Refuting the skeptics

The Scientific Committee to Evaluate PseudoSkeptical Criticism of the Paranormal (SCEPCOP)

“SCEPCOP is the 1st Coalition of Researchers, Investigators, Writers, Truth Seekers, Freethinkers and Intellectuals united to counter and expose the PseudoSkepticism movement for their fallacies, religious fanaticism, unscientific behavior, misinformation, denial, suppression, bigotry and ridicule toward all data, experience or science that challenges orthodoxy or does not fit into a materialistic paradigm.”

Empirical astrology: Why it is no longer acceptable to say astrology is rubbish on a scientific basis

“Though we don’t know how it works physically, astrology is not a faith. You can experience, observe and know how it applies first hand. There are sound reasons why it has proved so difficult to test the real practice of astrology under scientific conditions and why so many tests have been flawed. However, some simple experiments have yielded results that are consistent with a scientific basis to the fundamental premise of astrology even though the practice is an art rather than a science.”


The Astrology Podcast – host of this weekly podcast is Chris Brennan. Every week Chris interviews different guests on a variety of astrological topics.


The Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA) – Australia’s peak astrology body.

The Organisation for Professional Astrology (OPA) – global organisation. I am the Australian ‘satellite’ (ambassador) for OPA. Australian OPA Facebook group.