Lady Gaga’s horoscope

Lady Gaga’s horoscope accurately reflects her avant garde artistic talents.

Lady Gaga's horoscope

Lady Gaga in 2011. Photo by Tony Felgueiras CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

She was born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on March 28th, 1986. While we know her birth day, unfortunately we don’t know her birth time.

However, provides two speculative times: 9:53am and 2:00am.

I’m going to use 9:53am. Mostly because it seems a ‘better fit’ in terms of what I’ve seen of Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga's horoscope

Two planetary aspects immediately stand out…

Sun square Neptune

Her Sun is in square aspect (about 90°) to Neptune. This is shown by the purple arrows above.

I’ve written about Neptune before, and how mysterious and imaginative its energy can be. And here we have Neptune strongly aspecting Lady Gaga’s Sun. And the Sun (in anyone’s horoscope) is about our ‘self’, our identity; who we are.

And in Lady Gaga’s case, Neptune makes her identity rather unclear, mysterious and artistic. A chameleon.

She says on Wikipedia, “I portray myself in a very androgynous way, and I love androgyny.”

Lady Gaga exploits this Neptunian quality by being able to change her music and presentation as the situation dictates.

From a Julie Andrews Sound of Music impersonation at the Oscars. To a patriotic Super Bowl 2017 half time show. And surreal videos for Born This Way and Bad Romance. The fact that she can slip into almost any genre, look or style is a distinctly Neptunian quality.

Mercury square Uranus

Her Mercury is in Pisces, a water sign ruled by Jupiter. This means her thinking and communication (Mercury-stuff) is emotional (water) and has a collective focus (Pisces). If the above birth time is accurate, we also have Mercury in her 10th house. This is the house of career.

And Jupiter is right alongside Mercury in the 10th. In the sign it rules, Pisces. This is a powerful combination. As I wrote in a recent post, Jupiter is luck, wealth, ‘more’. Here, it gives the prospect of a larger-than-life career.

Mercury’s square aspect to Uranus (red arrow above) brings Uranian surprises, changeability and reversals. Uranus energy is quirky. It seeks a unique and original expression of any planet it aspects.

And so it adds to the Neptune-Sun characteristics in Lady Gaga’s horoscope by not only being unusual and otherworldly, but communicating (Mercury) in a unique (Uranus) way as well.

Mercury is furthermore the planet that rules her 27° Gemini Ascendant (only if the speculative birth time is in fact correct). The Ascendant is about appearance and personality.

And her quirky and unique Uranian-inflected appearance is one reason I think the 9:53am is possibly accurate, as Mercury (Ascendant ruler) has this Uranian aspect.

Let’s now look at a couple of other features of Lady Gaga’s horoscope.

Lady Gaga's horoscope

Sun trine Saturn

The two aspects I looked at previously (Sun-Neptune, Mercury-Uranus) were squares. Squares are ‘hard aspects’. Which means they are ‘switched on’ all the time.

Hard aspect energies are active, engaged, happening.

But the ‘soft aspects’ (trine, sextile) are more relaxed. They are ‘on call.’ And perhaps dormant some of the time.

Lady Gaga’s Sun is in a trine aspect (about 120°) to her Saturn. This is shown by the blue arrows above. Whereas Sun-Neptune is otherworldly and sensitive, Sun-Saturn is pragmatic, structured and conservative.

This Sun-Saturn is a useful thing to have. It likely keeps Lady Gaga from going ‘off the rails’ in a negative Neptune sense (i.e. drugs). It gives her the ability to ‘work’ towards a task, if she so chooses. And helps keep a sense of reality (Saturn) amongst her performed unreality (Neptune).

Venus trine Uranus

We saw above how Uranus inflects her Mercury with originality and surprise. Here Uranus takes a gentler approach to her Venus. Venus being what we love, value.

Her Venus is is Aries, indicating a quick-acting passion and love of ‘doing’, rather than being overly reflective. This is because Aries is a fiery action-oriented sign, ruled by Mars.

With Uranus ‘on call’ here (soft aspect), Lady Gaga can switch direction in her love life, her tastes, whenever she chooses.

Moon in Scorpio

Despite not having an accurate birth time, there’s a likelihood her Moon is in Scorpio (orange arrow, above).

This is an intensely emotional water sign. Moon is our emotional life, what helps in terms of emotional security. In Scorpio it is the need for deep emotional connection.

And there’s also a strong possibility that this Moon aspects her Mercury and/or Jupiter by trine. But without an accurate birth time, we can’t be sure. But this connection would add emotional intensity to her communication (Mercury) and her capacity for optimism and good fortune (Jupiter).

Lady Gaga’s horoscope: summary

A strongly Neptunian person. This is visible in her music videos, the fantasy and mystical elements to her art. And the chameleon-like way she changes and morphs. Uranus to her Mercury adds surprises and unpredictability.

Yet she has Saturn to her Sun. Which brings a useful measure of discipline and reality. Venus to Uranus adds a dash of originality to her passions and loves.

And a Scorpio Moon means that everything is intense, poweful and emotionally charged.

She reminds me of David Bowie, who also re-invented himself on a regular basis. His horoscope features Mercury square Neptune, Sun inconjunct Uranus.


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