Leonard Cohen’s horoscope

Poet, musician and monk Leonard Cohen died a week ago, aged 82.
He wrote many memorable and beautiful songs. Among them Suzanne and the soulful Hallelujah. Let’s look at Leonard Cohen’s horoscope.

Leonard Cohen's horoscope

Leonard Cohen in Belguim, 2010. Photo by Pieter Morlion. CC BY NC ND 2.0. Image is cropped from original.

Cohen was born on September 21st, 1934 in Montréal, Quebec at 6:45 am. According to astrodatabank.com, this is accurate ‘AA’ rated (birth certificate) data.

Venus conjunct Neptune

There are two significant signatures in his horoscope. The first is Venus, which is conjunct (‘close to’) Neptune. Funnily enough I wrote about Neptune here last week.

This is shown (along with his Sun) within the green oval below.

Leonard Cohen's horoscope

One of my favourite books of astrological keywords is The Combination of Stellar Influences, by Reinhold Ebertin.

It has this to say about the ‘sociological correspondences’ of Venus-Neptune: “Artists, musicians, mystics, dreamers and visionaries.” This certainly matches what we know about Leonard Cohen.

Neptune’s sensitivity, idealism and otherworldliness is here combined with the artistry, desire and ‘love’ of Venus. These two qualities are permanently intertwined — welded together —  in Leonard Cohen’s horoscope.

Neptune, Venus, Sun and the Ascendant are all in the sign of Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign, ruled by Mercury. Virgo is generally associated with critical thinking and striving for ‘perfectionism’ on some level.

Since Neptune, Venus and the Sun are in a Mercury-ruled sign, they look to Mercury as their guide, their CEO. And Mercury is in communicative air sign Libra, shown by the green arrow above.

And funnily enough, Libra’s plantery ruler is Venus. So Mercury is influenced by Venus, and vice versa.

Mutual reception

Astrologers call this particular interaction between two planets ‘mutual reception.’

Planets in mutual reception are like two people working well together. They understand each other’s position.

So Cohen’s Mercury, planet of communication and thinking, looks to Venus for guidance.

So how he communicates (Mercury) will have Libran quality (balance, seeking harmony). Yet will also have a powerful undercurrent of desire, love, mysticism, elusiveness. All courtesy of Venus-Neptune.

And his Venus, Neptune and Sun will all have Virgo traits that are influenced or directed by Cohen’s communication and thinking.

And Mercury is very influential here. It is the ruler of his Libra Ascendant (how he appears to others) and his Gemini Midheaven (career, vocation). It also rules his 12th house of privacy and inner reflection.

In traditional astrology, the 12th is also the house of ‘self-undoing’. Meaning the house of things we choose to do, that get us into trouble. Which is why the 12th rules prisons and infirmity. And separately monastries and solitary places and behaviour.

Sun conjunct Ascendant, sextile Pluto

This is the second significant signature in Leonard Cohen’s horoscope.

Any planet close to the Ascendant will have its planetary energy on public display. Donald Trump has Mars in this position, Angelina Jolie has Venus.

Like Bruce Lee, Cohen has the Sun here. This puts his self, his identity and ego front and centre and gives him ‘presence’. An earthy, thinking, communicative  (Virgo) kind of presence.

At times, his Sun can call upon a powerful force. Pluto aspects his Sun by sextile (about 60°). This is shown by the orange arrows, below.

Leonard Cohen's horoscope

This adds, on occasion, power to Cohen’s identity. It boosts his presence, his ego. But since it’s a soft aspect, it’s not ‘switched on’ all the time.

Pluto square Jupiter, Saturn trine Jupiter

Jupiter is wealth, expansiveness, and grandeur. Here, it’s in Cohen’s 2nd house of money, resources, and self-esteem. This is seemingly a good position.


Jupiter, like Mercury, is in Libra. And Libra is ruled by Venus. Venus here is entwined with the dreamy ‘out there’ Neptune. So that would add diffusion, idealism and a lack of clarity in financial matters.

Pluto is in a square aspect (about 90°) to Jupiter. This is shown by the red arrows, below.

This adds an ‘always on’ Plutonian (hard aspect) power and intensity to Jupiter. With this signature, Cohen is likely to take financial risks, and ‘gamble’ on some level.

Jupiter-Pluto aspects are often in the horoscopes of millionaires. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett have Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions.

However, this risk-taking behaviour (informed by a dreamy and private Venus) is moderated by Saturn. Cohen’s Saturn is in trine aspect (about 120°) to Jupiter. This is shown by the blue arrows, below.

Saturn is the planet of structure, discipline. But also of hardship and ‘lack’. In ancient astrology, Saturn (along with Mars) was one of the two ‘malefic’ planets, often associated with misfortune and hardship.

And being a soft aspect (trine), Saturn is an occasional influence here. Ideally a pragmatic one, assisting with viewing finanical matters realistically.

Or it could also be ‘hardship’ in financial matters.

Leonard Cohen's horoscope

Another aspect is Uranus opposition (about 180°) Jupiter, shown by the green arrows above.

This adds permanent change and restlessness to Jupiter matters. So Cohen’s fortunes and self-esteem (2nd house) and wealth and sense of optimism (Jupiter) will fluctuate.

Fluctuate sporadically (Uranus) and powerfully (Pluto), with occasional bursts of hardship and discipline (Saturn).

Moon in Pisces

People with their Moon in Pisces are emotionally very sensitive. I once knew a brash woman, who thought astrology was rubbish. She dared me to look at her horoscope and tell her something unique. Despite her outward toughness, she had a Pisces Moon.

“You’re actually emotionally quite sensitive, despite appearances” I said.

“Ok, that’s enough!” she said, folding her arms.

Leonard Cohen’s Moon is in the 6th house of illness and general afflictions. Which may lead him to see his sensitivity as a liability. To modern astrologers, the 6th is also ‘work and service’.

Life event – October 2005

Cohen’s Jupiter was activated in October 2005, when he sued his long-time manager, Kelly Lynch. He alleged she had misappropriated $5 million.

Below is Leonard Cohen’s horoscope (inner) and Solar Arc Directions (SADs) for October 15th, 2005.

Notice that SAD Mars (blue oval) is conjunct his Jupiter. This is taking action (Mars) about money (Jupiter). But could also be read as malefic influences (Mars) around financial and resource matters.

And by being conjunct Jupiter, Mars is also square his Pluto (red arrows). This brings powerful influences to play and is congruent with a court battle, or financial difficulties at this time.

Leonard Cohen's horoscope

Leonard Cohen’s horoscope: summary

He was poetic, soulful and sensitive. And the writer and singer of some memorable songs. This is reflected in his horoscope by Venus-Neptune in the 12th: private, sensitive, idealistic, artistic.

And Mercury in the 1st house, in Venus’s sign, Libra. What he sings about is connected to Venus-Neptune.

Sun close to the Ascendant gives a prominent personality that is mercurial, something of a perfectionist (Virgo). Yet with personality and charisma.

To finish, here’s Jeff Buckley’s version of Hallelujah.

RIP Leonard.


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