James Packer and Mariah Careys’ astrological connections

Mariah Carey will marry wealthy Australian businessman James Packer after the pair announced their engagement on January 21st, 2016.


This will be Packer’s third marriage, after Jodhi Mears (1999-2002) and Erica Baxter (2007-2013). Carey, likewise has been married twice before, to Tommy Mottola (1993-1997) and Nick Cannon (2008-2015).

What can astrology tell us about the interaction between these two people together? Unfortunately, we don’t have exact birth times for either party. But we can use horoscopes set for ‘noon’ on their respective birthdays. And then take a look at he interplay of energies between their two horoscopes.

Horoscope diagram of James Packer and Mariah Carey

James Packer’s horoscope is on the inner wheel (noon, 8th September, Sydney, 1967) and Mariah Carey’s is on the outer wheel (noon, March 27, 1970, Huntingdon, NY).

Because we don’t have accurate birth times, I won’t look at the Moon, or the houses – this is standard practice when using noon horoscopes. Despite this limitation, there are three interesting connections (in the form of planetary aspects) between these two people.

James’s Venus is in square aspect to Mariah’s Neptune

This is a strong ‘otherworldly’ connection (green arrows, above). It’s not as personal as a Venus in one person’s horoscope to Mars in the others’, or vice versa. But here Packer is captivated and smitten by the mysterious. Neptune is this context represents a highly idealised and rather seductive allure. Packer admires his partner, elevates her.

But Neptune is also the planet of delusion, so there’s a chance that this is part of the equation. Packer’s Venus is in the pragmatic sign of Virgo, Carey’s is in the more fiery Aries. But here it’s Venus to Neptune, involving a high level of idealism, wishful thinking and possibly some wished-for illusion of otherworldliness. It’s as if Packer wants Carey to ‘take him away’ from his day-to-day life. The square aspect (90°) is particularly strong and ‘in your face’ in terms of energy and prominence.

Mariah Carey’s Uranus is opposite James’s Sun

This is shown by the orange arrows in the diagram. Uranus is a planet associated with sudden change, magnetism (on all levels) and a galvanising call to action. Carey’s Carey’s Uranus connecting to Packer’s Sun gives him a wake-up call. She makes him feel ALIVE, because the Sun is our vital force, our ego and will. Like the Venus and Neptune above, here it’s Carey’s outer, transpersonal planet, to Packer’s personal planet. So she will seem a larger than life evergy or force in his inner world, and someone who will be a catalyst – energising him and making him feel stronger.

James Packer’s Neptune is inconjunct to Mariah’s Venus

This is the reverse of the aspect mentioned above, but it’s not as strong a connection (blue arrows). But it’s useful, because it would indicate the admiration is not all one way. Here it’s Carey’s Venus connecting to Packer’s Neptune. But being inconjunct (150°) means it’s less full-on. It’s a sporadic connection, not nearly as powerful. But it nevertheless gives a measure of reciprocity to the relationship.


Packer is likely to see Carey as an idealistic ‘angel’, someone who he has strong fantasies (Neptune) about and brings a level of otherworldliness into his life. And she makes him feel alive, and provides spontaneity and excitement. It’s not clear what Mariah gets out of this romance, other than a little idealism too. Perhaps there is a Moon connection between these two people that might explain things a little more. But since we don’t have accurate birth times, and the Moon can move many degrees during a day … we can’t really say much about that for now.

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