Leonard Cohen’s horoscope

Poet, musician and monk Leonard Cohen died a week ago, aged 82.
He wrote many memorable and beautiful songs. Among them Suzanne and the soulful Hallelujah. Let’s look at Leonard Cohen’s horoscope.

Leonard Cohen's horoscope

Leonard Cohen in Belguim, 2010. Photo by Pieter Morlion. CC BY NC ND 2.0. Image is cropped from original.

Cohen was born on September 21st, 1934 in Montréal, Quebec at 6:45 am. According to astrodatabank.com, this is accurate ‘AA’ rated (birth certificate) data.

Venus conjunct Neptune

There are two significant signatures in his horoscope. The first is Venus, which is conjunct (‘close to’) Neptune. Funnily enough I wrote about Neptune here last week.

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