Hillary Clinton’s horoscope

Hillary Clinton has announced that she’s running for President of the United States. The New York Times says the announcement came on April 12th, although there is the April 13th tweet as well:

Screen grab of the tweet announcing Hillary Clinton is running for President.

The tweet announcing Hillary Clinton is running for President.

In this post, I’m going to take a brief look at Hillary’s natal (i.e. birth) horoscope, also known as her birth ‘chart.’

Bear in mind that there is no agreement on Hillary’s time of birth, on 26th October 1947. This is because there is no reliable data for the birth time — at least, not yet.  Astrodatabank suggests 8:02 AM as a possible time, based on a number of testimonies. Astrodatabank details other possible birth times for Hillary, but I’ll use 8:02AM for now.

Given that the birth time is speculative, there are certain details about her horoscope that must remain in doubt. For instance, the Moon’s zodiac sign, and her Ascendant, Midheaven and signs for the 12 Houses.

Nevertheless, there are still a few interesting things we can say about Hillary’s chart.

Horoscope diagram of Hillary Clinton, 8:02 AM, 26th October, 1947, Chicago, Illinois. Birth time is speculative. Source: Astrodatabank.com

Hillary Clinton’s natal horoscope, set for 8:02 AM, 26th October, 1947, Chicago, Illinois. Birth time is speculative. Source: Astrodatabank.com

The most noticeable astrological signature in her chart is the tight Mars-Pluto conjunction at 14° of Leo. I know plenty of people (including my brother) with these two planets in ‘hard’ aspect (i.e. 0°, 90° or 180° apart). It denotes considerable personal energy, force and drive. Mars-Pluto people often see things as fairly ‘black and white’ and are often blunt in their communication and actions.

Mars-Pluto people understand ‘power.’ This is no doubt very helpful if you’re running for President. With both planets in Leo, it’s likely this power is on display — Leo tends to be a dramatic and showy sign, ruled by the Sun, which is about ego, will, ‘me.’ Mars-Pluto people are also tough and resilient. They have more physical energy at their disposal than most people. They tend to confront and push through something, like an icebreaker, rather than sidestep.

Another interesting point is Hillary’s Moon sign. If she’s born any time up until about 10pm that day, her Moon will be in that most sensitive of the water signs, Pisces. If this is the case, Hillary is actually more emotionally sensitive than she appears. The Moon is about emotion, feelings, security. A Pisces Moon is sensitive to perceived hurts, so Hillary may find it very hard to let go of the past and ‘move on.’ If Hillary does indeed have a Pisces Moon, then she is someone who will not easily forget or forgive those she feels have treated her badly.

If she actually IS born later at night — which is possible — then her Moon will be in Aries. This would make her much tougher emotionally. Aries is the Mars-ruled fire sign, and it’s about ‘do now, think later.’

If Hillary does have a Pisces Moon, then her campaign promotional video showing everyday people in the community would reflect this. A Pisces Moon person is likely to have a feeling for the wider collective, as Pisces is about breaking down barriers and seeing things as part of a wider picture. A Pisces Moon would give Hillary a welcome humanitarian edge in an election system which usually favours the rich and powerful. Above all it will give her empathy with the masses.

Another feature of Hillary’s chart are her three planets in Scorpio — Sun, Venus and Mercury (the Sun is obviously not a planet, but astrologers often call it one, for convenience). A Scorpio keyword is ‘intense.’ Or maybe that should read ‘very intense!’ This intensity serves as a useful complement to the Mars-Pluto mentioned above — it gives added drive and laser-like focus.

Finally we have Saturn aspecting Mercury by square (90°) aspect. The ‘gift’ of this is the ability to formalise and structure (Saturn) communication (Mercury) — therefore her political ‘message’ will be certainly be managed, and it’s a good aspect to have if you’re a lawyer, which Hillary once was. Off the cuff remarks are less likely with this aspect. Used well, it would enable Hillary to plan and execute a coordinated communication strategy, but the downside might be difficulty with spontaneous comments, or thinking on her feet during a presidential debate on live TV. The other downside might be seeming too formal and stultified (Saturn) in her communication.

Despite not having a birth time, it’s still worth looking at her Solar Arc Directions and transits for the announcement, and the near future — do they connect with her natal chart?

Diagram of the horoscope of Hillary Clinton, with Solar Arc Directions in the outer wheel for April 12th, 2015

Hillary Clinton natal horoscope (inner) with the Solar Arc Directions for 8pm, April 12th, 2015.

In the above bi-wheel, you can see Hillary’s chart in the centre, with the Solar Arc Directions for April 12th, 2015 around the outside.

Uranus close to the Midheaven looks interesting, but since the birth time is speculative, we have to ignore that one, because the Midheaven and houses change significantly with only a small change in birth time.

What IS interesting is the Solar Arc (SA) directed Sun applying to square her natal Neptune (shown by the green arrow). This is an applying aspect, so the intensity of this combination will increase during the lead up to the presidential election in November 2016. The Sun is our ego, our will, and applying to Neptune it could mean either ‘dissolution’ (a Neptune quality) on the one hand, or the realisation of one’s dreams or ideals. Because Neptune governs dreams, ideals, wishes. But it also has a dissolving quality, that breaks down barriers.

A transit of note (not shown in the above chart) is transiting Jupiter, which is currently a few degrees from the Mars-Pluto conjunction in Leo. This is a favourable transit for  increasing or expanding (Jupiter qualities) one’s power (Mars-Pluto), and an appropriate and fortunate time to announce one’s run for President.

In summary, Hillary has the chart of someone capable of working in the world of power, and politics. The timing of her announcement is astute, given the Jupiter connection. She may indeed be the next President, if the SA Sun to Neptune is viewed favourably. If she has a Pisces Moon, then the underlying sensitivity may be a blessing or a curse. A blessing in that she has the ability to connect with a wide audience. The curse is that this emotional sensitivity could overwhelm and get in the way of doing her job.

I’ve not covered many other factors in Hillary’s chart, but this will at least give you a brief overview of some of the key themes.


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