Kim Kardashian’s horoscope

Today I’m going to look at Kim Kardashian’s horoscope. Kim was born at 10:46am on the 21st of October, 1980 in Los Angeles according to birth certificate data on Astrodatabank.


Kardashian has risen from obscurity to be (among other things) ‘famous for being famous.’ Her pathway to fame and fortune was initially assisted by a sex tape (2007), a friendship with Paris Hilton, and her role in the TV series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians (2007).

Let’s look at Kim Kardashian’s horoscope, for an insight into this fascinating celebrity.

Kim Kardashian's horoscope diagram

Horoscope of Kim Kardashian, who was born at 10:46am on the 21st of October, 1980 in Los Angeles.

Jupiter the planet of expansion, money and good fortune. Jupiter brings a ‘larger than life’ flavour to various parts of our horoscope. It is the ruler of Kim’s Sagittarius Ascendant (or ‘rising sign’). The Ascendant is how we ‘come across’ to others – and so Kim comes across as someone with a ‘larger than life’ career. Someone with good fortune.

Jupiter is also conjunct her Midheaven, right at the top of the horoscope. This is a very prominent position for any planet. And it’s the part of the horoscope, the 10th house, that is about career. So in Kim Kardashian’s horoscope we have a larger than life personality with a larger than life career!

Neptune is to do with mystery, glamour and allure. In Kim’s horoscope, it’s right there in the 1st house. The 1st is like the Ascendant, how a person ‘appears’ or they seem to be, their personality. Neptune here adds allure, sexiness, and an ‘unknowable’ quality, one where perhaps people are able to read into Kim Kardashian their own dreams and ideals. It’s a good planet to have in the 1st house if you’re planning on being a celebrity. And Neptune is also connected to her Pluto (power) by sextile aspect. And to her Venus (beauty) by square aspect. Neptune to Venus is more significant, as it adds Neptunian mystery to the planet (Venus) representing what Kim ‘loves.’

Jupiter – ruler of Kim’s Ascendant and on the 10th, is in the sign of Virgo. And Virgo is ruled by Mercury. And Mercury rules not only the Midheaven (career) but the 7th house (other people). This combination ensures a direct relationship between the public, her career, and her persona/personality. Jupiter is also opposite Kim’s Pisces Moon. This indicates that she is very emotionally sensitive and this impacts directly on her career – if she’s feeling good, she’ll do well. And vice versa. In any situation.

2007: Sex tape and TV debut

2007 was an important year for Kim, in terms of getting her career started. There was the sex tape in February, and the first episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in mid-October. Let’s look at how these events are indicated by using Solar Arc Directions and transits (for more info, read my article about Solar Arc Directions).


Kim Kardashian’s horoscope (inner circle), Solar Arc Directions (middle) and Transits (outer) for mid-February 2007. The 90 degree dial format is used.


Two things to note here. First – transiting Pluto conjunct Kim’s Midheaven. Pluto is about power and here it’s connecting with her horoscope career point, as well as activating her Moon and Jupiter. This brings a powerful boost to these areas of her life. Personality (Jupiter, ruler of the Ascendant), career (Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven) and family (Moon, ruler of the 4th house of family). Secondly – Solar Arc Directed Uranus conjunct her Neptune. And Neptune is in her 1st house. Uranus brings sudden changes and upheavals, unexpected surprises, and ‘electrifies’ the planet it connects with here. Here it lights-up Kim’s Neptune – her allure, mystery and personality.

Her television career began later in 2007 with Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which first aired on October 14th. The planetary connections are shown below.

Kim Kardashian's horoscope for October 2007

Kim Kardashian’s horoscope (inner circle), Solar Arc Directions (middle) and Transits (outer) for mid-October 2007.

Here we’ve got Solar Arc Directed Mars at 3° of Capricorn forming a square aspect to Kim’s Saturn (blue oval, above). Mars activates. Saturn governs Kim’s 2nd house of money, self-esteem and resources. And her 3rd house of siblings. And Kim’s Saturn is in her 10th house of career. So this was a time when all these factors were given a ‘call to action’ by Mars.

Summary: Kim Kardashian’s horoscope

The horoscope reflects what we see in the media. A larger than life career, a mysterious alluring celebrity. But what’s shown in the horoscope is considerable emotional sensitivity. This is not something that’s immediately apparent in the public face of Kim Kardashian. But she has plenty of horoscope traits that indicate someone well-suited (and destined?) to fame, being a ‘brand’, and being famous.


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