Brad and Angelina relationship astrology

I’ve already looked at Brad and Angelina’s individual horoscopes. Now it’s time to view them in combination. So let’s examine some Brad and Angelina relationship astrology.

And perhaps get insight into Jolie’s annoucement last month, her filing for divorce (around September 20th, 2016).

A decision Brad is not taking well. You’ll soon see why.

Brad and Angelina relationship astrology

Angelina and Brad in 2013. Photo by Nils Sautter/Georges Biard. CC BY 2.0.

A technique astrologers use to understand personal relationships is ‘synastry.’

Synastry simply means looking at the inter-relationships of the horoscopes involved.

For instance, how various planets and points in one horoscope connect with the same in the other.

For example, Person A’s horoscope has Saturn at 15° Sagittarius. Their partner Person B has Moon at 15° Sagittarius.

This could manifest negatively. Person B feels emotionally (Moon) squashed, controlled or inhibited (Saturn) by Person A.

More positively, Person A provides emotional discipline for Person B. Person B welcomes Person A, who helps them to ‘reign in’ erratic emotions.

Or it might manifest somewhere in between — a mixture of positive and negative. A mixture that also varies with time and context.

That’s an overview of synastry. Now let’s use it to look at Brad and Angelina relationship astrology.

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Brad Pitt’s horoscope

This post takes a look at Brad Pitt’s horoscope. It’s sort of a companion piece to the one I wrote about Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt's horoscope

Pitt in Sydney, 2013. Photo by Eva Rinaldi. CC BY 2.0. Image is cropped from original

According to, Pitt was born on December 18th, 1963 at 6:31 AM in Shawnee, Oklahoma. His birth time is reasonably accurate, rated ‘A’ (from memory).

Brad Pitt's horoscope

There’s plenty of opinions in the media about what caused Jolie to file for divorce a few weeks ago.

Some allege Pitt is a ‘stoner dude,’ prone to depression and outbursts of anger, and possibly violence. He’s also seen as someone who (overly?) enjoys recreational drugs such as marijuana and alcohol.

Who knows if any of this is true? But let’s see if any of this speculation ties-in with his astrological makeup.

Four planets and South Node in Capricorn 

A central feature of Brad Pitt’s horoscope is the four planets (Mars, Mercury, Moon and Venus) in Capricorn. This is shown by the blue oval, above.

Capricorn is ‘ruled’ or governed by Saturn. And Saturn is the planet most associated with ‘melancholy.’ This is an old-fashioned term with links to the more modern ‘depression.’

Likewise Capricorn is considered the most serious, structured, and seemingly responsible and rule-driven sign of the zodiac.

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