Gordon Ramsay’s horoscope

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has a reputation of being a hot-head. His fiery temper has caused him problems. Although his culinary skills are never in doubt. Are there indications of his fiery nature in his horoscope?

He was born on the 8th of November, 1966, at Johnstone, Scotland, at 6:05pm (source: Astrodatabank). This birth data is rated ‘AA’ quality. Which means it’s likely to be very accurate.

Diagram of Gordon Ramsay's horoscope, set for 6:05pm, 8th November 1966, Johnstone, Scotland.

Gordon Ramsay: 6:05pm, 8th November 1966, Johnstone, Scotland.

You’ll see from his horoscope, above, that nearly all the planets are on the lower right-hand side, in the 5th and 6th houses. His abruptness is shown by the conjunction of Moon (emotions) and Uranus (sudden changes). This pair is also close to Pluto (power, force) and Mars (energy, drive). And opposing the four of them is Saturn, in the top right, in the 11th house. Saturn is a controlling and moderating influence. Although some will see it as restrictive and inhibiting.

Ramsay also has a cluster (or ‘stellium’) of planets in Virgo. Virgo is associated with perfectionism and critical thinking. And this stellium is in the 5th house of creativity. In Ramsay’s case, this would be the creativity he applies in his cooking and his culinary creations. So he would have a tough time. Because he’s a perfectionist on the one hand and also feeling of pressure or responsibility (Saturn) on the other.

His Sun sign is Scorpio, and his Sun is conjunct Venus, also in Scorpio. This provides an intense ‘charm,’ And the ability to apply considerable focus to his endeavours.

Finally, Ramsay has Mercury, planet of communication, in Sagittarius. It forms a trine aspect to Jupiter in Leo. This combination ensures  has the talent for being an expansive communicator. He also has big ideas and is not afraid to let everyone know about them.


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