Heinrich Himmler’s horoscope

[Update August 1st, 2016: I have added a section on Himmler’s death to this post.]

I’m reading a biography of notorious WW2 Nazi Heinrich Himmler. He was an architect of the The Holocaust and head of the SS. What does Heinrich Himmler’s horoscope reveal?

Heinrich Himmler's horoscope

Himmler shakes Hitler’s hand. Photo from ww2gallery. CC BY-NC 2.0.

His horoscope is rated ‘AA’ by astrodatabank.com. This means it’s very accurate, from his birth certificate. He was born October 7th, 1900, at 3:30pm in Munich, Germany.

Heinrich Himmler's horoscope

Neptune, Himmler’s unfortunate CEO

A striking theme of his horoscope (or ‘chart’) is the role played by Neptune (green oval, above).

In astrology, Neptune is about illusion, delusion and mystery. Prominent in a horoscope, Neptune — positively — can denote an artist, philosopher or musician. Or someone interested in spirituality and magic.

Neptune is also about ‘desire’ on a grand scale. A high-level wishfulness or imaginative vision for the way the world should be. Positively, a strong Neptune can be the motivator for humanitarian efforts, such as to fight poverty and injustice.

Negatively, Neptune prominent in a horoscope can indicate someone deluded and out of touch with reality. Someone with a warped vision. Or a fantasy-based idealism that clouds judgement. This worldview can be supplemented or activated by drugs, ideology or other means. History has demonstrated that it is this more negative Neptune that Himmler expressed.

In Himmler’s horoscope, Neptune aspects (connects with) several other planets. The result is that Neptune is a ‘ringmaster’ or CEO in Himmler’s life. Neptunian energy and worldview is a central point of reference in his life. This means much of his life ‘reports to’ illusory idealism.

Let’s look at these aspects in turn.

Neptune is square to his Moon (blue arrows) and opposite his Saturn (green arrows).

It is trine Mercury (yellow arrows) and sextile Venus (red arrows). Of these aspects, Neptune square Moon and opposite Saturn have the strongest effect. This is because these are ‘hard’ aspects (learn about aspects in a previous blog post).

Neptunian energy thus colours and influences many facets of Heinrich Himmler’s horoscope. These aspects denote someone likely to be disconnected with reality.

Yet he will likely be unaware of this. Because he believes his grand vision, his reality, is truth. He has high idealism, a mythical sense of his own importance and the grand ‘dream’ they are living.

Himmler’s Ascendant (or ‘rising sign’) is Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. The Ascendant indicates how we come across to others, our personality. Here, we see Himmler is seen as ‘sober’ and disciplined and a hard worker (Saturn traits). Yet these characteristics are influenced by Saturn opposite Neptune. The disciplinarian (Saturn) driven by the grand ideal or fantasy (Neptune).

Not only is Himmler deluding himself, but he influenced many others to share his violent ‘vision’ as well. And this is can be a ‘talent,’ however macabre, of strongly Neptunian people.

Jupiter-Uranus: erratic grandeur

An additional secondary CEO in Himmler’s life is Jupiter.

This planet (at the top of the horoscope, at 7° Sagittarius) is prominent in his chart. Jupiter here is strong in essential dignity. Because it’s in a sign (Sagittarius) it rules. It is also strong in accidental dignity due to Jupiter being angular in the 10th house (read previous my posts about essential and accidental dignity) of career.

In traditional astrology, Jupiter would therefore be called the ‘Lord of the Geniture’. In other words, the Captain of the ship; a strong planetary influence in one’s life.

Jupiter energy is grand and expansive. Positively, it indicates optimism, generosity, a keen sense of the principle of law. Negatively, it’s inflated gestures without much foundation. And someone overly optimistic, without little sense of bottom-line reality.

Jupiter is conjunct Uranus in Himmler’s chart.  This aspect brings Uranian reversals, changeability and irritability to Jupiter’s grandiosity. So together, we have someone with an erratic (Uranus) and inflated  (Jupiter) sense of career and mission in life (10th house). We then need to factor in Neptune’s unreality to this signature.

Moon-Saturn: emotional discipline

Another connection in his chart is the aspect between Himmler’s Moon and Saturn (purple arrows, above).

This accurately reflects what author Longerich’s says of Himmler’s emotional life. As a young man, he was awkward and shy. As a means to control (Saturn) his emotions (Moon) he latched onto a kind of mythical heroic celibacy. This was based on a heroic model of the chaste knight, who was stoic and would not let emotion or desire weaken his resolve.

Saturn to his Moon is the astrological signature of this self-discipline.

Himmler’s death

Himmler was captured by the allies and questioned. But after a few hours he bit on a cyanide capsule he had concealed in his mouth. He died about 15 minutes later. It was May 23rd, 1945. The astrological connections for this date are shown below.

Heinrich Himmler's horoscope

Himmler’s horoscope (inner) and his Solar Arc Directions (middle) and transits for May 23rd, 1945.

Here we see SAD Venus connecting to Himmler’s Sun (blue oval). And SAD Sun connecting to his Venus (red oval).

Venus is the ruler of the 8th house of his horoscope. The 8th is generally about ‘death’ on some level – not always literal. Himmler’s Sun is also posited in the 8th in his horoscope. So at this time in his life, there was likely to be some kind of ‘death’, either literal or symbolic.

Heinrich Himmler’s horoscope: summary

Himmler grew from an awkward teenager to be one of the most powerful in Hitler’s inner circle. His had a detached emotional life. And a sense of mythical grandeur; a belief that he was part of a divine or occult order that was justification for the atrocities committed. He was eventually captured by the allies, and presented as a meek and sheepish prisoner. The timing of his suicide coincides with some key astrological signatures.

The ultimate reason why someone could be so ‘evil’ is perhaps beyond astrology to understand. There would be many people born with similar horoscopes who did not do anything so horrific as what this person did. Astrology can only reveal a certain amount about an individual.

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