Steve Jobs’ horoscope

Let’s take a look at Steve Jobs’ horoscope, since there’s another movie about him due out soon. The movie about Apple Computer founder Steve Jobs (the movie is titled Steve Jobs) coming out in October, and it’s been getting some positive critical reception from preview screenings.

But what of the man himself? Many believe him to have been controlling, petty, and narcissistic. Others saw him as a genius, a visionary; an inspiring leader who rescued Apple from the brink of collapse in the late 1990s to make it one of the richest technology companies in the world.

We have an accurate ‘AA rated’ birth data for Steve Jobs from So let’s take a look at his horoscope and then look at a few of his life events using the astrological technique, Solar Arc Directions.

Steve Jobs' horoscope diagram. He was born on February 24th, 1955 at 7:15pm in San Francisco.

Steve Jobs horoscope. He was born on February 24th, 1955 at 7:15pm in San Francisco.

There’s a few things that are immediately interesting about Steve Jobs’ horoscope. Firstly, his perfectionism is shown, in part, by his rising sign (or ‘Ascendant’) of Virgo (green arrow, above). Virgo is a Mercury-ruled sign, and is known to be very particular and detail-driven. The Ascendant is how we appear to others, how we ‘come across.’

Mercury also rules Jobs’ Gemini 10th House, of career. And Mercury itself in Jobs’ horoscope (green oval, above) is in a the fixed air sign of Aquarius, in the 5th House, the House of creativity. Mercury is also retrograde – that is, on the day he was born Mercury appeared to be going backwards in the sky, something it does on a regular basis. Putting all this together, we have a creative (5th House), stubborn (fixed sign), mercurial person who has trouble expressing (Mercury) himself (retrograde).

The second thing about his horoscope is Mars in Aries is opposite Neptune in Libra (blue arrow). Mars is ‘action’, and here it’s in the impulsive fire sign of Aries. It indicates Jobs’ drive and impulsivity, and that underlying this drive are characteristics we associate with Neptune: high ideals, a grand vision, an intangible otherworldliness. Mars is in the 8th House, of ‘death’ and Neptune is in the 2nd House of money, self-esteem, resources. So his drive had a kind of ‘do or die’ forcefulness, and was based on an ideal shaped by personal wealth and esteem.
Jobs’ Moon is also in Aries, indicating an impulsive emotional nature that prefers to act rather than reflect.

The third item of note in Steve Jobs’ horoscope is Venus opposite (red arrow) a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (pink oval). Venus rules Jobs’ 2nd House of money, and the 9th House of higher learning, travel. And it is in the 4th House of foundation, home. Venus is about what we value. And what Jobs’ values is money, self-esteem, and intelligence as his foundation. Jobs’ Venus is in Capricorn, a sign traditionally associated with stability, hierarchy and structure. With Venus opposed by Jupiter-Uranus, that stability is regularly challenged. Jupiter brings expansiveness and ‘wealth’ and Uranus sudden reversals and upheavals, changes of fortune.

To sum up, Jobs comes across as critical, fussy and stubborn, someone who values their quick mind. He is driven by undefinable high ideals, and is impulsive, fiery. He values tradition to a point, but his values are erratic and fortunes can change rapidly. He was someone very interested in wealth, prestige and intelligence, being the ‘smartest guy in the room.’


Looking at his life events, it is the launch of the original Macintosh computer on January 24th, 1984 that stands out. It was a watershed moment in personal computing, and the culmination of many years of work by Jobs (and others).

Jobs’ Solar Arc Directions (SAD) for that day are incredible…

Diagram showing Steve Jobs' horoscope, Solar Arc Directions and Transits for January 24th, 1984.

Steve Jobs’ natal horoscope (inner wheel), Solar Arc Directions (middle wheel) and Transits (outer) for January 24th, 1984 – official launch of the Apple Macintosh personal computer.

His SAD Midheaven and Ascendant (both ruled by Mercury) align with his natal Venus-Jupiter (red oval). This was an astrologically and personally significant moment – the pivotal coming together of Jobs’ career, personality, striving for wealth, value and honour.

Steve Jobs’ horoscope indicates that he was a complex, driven man who was an abrupt perfectionist with a grand vision. Love or hate him, he changed history. I look forward to seeing the new movie about him.

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