Steven Spielberg’s horoscope

Let’s look at film director Steven Spielberg’s horoscope. Does it indicate a shy yet obviously talented individual?

Spielberg biographical information for this post comes from Steven Spielberg: A Biography, by Joseph McBride (Amazon link).

This book was useful. It helped me learn about Spielberg’s personality, early life, parents and  career. I wanted to connect some of this information to his horoscope.

According to, Spielberg was born on December 18th, 1946 at 6:16pm in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This information comes from his birth certificate. So it’s ‘AA’ rated: reliable data.

Steven Spielberg’s horoscope is below, covered with a few messy arrows and lines.

But bear with me, I’ll explain those shortly!

Steven Spielberg's horoscope

Spielberg’s parents

In a horoscope, the person’s parents are shown by the planets ruling the signs on the 4th (father) and 10th house (mother) cusps. McBride describes Steven’s mother, Leah, as outgoing, colourful and supportive. She was someone who didn’t quite fit in (in a good way) with the conservative values of her peers.

The ruler of Steven’s Pisces 10th house is Jupiter. Jupiter is in the Scorpio 5th house, and conjunct Venus (red oval, above). An ‘aspect’ bonds planetary energies. This demonstrates a mother who is enthusiastic, optimistic (Jupiter) yet intense (Scorpio). Venus with Jupiter adds style and taste, artistic inclinations. And someone with a liberal and modern worldview (Venus-Jupiter in an inconjunct aspect to Uranus — purple arrows, and Uranus is square to the Midheaven).

His Dad, Arnold, was often absent. He was a workaholic, in the electronics and computer industries. He is represented by Mercury (green arrow), ruler of Steven’s Virgo 4th house. Mercury here is in the 6th house. This is the house associated with work and service. Despite his absence, Stephen’s father was nevertheless supportive of his son’s film endeavours.

Mercury is in trine aspect (about 120°) to Saturn (orange arrows). Saturn is the planet of responsibility and hardship, structure and form. A a trine aspect is a connection of ‘ease’. So it offers a positive expression of these two planets’ combined energies. It indicates Arnold had the ability to focus, to structure and follow-through with projects. Something McBride confirms.


Spielberg was a shy, dreamy and quirky kid. He was often bullied. This was partly because he was Jewish, in largely non-Jewish schools. But he was a gifted storyteller, and had a fascination with movies and television from an early age.

According to McBride, when he directed amateur movies Spielberg using fellow students as actors, Spielberg was surprisingly assertive and confident. This side of his nature was not an immediately observable part of his usual behaviour.

The dreamy, shy kid is indicated by the Cancer Ascendant (aka ‘rising sign’) in Steven Spielberg’s horoscope. This water sign is ruled by the Moon. And we find Steven’s Moon in another water sign, intense Scorpio. And it’s located in the 5th house of creativity and self-expression. So he ‘appears to others’ (Ascendant) as emotional and sensitive (Moon). And intense. Someone self-absorbed (Scorpio) in creative pursuits (5th house).

Furthermore, his Moon is in square aspect (about 90°) to Saturn (blue arrows, above). This aspect is different to the trine mentioned earlier regarding his father. A square aspect is a harsher energy. Saturn square his Moon shows hardship, restriction (Saturn) of his personality (Moon, as ruler of the Ascendant). And perhaps also being emotionally ‘under siege’ by bullies, and the world at large.

Another indicator is his Ascendant at 10°47′ Cancer. It is in square aspect to Neptune (red arrows, above). Neptune is sensitive, mysterious, dreamy. And here it connects strongly with Steven’s an ‘otherworldly’ presence (Ascendant). Someone with a heightened imagination (Neptune).

The hidden assertiveness is shown by Steven’s Mars (red arrow, above).

Mars is the planet of action, control, assertiveness. His Mars is in Capricorn, in the 6th house. Mars is ‘strong’ in essential dignity in Capricorn, which is the sign of its exaltation. This means Steven has the potential to be assertive, but not violent. Strong, but not overly bossy. The ability to express a well-behaved Mars.

And being in the 6th (a ‘cadent’ house), its a Mars that is out of the limelight.

This placement is called an ‘accidental debility.’ Meaning Steven’s Mars will not be ‘front and centre’ (compare this to Donald Trump’s Mars placement) in his character. This Mars does not easily express itself. This is because planets in cadent houses (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th) are quiet or more hidden in their expression. This would account for Spielberg’s outward shyness. Yet the unexpected assertiveness when it came to directing films.

Spielberg’s Sagittarius Sun is also there in the 6th, conjunct (close to) his Mars. Again, this indicates reticence, shyness. But also a bond between his sense of self (Sun) and confidence (Mars), and a measure of quiet certainty that is congruent with approach to directing.

Other factors

Aside from having something to say about his mother, Venus-Jupiter conjunct in the 5th is a great signature for creativity.

Venus is associated with fashion, beauty and the arts. Jupiter is about expansion, optimism, growth, the ‘big picture’. Together, this signature shows Spielberg’s willingness to explore his creative side. Jupiter is also ruler of his 10th house (of career, as well as mother). It brings expansiveness, optimism.

The Mercury-Saturn aspect mentioned earlier also provides Spielberg with a careful and modest (Saturn) approach to thinking and communication (Mercury).

A life event

The release of Close Encounters of the Third Kind on November 23rd, 1977 was a significant career moment for Spielberg. Here was a film he not only directed, but wrote.

Unlike the earlier film, Jaws, here was a movie that was his own idea from the start. It was a project that reflected a life-long interest in sci-fi. And it harked back to his amateur film on a similar theme, Firelight.

Below is Steven Spielberg’s horoscope (inner wheel), Solar Arc Directions (SAD, middle wheel) and transits (outer) for November 23rd, 1977. This is all displayed using a 90 degree wheel, which looks kind of odd. But it does make analysis easier.

Steven Spielbergs horoscope

We can see here SAD connections between Venus and Jupiter, to his natal Midheaven (aka M.C.) and Uranus. Putting this combination, we see an event about his creativity (Venus-Jupiter) expressing through his career (Midheaven). And it being something of a galvanising, inventive time (Uranus).

Steven Spielberg’s horoscope: summary

Unlike fellow directors such as George Lucas, Spielberg never went to film school. He was entirely self-taught. From an early age he showed an intense and all-consuming passion for television and movies.

As a child he was intense, detached, but likeable. He had a reserve about him, and was often storytelling and following his imagination.

As an adult, he was able to use his quiet forcefulness to great effect. Actors and those he worked with respected him. He was polite, but firm. And that won considerable respect.

Steven Spielberg’s horoscope accurately reflects much of what McBride records from the many people he interviewed.


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