Robin Williams’ horoscope

I was saddened to hear of comedian Robin Williams’ death, which occurred on August 11th. Apparently contributing to his suicide was his battles with severe depression, and (at various earlier times) alcohol and drugs.

Yet he will be fondly remembered as a comic genius and the star of many movies; some serious and many funny.

We can learn something about Williams by looking at his horoscope. He was born at 1:34pm on the 21st of July, 1951, in Chicago, Illinois. This is accurate birth information, derived from his birth certificate (Robin Williams’ data is from Astrodatabank).

Horoscope diagram for Robin Williams.

Robin Williams’ horoscope.

The most striking feature of his horoscope is the Mars-Uranus conjunction. This signature would certainly account for his high-level of erratic energy. Keywords associated with Mars are energy, combativeness, and force; the urge to ‘do’. Put this together with Uranus and we have an interesting mixture. Uranus’ keywords include eccentric, quirky,  unconventional, unpredictable, magnetic.  In combination, Mars-Uranus indicates considerable erratic energy, someone full of surprises,  a quirky oddball kind of character, unusual in what he does.

What’s more, Mars rules Williams’ Ascendant (aka his ‘rising sign’) of Scorpio. So the Mars-Uranus will splay-out via his personality, or it will be ‘how he comes across’ to others. The Ascendant is about how we ‘appear’ to others – first impressions. Williams’ first impression is one of  energy (Mars), intensity (Scorpio) and unpredictability (Uranus).

Mercury is conjunct his Midheaven – a point associated with career and reputation. Mercury has many faces – we talk of someone being ‘mercurial’, of quick wit, cunning, cleverness. Being so close to the Midheaven elevates Mercury, gives it prominence in Williams’ horoscope – it makes a loud noise. Mercury is the trickster, the wit. With such a strongly placed Mercury, it’s no surprise Williams exhibited these characteristics – at least in his public life. And Mercury is in Leo, a sign that can be dramatic, showy, and can love the limelight. Mercury right on the cusp of his 10th house of career, shows that he suits a mercurial career, such as a journalist, speaker, communicator, actor, comedian. Anything that involves speech and communication.

There are other dimensions to Williams’ horoscope, that are less obvious. His Pisces Moon indicates someone who is profoundly sensitive; someone who tends to hang on to emotional hurts for many years.  And someone who feels things very deeply. This gives him a great deal of empathy. This may seem at odds with the ‘happy go lucky’ side we’re used to seeing. But it may go some way to understanding his struggle with depression and drugs over the years.

The sign of Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. And Jupiter in his horoscope is opposed by Neptune. This Neptune connection indicates an ‘urge’ to escape – escape from the mundane, and perhaps escape being emotionally overwhelmed. Neptune is a planet astrologers  associate with drugs, dissolution, alcohol, illusions and fantasies. Here, it’s connected to Jupiter, Williams’ outlet for that Pisces Moon sensitivity, via his creativity and self-esteem.

Creativity, because Jupiter is in the 5th house of creative pursuits, fun, and play. Jupiter in a horoscope is where we often want ‘more’ of something. Self-esteem (and wealth) are involved because Jupiter also rules his 2nd house of resources (e.g. money) and self-esteem. It also indicates the connection between entertainment (5th house) and money (2nd house): Williams’ earns money as an entertainer.

Yet it is part of his life’s arc to deal with this other more-sensitive side of himself. This is shown by the North Node in the 4th house along with the Moon. The North Node is what we’re aiming towards in this life, what we’re here to learn. Conversely, the South Node is what we’ve done before (and are good at) – instinctual behaviour. For Williams, with Venus up there conjunct the South Node, it’s art and career that he’s naturally good at, and has an instinctual feel for.

But overall, his challenge was – as it is for many people – to integrate the more difficult parts of his nature.

This post provides only a fairly cursory look at his horoscope. But I hope it illuminates some of Williams’ life themes, and furthermore gives you a sense  of ‘what he was born with.’

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