Katy Perry’s horoscope

Intense focus and drive is a hallmark of Katy Perry’s horoscope.


This dynamic singer/songwriter was born on a day when all planets occupied a 72° arc of the zodiac. This is rare.

Other celebrities (e.g. chef Gordon Ramsay) also have charts with a cluster of planets in a tight group. These kinds of groupings indicates a particular drive in one part of their lives, to the exclusion of other areas. It provides determination and the ability to have a singular focus on a specific goal, such as career advancement.

Katy Perry's horoscope

Katy Perry’s horoscope. She was born October 25th, 1984, at 7:58am in Santa Barbara, U.S.A. This birth data accuracy is rated ‘AA’ by astrodatabank.com (i.e. from birth certificate).

With all planets within 72°, there are no square (about 90°) or opposition (about 180°) aspects in Katy Perry’s chart. This is unlike many horoscopes, where the planets are more widely placed.

It means Perry doesn’t have the challenges associated with balancing seemingly opposing forces in her personality and general makeup.

Instead, she has two significant conjunction (about 0°) aspects. Sun is conjunct Pluto (orange oval, above) and Moon is conjunct Saturn (blue oval). These are the two defining energies, or signatures, in Katy Perry’s horoscope.

Sun is conjunct Pluto in the intense water sign of Scorpio. This combination integrates power, force and drive (Pluto) to Perry’s ego and sense of self (Sun). And the Sun is the ruler of Perry’s 10th house of career.

But since this conjunction is in the relatively quiet 12th house, this power base is relatively hidden. It’s not as ‘loud’. It nevertheless indicates someone who likes to be in control, who would expect power and identity to be key part of their career.

The other conjunction is between Moon and Saturn, also in Scorpio. Saturn can be taken two ways, depending on how it’s perceived. To Perry, Saturn to her Moon could be responsibility and discipline (positive Saturn) around her emotional and security needs (Moon).

On the other hand, Saturn perceived negatively would be seen as hardship, and heaviness ‘weighing down’ the already intense emotional landscape of her Scorpio Moon. Saturn’s ‘gift’ to all of us is structure and responsibility. However, this can seem fairly boring and unfashionable.

Perry’s Moon-Saturn conjunction is in her 1st house. The 1st is about self and personality, and says something about how we appear to the world. With Moon-Saturn here, it’s likely others may find Katy Perry ‘full on’, and/or emotionally responsible yet intense.

Sitting between these two conjunctions, and within a degree of her Ascendant (or ‘rising sign’) is Mercury, also in Scorpio. Mercury is about how we think, how we communicate. In Scorpio — you guessed it — intense communication. It’s a great position for Mercury if you’re a singer. It gives you a ‘presence’ as a communicator, someone who can convey (Mercury) intense feelings (Scorpio).

That’s the two conjunctions covered. But let’s look at a couple of other notable features of Katy Perry’s horoscope.

Her North Node is in the 7th house. North Node is what we’re aiming to learn about in this life, although it doesn’t feel all that comfortable. For Perry, it’s 7th house stuff: relationships on all levels. On the other hand, South Node is what we’re instinctually good at. And maybe what’s probably not so good for us in this lifetime. Perry’s South Node is in the 1st house, in Scorpio. She’s good at standing along, being independent, being Katy Perry, self-contained.

Another horoscope feature is that she has no planets in air signs. This would indicate that free and easy communication can be a challenge. And processing of information sometimes a struggle.

And finally there’s her Venus-Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius. This gives magnetic charm and charisma. But also sudden reversals and the need for independence (Uranus) in matters of love (Venus).

Marriage to Russell Brand

I was curious to see if there were any astrological correlations to Perry’s short-lived marriage to English actor and comedian Russell Brand.

Katy married Brand on October 23rd, 2010. The marriage ended in late 2011 when Brand filed for divorce. Here’s her horoscope (inner wheel), Solar Arc Directions (middle) and transits (outer) for the marriage date. The way the planets are displayed here may look a little weird. That’s because it’s on a 90° dial. The 90° dial makes it easier for astrologers to see patterns in someone’s life.

Katy Perry's horoscope - wedding horoscope


Solar Arc Directed (SAD) Mars is aspecting her Ascendant (red oval). SAD Ascendant is just past her Venus (blue oval). Mars is the ruler of Katy’s Ascendant sign of Scorpio. Venus is the ruler of her Taurus 7th house (of relationships). So we see a ‘coming together’ or a synchronisation of these two areas of her life (self and other) at this time.

The SAD Ascendant to Venus is the immediate past: meeting Brand, their romance.

The immediate future is twofold: SAD Mars to Ascendant and SAD Uranus to Jupiter (green oval). Both are less than a degree away from being in exact aspect.

A degree in SAD terms corresponds to about a year in time. Uranus brings disruption and change.

So for the year following their wedding day, Brand and Perry would be challenged by changeable and disruptive (Uranus) astrological weather. And more specifically, SAD Mars could bring assertiveness and perhaps conflict into Perry’s life.

Katy Perry’s horoscope: summary

Katy Perry was born with the planets in an arrangement that was well-suited for someone to pursue their dreams. Her horoscope indicates a singular focus on her own efforts, and cultivating her own identity. And she does this with power (Sun-Pluto) and intensity (Scorpio).



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