Stephen Paddock’s horoscope

The Las Vegas shooting massacre last week was horrific.
Stephen Paddock killed 58 and injured hundreds. What was his motivation for mass murder? To date, nothing has been uncovered. Although mental illness may have been a contributing factor. Stephen Paddock’s horoscope doesn’t specifically tell us his motives either.

But it does give a general overview of his character and the tensions in his life this year. These correlate reasonably well with what’s reported in the media to date.

Paddock’s birth certificate says he was born in Clinton, Iowa, on April 9th, 1953, at 11:05 am, according to

Stephen Paddock's horoscope

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Saturn: planet of structure

Saturn often gets bad press in the astrological community. It’s planetary energy is seen as restrictive, heavy, boring and not particularly exciting. But I see it differently, as Saturn: planet of structure.

Saturn’s general qualities

There are plenty of keywords around Saturn’s astrological meaning. Here’s a few:¬†structure, inhibition, austerity, restriction, authority, discipline, hardship, endurance, ‘death’, hard¬†work.

Which is noticeably different to planets I’ve written about previously: optimistic, hopeful Jupiter and mysterious Neptune.

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