Kanye West’s horoscope

Kanye West’s horoscope is fascinating. The U.S. entertainer and headline-grabber has a large opinion of himself, and this is clearly reflected in his astrology. And maybe it can explain his claimed $53 million personal debt.


His birth time is uncertain, but astrologer Matthew Currie picked 8:47am for an article he wrote on West, posted on Beliefnet. While there’s no reliable evidence to support this birth time, I’ll nevertheless use for now. Even without an accurate birth time, we can still make some astrological calls about West’s horoscope.


Kanye West’s horoscope, set for 8:47am, Atlanta, Georgia on 8th June 1977.

First up, West has Sun conjunct Jupiter in Gemini (green oval, above). The Sun is our ego, our ‘self’. Jupiter is expansion, big-ness – the ‘a little is good, more is better’ principle. Here these two themes are welded together in the talkative sign of Gemini. And this clearly reflects West’s expansive sense of his own importance.

Furthermore, the Sun-Jupiter conjunction is opposite Neptune (blue arrows). This brings a level of ‘unreality’ to things. Unreality, idealism, delusion and deception are all Neptune traits, but it’s also good for being able to adapt one’s self-image to whatever situation presents itself. It’s a good signature for an actor. Or it could mean all this self-emphasis might not be as grounded as it could be.

And Kanye has a Moon in Pisces (purple arrow – top right of the horoscope). Who would have guessed that he’s very emotionally sensitive? Pisces is the most sensitive of signs, and it’s here we have Kanye’s Moon (emotions). And it’s in square aspect (albeit conditional that he was born at this particular time of day) to his Sun-Jupiter. So his big outbursts are driven by sensitive emotions, that will respond to perceived hurts in a ‘big’ way. Whatever time of day he was born, it’s highly likely he has a Pisces Moon. However, the square to Sun-Jupiter is more conditional on the birth time being accurate, as the Moon’s position will have moved out of aspect later in the day.

Finally (orange oval) we have a Venus-Mars conjunction in Taurus. He likes luxury, glamour, fashion. In fact, he loves (Venus) it, and it’s his passion (Mars).

The debt issue (assuming it’s real) could likely be explained by the trine aspect between West’s Jupiter and Pluto. This gives someone the prospect of great wealth (Bill Gates has the conjunction of these two), but also the potential for great debt, because it’s the signature of the financial risk-taker.

In summary, Kanye West’s horoscope shows a very sensitive person, who’s not afraid to speak his mind – often in larger-than-life terms, that plays to his ego and sense of self. With the Neptune connection, he’s also something of a chameleon, artistic and elusive. His Venus-Mars conjunction gives a passion for a life of luxury, and Pluto throws in risk-taking behaviours, particularly around money (Jupiter) and also his ego (Sun).

That he’s acknowledging his personal debt, could be due to Saturn (the planet of harsh reality) currently as about 15° of Sagittarius, transiting conjunct his Neptune and opposite his Sun-Jupiter.



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