Michael Phelps’ horoscope

Swimmer Michael Phelps has won more olympic gold medals than any other individual. With success at Rio, he now has 23 of them. So what does Michael Phelps’ horoscope say about this extraordinary man?

Michael Phelps' horoscope

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Unfortunately there is no accurate birth time for Phelps. We know his birth day and place (June 30th, 1985, Baltimore, Maryland), but without the actual birth time it’s only possible to give a limited overview of his horoscope.

That’s because without a birth time, we can’t know the position of his astrological houses. Nor can we give a definitive position for his Moon, as the Moon moves about 13° in a day.

With that in mind, here’s a few thoughts about Michael Phelps’ horoscope, set for noon on his birth day.

Michael Phelps' horoscope

Mars is the planet most associated with sports. It’s the planet of physical action, assertiveness, combat. If you’re going to be a successful athlete, it helps to have a prominent Mars in your horoscope.

Mars to Jupiter and Uranus

Phelps has Mars in a water sign, Cancer. And it connects by inconjunct (aka ‘quincunx’, about 150°) aspect to two other planets. First, to Uranus (red arrows, above) and secondly to Jupiter (blue arrows).

Uranus and Jupiter add their unique ‘flavours’ to Mars in Michael Phelps’ horoscope. Uranus brings uniqueness, surprises, eccentricity. Jupiter brings a sense of expansion and growth to Mars, and the possibility of ‘wealth’.

The Uranian side seems obvious. He’s won more medals than anyone, and has been in five olympic games. Jupiter enlarges and expands, and it can also bring not only money, but a sense of ‘grandeur’ to his Mars.

You’ll see that the Moon appears to be close to Phelps’ Uranus (green oval). We have to ignore this connection, because we don’t know his birth time. The Moon could be anywhere from 7° or so before or after its noon position, shown in the horoscope.

Mercury to Pluto

Other features of interest include a square aspect (about 90°) between his Pluto (force, power) and Mercury (communication). This is shown by the green arrows in his horoscope, above.

His Mercury is in Leo, meaning he’s good at communicating about, well, himself. But in a powerful way (Pluto). This is a good combination to have for someone who is at the top of their field. It means what they say (about themselves) will be taken seriously. Not only by others, but perhaps also by Phelps himself.

Although at worst Mercury-Pluto can be a kind of fanaticism (another side of Pluto) and ego-centric communication.

Venus to Saturn

Phelps’ Venus is in Taurus, in an opposition aspect to Saturn (about 90°), shown by the orange arrows.

Saturn has a traditional, conservative and structured quality. Venus is about love, desire, values and taste. Combine these and we have someone with relatively conservative values. And perhaps someone fond of ‘the good life’ (Venus in Taurus) in terms of food, drink, etc. But underlying this is the Saturnian sense of duty and responsibility.

Michael Phelps’ horoscope: conclusion

This has been a very brief overview, because we don’t have a birth time for Phelps. But we can nevertheless say a few things about him, even without this important data. We can see that his Mars is strongly aspected. That he can be a powerful communicator. And that his sense of values and love is conservative.


  1. Hi, I liked your analysis of Michael Phelps chart and I agree without a birth time theres alot of information which can’t be gleaned. I looked into Phelp’s chart several years ago and noticed how his Mars is on the fixed star Sirius and (if I remember correctly) his Jupiter is on the fixed star Delphinus (the dolphin). As Mars is in its detriment in Cancer its almost like his martian moodiness assertively expressed launches him across the body of water (Cancer) and with added luck and glory of Sirius he can’t help but win? thanks, Julian

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Julian.
      Yes, ordinarily you’d think a Mars in Fall and ‘combust’ the Sun (within 8.5 deg either side) would be difficult or weakened in some way. But as you point out, Sirius is right there.
      My astrology software, Janus, has this to say:

      Mars conjunct Sirius (orb: 0 deg 32′)
      Sirius, the Dog Star, in Canis Major (The Great Dog), called by the Egyptians Sothis, is the brightest object in the sky, except for the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter. It is regarded as a harbinger of fame. In ancient Egyptian times, Sirius’s heliacal rising (with the Sun) coincided with the annual flooding of the Nile. If well connected, it promises fame, honours, and riches. Nature of Jupiter and Mars.”

      “Nature of Jupiter and Mars!” And Phelps has Mars aspecting Jupiter. And also has the “fame, honour, riches.” Thanks for pointing this out. :-)

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