Quentin Tarantino’s horoscope

He’s an innovative movie director, producer and writer.
But Quentin Tarantino’s reputation and behaviour is now under the spotlight. His treatment of women, particularly Uma Thurman, is attracting considerable media attention. Let’s look at Quentin Tarantino’s horoscope.


The current scrutiny of Tarantino is informed by the #MeToo movement. This started with the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse allegations in late 2017 (see my previous post about Weinstein).

Weinstein and Tarantino are close: Weinstein is the producer on many Tarantino movies. Although astrologically Weinstein is a tougher heavy-hitter (Mars-Pluto square) compared to Tarantino. The interaction between their horoscopes, aka synastry, is fascinating. More on that below.

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