Harvey Weinstein’s horoscope

Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein‘s career and reputation has taken a nose dive during the past few weeks.
New York Times‘ story on October 5th (and other subsequent revelations) allege a long history of aggressive and predatory sexual harassment, assault and rape. What can Harvey Weinstein’s horoscope tell us, in light of these allegations?

Harvey Weinstein's horoscope

Harvey Weinstein. Photo by Thomas Hawk CC BY-NC 2.0.

Following the New York Times article, the New Yorker and other media have shed further light on Weinstein’s alleged history of abuse, particularly towards women.

Harvey Weinstein was born March 19th, 1952, in Flushing, New York. His birth time is unknown. So I’m using a horoscope (or ‘chart’) for noon that day.

Harvey Weinstein's horoscope

Weinstein’s core sense of authority and ‘power’ expresses via the square aspect (about 90°) between Mars in Scorpio and Pluto in Leo. This is shown by the red arrow, above.

Mars represents action, drive, will, force. Scorpio adds emotional intensity. Pluto is power, drive. Pluto turbo-boosts any planet it aspects.

The square aspect combines these attributes of Mars and Pluto into singular, forceful expression. One that plays-out, as we shall see, through his Mercury; the planet of communication.

Anyone with Mars-Pluto square in their horoscope will have similar core traits. They are forceful, blunt, and ‘driven’ people who appear to have unlimited and relentless physical energy. And can be irritable, short-tempered, blunt, confrontational, abrupt and action-oriented.

In Weinstein’s case, this power and drive ‘plays out’ via his Mercury in his horoscope. Mercury is about how we think, how we communicate, what we say.

With Mars-Pluto square people like Weinstein, you know exactly where you stand. Because to them, ‘a spade is a spade’. In some situations, this directness and focus ‘gets things done.’

Mars-Pluto to Mercury

Both Weinstein’s Mars and Pluto aspect Mercury. Pluto aspects Mercury by trine (about 120°), shown by the blue arrow, above. Mars aspects Mercury by an inconjunct (aka ‘quincunx’, about 150°), shown by the purple arrow.

This brings an on-call (trine) Pluto intensity to how Weinstein thinks and communicates. What he has to say will not be lightweight. He can draw on powerful Mars-Pluto energies to assertively get his message across, when the occasion suits.

Mercury-Jupiter conjunction

Mercury is further influenced by its conjunction with Jupiter (green oval, above). This brings additional exaggeration, optimism, and grandeur to the abovementioned themes.

All of the above is a good combination for a salesman. It gives the ability to ‘promise big’ (Jupiter conjunct Mercury). And to make the presentation (Mercury) powerful and convincing (Mars-Pluto aspecting Mercury)

Neptune opposite Mercury-Jupiter

Adding more to his Mercury is Neptune. Neptune is in an opposition aspect (about 180°) to both Mercury and Jupiter, shown by the orange arrow, below.

Harvey Weinstein's horoscope

This brings Neptunian fantasy, imagination and idealism to Weinstein’s exaggerated and forceful ‘message.’

What he communicates will have an imaginative component. In Weinstein’s case, this could be pitching ideas for a movie in an imaginative way.

Or, more negatively, in light of recent revelations, it could also be sexual fantasies. That what he talks about or promises women is a fantasy of his own making, communicated in a powerful and intense way.

Life event: a history of abuse revealed

People in the film industry kept Weinstein’s behaviours undisclosed for years. People didn’t want to come forward for a number of reasons: such as fear it could destroy their careers. Or the legal action or bullying from Weinstein’s company that might result.

But the recent New York Times revelations change everything. Many actors have now come forward to speak openly of their experiences with Weinstein. And he is fired from his the board of his own company.

The only astrological correlation to all this seems to be transiting Pluto in Capricorn, which is in a square aspect to his natal Mercury in Aries.

This aspect’s strongest effect is early August 2017, visible as the blue arrows in the graphic ephemeris diagram below.

The straight lines are his natal horoscope planets and other points, referenced on the right. And the wavy lines, from the left, are transiting planets.

Harvey Weinstein's horoscope

As we have seen, Mercury is a pivotal planet in his horoscope. Without an accurate birth time, though, we can’t say much more about Mercury here. Because we don’t know what house it is in, or what houses it rules in Harvey Weinstein’s horoscope.

Pluto to Mercury indicates pressure/power (Pluto) around communication (Mercury) at this time.

Some astrologers have also noted that revelations about Weinstein neatly coincide with transiting Jupiter’s ingress (i.e. ‘move’) from Libra into Scorpio (shown by the white dot, above). Scorpio energy is about secrets, sex, intensity and issues of trust.

Jupiter brings justice to these areas of life during its time in Scorpio. Although this is a very general social theme, astrologically.

Harvey Weinstein’s horoscope: summary

Now that Weinstein’s accusers are out in the open, it should signal a shake-up of the power and negative sexual politics of many business leaders, not just in Hollywood. Filmmaker Paul Haggis has stated something along these lines following the Weinstein scandal.

That Weinstein got away with his behaviour for so long is staggering.

It is now time for open discussion about this kind of appalling behaviour. And the realisation that it is absolutely unacceptable.

Weinstein has a powerful, intense, forceful, exaggerating and imaginative way of thinking and communicating. His power and influence have helped create some memorable movies. But the negative expression of his energies has harmed many.


  1. Informative article. However you might want to correct the line about transiting Pluto being in Aries (Transiting Pluto is in Capricorn 2008-2023/2024), which does square his Mercury in Aries.

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