Saturn: planet of structure

Saturn often gets bad press in the astrological community. It’s planetary energy is seen as restrictive, heavy, boring and not particularly exciting. But I see it differently, as Saturn: planet of structure.

Saturn’s general qualities

There are plenty of keywords around Saturn’s astrological meaning. Here’s a few: structure, inhibition, austerity, restriction, authority, discipline, hardship, endurance, ‘death’, hard work.

Which is noticeably different to planets I’ve written about previously: optimistic, hopeful Jupiter and mysterious Neptune.

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Jupiter, planet of justice

Let’s take a quick look at the astrological meaning of Jupiter, planet of justice. But it’s really much more than this core theme of ‘justice’.

It’s the planet astrologically associated with wealth, growth, luck, optimism. And sales, confidence, and ‘more’.

More as in: ‘a little is good, more is better!’ This is the reason Jupiter is often associated with ‘excess’, and overdoing things.

Jupiter has always been seen as an essentially good planetary influence. It is one of the the two benefic (meaning ‘good’) planets; the other being Venus. This is because Jupiter energy brings bountifulness and one of its underlying principles is ‘justice’ at the highest level. To be wholly just and fair is considered benevolent and good.

I like to think of planets as people. It’s a good way to remember a planet’s astrological qualities.

And if Jupiter could be a person, well, I pick this guy…

I pick him because he’s a walking, talking Jupiter-type person. He has abundance (another Jupiter word) and generosity, and brings gifts. He’s jovial (ho, ho, ho!) and large. These are Jupiter qualities.

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