Quentin Tarantino’s horoscope

He’s an innovative movie director, producer and writer.
But Quentin Tarantino’s reputation and behaviour is now under the spotlight. His treatment of women, particularly Uma Thurman, is attracting considerable media attention. Let’s look at Quentin Tarantino’s horoscope.


The current scrutiny of Tarantino is informed by the #MeToo movement. This started with the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations in late 2017 (see my previous post about Weinstein).

Weinstein and Tarantino are close: Weinstein is the producer on many Tarantino movies. Although astrologically Weinstein is a tougher heavy-hitter (Mars-Pluto square) compared to Tarantino. The interaction between their horoscopes, aka synastry, is fascinating. More on that below.

Unfortunately, we don’t know Tarantino’s birth time.

So I’ve used a horoscope (or ‘chart’) set for noon. For the date and place of his birth. Knowing the birth time would give more detail. But even without it, we see some general chart features worth reporting.

Tarantino (Wikipedia bio) was born March 27th, 1963, in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Quentin Tarantino's horoscope

First thing standing out is his Sun-Mercury conjunction in Aries (green oval, above). Which forms a trine aspect (about 120°) to his Mars in Leo (red arrow).

This means we have someone with identity (Sun) tightly integrated with thinking and communication (Mercury). ‘I am … what I say I am’ is typical for this combination.

Sun-Mercury is in action-oriented fire sign Aries. He is therefore direct, assertive, blunt, and action-oriented in terms of these parts of his nature.

Sun-Mercury trine Mars, in mutual reception

His Sun-Mercury trine Mars is special. It adds additional ‘on call’ (trine being a soft aspect) force and assertiveness (Mars) to his Sun-Mercury expression.

Sun is also in ‘mutual reception’ with Mars. Tarantino’s Sun is in a sign ruled by Mars (i.e. Aries). And his Mars is in a sign ruled by the Sun (Leo). This is an ‘I’ll scratch your back, if you scratch mine’ kind of planetary partnership.

It means Sun and Mars work particularly well together in Quentin Tarantino’s horoscope. It’s like they are old friends. And this might account for his interest in violence throughout his movies. Violence (hostility, war, etc) is associated with Mars.

Both trine and mutual reception indicate Tarantino doesn’t overtly appear to be a violent person. But it does mean what he identifies with (Sun) and what he talks and writes about (Mercury) draws on ‘Mars stuff’. Such as conflict, violence, force, adversity.

It’s part of his nature to connect with Mars-related themes.

Jupiter conjunct Mercury

Jupiter in Pisces is very close (‘conjunct’) to his Mercury (light blue oval, above). This planet exaggerates, makes things larger-than-life. It also says something about a person’s wealth and sense of hope, luck. Jupiter conjunct Mercury in Quentin Tarantino’s horoscope elevates the scale and size (Jupiter) of what he seeks to express (Mercury).

Jupiter is also in a sign it rules, Pisces. This means Jupiter is better able to deliver on what it promises.

Neptune square Saturn, opposite Moon (well, maybe)

Saturn in anyone’s chart is says something about structure, discipline, and one’s boundaries. Neptune is the opposite – it is about lack of boundaries, idealism, fantasy.

In Tarantino’s case, Neptune square Saturn indicates his sense of responsibility may be lax and unclear, out of focus. It might be wishful, idealised and lack grounding.

This may account, in part, for urging (forcing?) Uma Thurman to drive the car that resulted in the serious accident on the set of Kill Bill.

Neptune might also be opposite his Moon.

But since we don’t know his birth time, the Moon’s position could be about seven degrees either side of the position shown above. The Moon moves about 13° a day. But it is still likely to be in Taurus (he likes emotional security, endurance).

Neptune opposite Moon, if it is a close aspect, means heightened sensitivity and imagination.

Uranus opposite Venus

Uranus is disruptive, distinct, unique, changeable. Venus is what we value, love, appreciate. It’s also our ‘taste’ in terms of art, design, aesthetics.

Tarantino’s Venus is in Aquarius. So his love will tend to be ‘big picture’ and independent, and have something to do with knowledge. Like a mental encyclopaedia of videos and films. Which he demonstrated in his early days, when he spent five years as a video store clerk.

Uranus to Venus brings quirkiness, restlessness and impatience to these matters. Tarantino is someone who has a unique take on what matters to him. Something that others might not easily understand.

Life event: Pulp Fiction

Tarantino’s movie Pulp Fiction was released on October 14th, 1994. Below is his horoscope (inner circle), Solar Arc Directions (aka SADs, middle) and transits (outer) for that day. Set for his birth location at noon.

This diagram is called a 90° wheel, or dial. It displays conjunctions, squares and oppositions as conjunctions.

Quentin Tarantino's horoscope

We can see right away that SAD Uranus is aspecting his Mercury (red oval). And SAD Jupiter aspects his Venus (blue oval). Transiting Pluto aspects his Venus (green oval).

So this is a time when what he loves (Venus) connects with his hope, luck, fortune and grandeur (Jupiter). A time of a unique and different message. One that is unique in terms of what is expressed (Uranus-Mercury).

Transiting Pluto to Venus adds to the overall intensity of this period of life. Pluto is power and transformation, applying here to his Venus. His passion (Venus) is given powerful Plutonic intensity.

Tarantino’s SAD Sun (grey oval) possibly connects with his Moon. But since we don’t know his birth time, we can’t say for sure – since the Moon moves relatively quickly through the day. And its noon position might not be accurate compared to his actual birth time’s location.

Pulp Fiction won Tarantino the Palm d’Or at Cannes in 1994. The movie was a major critical and commercial success.

Tarantino and Weinstein: astrological synastry

Astrologers often look at how two people interact. They do this using what is called ‘synastry’. Synastry is comparing the planetary aspects between two charts.

If we look at Tarantino’s chart (inner, below) and Weinstein’s (outer), we see strong connections in their synastry (another example is Bannon and Trump).

Weinstein was born March 19th, 1952, in New York. We don’t have his birth time. So his is also a noon chart.

Harvey Weinstein's horoscope

There’s a lot of connections here!

Weinstein’s Uranus square’s Tarantino’s Sun (blue arrow). His Saturn opposes Tarantino’s Sun (light blue arrow). These denote ‘mentor.’ Weinstein wants Tarantino to be innovative (Uranus to Sun) and yet within his control (Saturn to Sun). Creative, yet structured.

Weinstein’s Pluto opposes Tarantino’s Saturn (red arrow). And his Neptune trines Tarantino’s Saturn (purple arrow). Weinstein is thus seen as a powerful (Pluto) influence in the film director’s life in terms of work, rules, discipline.

Neptune-Saturn here complements Tarantino’s own Neptune square Saturn. So he will, to a certain extent, understand Weinstein’s idealised approach to his work (Saturn).

Tarantino’s Jupiter is conjunct Weinstein’s Sun (green arrow). This means Tarantino boosts (Jupiter) Weinstein’s ego and identity (Sun). Tarantino’s Neptune is conjunct Weinstein’s Mars (orange arrow).

Neptune to Mars indicates Tarantino will be able to impose his fantasies and dreams (Neptune) onto Weinstein. And Weinstein will do take action (Mars) as a result.

Life event: in the spotlight

Below are SADs and transits (by hard aspect) for February 3rd 2018. This is the day the New York Times published an interview with Uma Thurman, which revealed her experiences with Weinstein and Tarantino.

Quentin Tarantino's horoscope

There’s not a lot going on for Tarantino, astrologically, here.

Transiting Saturn at around 5 Capricorn squares his Aries Sun (red arrow, above). This brings a weight and seriousness to his identity and self at this time. His is now ‘accountable’.

Because his Sun closely connects to Mercury and Mars, there are questions around his writing, what he says, and the violence in his movies.

SAD Mercury is applying to his Venus (blue oval). This is about something in the future, in about a year. Possibly his work on a film about Charles Manson.

The only other points are that SAD Sun (green arrow) and Mars (purple arrow) are about to change signs. Although not shown above, his SAD Sun is at 29º.47′ Taurus, about to move into Libra in roughly the next 12 months.

Likewise SAD Mars, which is at 29º.30′ Virgo. A change in sign, particularly for the Sun, indicates a shift in emphasis, a new period of life. His SAD Sun has been in Taurus the past 29 years or so.

Quentin Tarantino’s horoscope: summary

I don’t like his movies! But I appreciate his talent. I find ‘violence as entertainment’ not very enjoyable.

His horoscope, even without a birth time, tells us he is a directed and focused communicator (Sun-Mercury). Someone who draws on Mars as a resource. Most obviously as a theme for his movies. While he isn’t as brutal as Weinstein, he nevertheless may be over zealous in his approach, and lack clarity around structure and discipline.

He has some key connections with Weinstein’s horoscope. And Pulp Fiction’s release and awards coincided with an equally powerful and elevated time in his life. He seems far more mindful, apologetic and reasonable than Weinstein.

At least so far.







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