Neptune – planet of mystery and imagination

“Neptune represents the transcendent, the awareness of intangibles, the sense of the sublime, the insubstantial, the imaginative, the psychic sense, the inspirational and the illusory, and hence symbolises the artificial, the cosmetic, the deceptive and the mystical.”
—Garth Carpenter, Aspects of Astrology

Neptune planet of mystery

A NASA photo of Neptune. The official caption notes, “This color image shows several complex and puzzling atmospheric features.” (!)

Neptune − by its very nature — is rather hard to pin down. Neptunian energy is elusive, diffuse and mysterious.

And perhaps consequently, opinions about the astrological meaning of Neptune vary a fair bit among astrologers.

In this post, my aim is to give you an overview of Neptune, a generally agreed consensus.

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What is a ‘Saturn Return’?

A ‘Saturn Return’ is an astrological event everyone experiences for the first time around the age of 28 or 29. And it’s something we’ll experience a second time at age 56-57.

When your Saturn Return comes along, your life will usually go through a period of noticeable change. This can be a turning-point or ‘crisis’ of some sort. The underlying meaning and value of this change is ‘growing up’, becoming an adult, and facing up to your responsibilities — particularly ones you’ve been avoiding.

This is because astrologically Saturn is associated with maturity and responsibility. My astrology teacher used to say that everything prior to your Saturn Return is just a ‘dress rehearsal’ for life. From the Saturn Return onwards, life gets more real, and we should no longer be acting like grown-up children. We should take life on the chin.

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