Neptune – planet of mystery and imagination

“Neptune represents the transcendent, the awareness of intangibles, the sense of the sublime, the insubstantial, the imaginative, the psychic sense, the inspirational and the illusory, and hence symbolises the artificial, the cosmetic, the deceptive and the mystical.”
—Garth Carpenter, Aspects of Astrology

Neptune planet of mystery

A NASA photo of Neptune. The official caption notes, “This color image shows several complex and puzzling atmospheric features.” (!)

Neptune − by its very nature — is rather hard to pin down. Neptunian energy is elusive, diffuse and mysterious.

And perhaps consequently, opinions about the astrological meaning of Neptune vary a fair bit among astrologers.

In this post, my aim is to give you an overview of Neptune, a generally agreed consensus.

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Gerard Baden-Clay: astrology of a murderer

What can astrology tell us about criminal acts? Like murder?

Gerard Baden-Clay has been convicted of murdering his wife, Allison, in April 2012. He’s now going to spend a long time in jail.

Did the planetary transits to his natal horoscope provide any insight in to what happened?

I’ll admit I’ve done little research on the astrology of criminal behaviour. It’s a difficult topic. And yes – plenty of people will have been born at the same time and date as Baden-Clay – and none of them will have committed murder.
So ‘why him?’ In short – I don’t know. But I think it’s worth having a brief look at some of the astrological factors involved in this case.

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