time. But we do know she’s born on February 3rd, 1978 in Beirut, Lebanon.

If we use a birth time of noon for that date and place, we get a horoscope like the one on the outer ring (George is the inner ring), below.

George Clooney's horoscope

Whoa! Lots of connections here.

The main one is Amal’s Mercury conjunct George’s Moon (red arrow). Clooney’s 7th house is Virgo, ruled by Mercury. The 7th house indicates what kind of partner we’re looking for.

In George’s case, a ‘thinker’ (Mercury). And Amal is a lawyer and human rights activist.

That her Mercury connects with Clooney’s conservative Moon is no surprise. It shows she speaks to (Mercury) his emotional nature (Moon). And vice versa.

Amal’s Neptune is conjunct Clooney’s Midheaven (or ‘MC’), shown by the blue oval. Amal brings a humanitarian high idealism to George’s career and vocation.

Amal’s Uranus is opposite Clooney’s Sun and Neptune (green arrows). She enlivens, surprises and jolts (Uranus) Clooney’s self, identity and thinking (Sun, Mercury).

Amal’s Sun and Venus also square Clooney’s Sun (orange and blue arrows). This might bring friction and strong differences. But it may be a positive feature of the relationship.

Finally, their Mars’ are conjunct, albeit in different signs; his in Leo, hers in Cancer. This indicates attraction and chemistry.

Life event: marriage to Amal

Solar Arc Directions (SADs) for the wedding day show Uranus at work. SADs shown long-term trends. Each planet moves equally, about 1° per year of life.

Here’s George Clooney’s horoscope (inner circle) with SADs for his wedding day on the outer wheel.

George Clooney's horoscope

That big red arrow shows SAD Uranus opposite (about 180°) his Venus. Venus is the planet of love, desire, values.

Uranus is change, reversal and new things. Here, it indicates this is a time in George’s life where his love life takes a new turn, a change of direction. Marriage.

Secondly, lets look at transits around three key wedding-related dates.

These are:

  • Engagement (April 28th, 2014)
  • Wedding licences obtained (August 14th, 2014)
  • Wedding day itself (September 27th, 2014).

All of these have astrological correlations. Click on the graphic ephemeris below and you’ll see what I mean.

The wavy lines from the left are the transiting planets. The straight lines refer to the planets in George Clooney’s horoscope, shown on the right. Dates are along the bottom.

George Clooney's horoscope

Engagement is shown by transiting Saturn in Scorpio square to Clooney’s natal Mercury (orange arrow). Mercury is the ruler of his 7th house of relationships.

Wedding licenses are shown by transiting Jupiter applying to square Clooney’s natal Jupiter (blue arrow).

Wedding day (red arrow) is shown by Saturn once again exactly conjunct natal Mercury.

Saturn is commitment and duty, and is a planet often involved in marriage in terms of vows, and in the sense of ‘structuring’ a relationship formally.

George Clooney’s horoscope: conclusion

While he appears affable, charming, stylish and handsome; there are other dimensions to Mr Clooney. For instance, his conservatism and self-control. These are not immediately obvious.

His marriage to Anal is obvious from an astrological sense. Both in terms of their inter-personal connections, and how a period in 2014 was one likely to entail some shift in Clooney’s relationships and love life.

SADs show the wider picture (Uranus to Venus), while transits pick up the detail.

All in all, a fascinating horoscope.

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