Taylor Swift’s horoscope

Country and pop music ‘phenomenon’ Taylor Swift has had incredible career success to date, so I was intrigued to look at Taylor Swift’s horoscope.

Shopping her demo CD to Nashville record companies at 11 led to later signing a record deal aged 14. Her parents had moved to Tennessee by then too, so their daughter could be close to capital of country music. And the rest is history. Swift is now a huge global money earner – concerts, recordings, endorsements.

So what can we say about Taylor Swift by looking at her horoscope?

The first issue to get out of the way is that while we know Swift’s birth date (December 13th, 1989) and location, we don’t have any verified accurate birth time.
Astrodatabank.com cites two potential birth times for Taylor Swift: 8:36 am or 8:46 pm. And it’s also quite possible that neither of these times are correct. But for this post, I’m going to use the 8:36 am time. The reasons why will hopefully become clear as you read on.
While the 8:46 pm time puts a bunch of planets nicely in the Fifth House, the astrological house of creativity, the 8:36 am time puts those planets more in the foreground, centred around the First House, of self. And I think that placement is a better ‘fit’ for what we know of Swift and her career to date.
So below is the 8:36 am horoscope (or ‘chart’).

Horoscope diagram for Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift’s horoscope, set for 8:36 am, December 13th, 1989, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

First thing to notice about the above is the striking arrangement of planets – there’s that bunch over there on the left (Uranus, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, Venus), mostly in the 1st House and there’s two others on the right-hand side, Jupiter and the Moon in Cancer.

In part, these two groups of planets opposite each other indicates a fundamental ‘tension’ in Swift, which she seems to hold together remarkably well. Well, at least on the surface. That tension is between the conventional, pragmatic and traditional self, represented by that bunch of planets over on the left, in the Saturn-ruled signs of Capricorn and Aquarius … versus an expansive emotional nature indicated by the Moon-Jupiter conjunction over on the right.

And although Swift has a Sagittarius Sun sign, Capricorn is nevertheless her dominant astrological sign and her dominant energy. Capricorn is an earth sign: conservative, traditional, focussed and grounded. Which is helpful for keeping touch with reality, and remaining grounded … rather than being at the mercy of fame and its trappings, and ‘going off.

If the 8:36 am time is correct, then we have Mercury, planet of communication, right on her Capricorn Ascendant (or ‘Rising Sign’), sandwiched here between quirky Uranus and dreamy idealistic Neptune.
The overall flavour of these three planets in this position is quirky/conservative, and someone who has a vision (Neptune) and communicates it (Mercury) in surprising or unusual ways (Uranus). Again, if the 8:36 am is correct, this will also be how Swift ‘comes across’ to others – because that’s the nature of the Ascendant – it’s how we appear to the world, our ‘presentation,’ not necessarily how we truly ‘are.’ For Swift, what’s shown here is congruent with her career to date – starting off in a conservative (Capricorn/Saturn) musical genre (country), and becoming a unique (Uranus) singer and songwriter (Mercury).

What feeds or connects with the above is the opposition aspect to the Moon-Jupiter on the right-hand side of the chart. Underlying the quirky conservative approach are strong emotions, that (at least in public) appear well-contained and controlled. Jupiter in close opposition aspect to Mercury (communication) indicates this large amount of emotional energy is channelled into her songs. And (again only if the birth time is correct!) the Moon-Jupiter is close to the Seventh House, the House of relationships. And it is well known that Swift often writes songs based on her own personal romantic experiences.

So in summary, Taylor Swift is a pragmatic conservative, a realist who is grounded, a ‘what you see is what you get’ sort of person, who nevertheless can surprise, and has a large reservoir of emotion to draw upon. Her pragmatism is good for running a business and keeping it stable and enduring. She is unlikely to be side-tracked by drugs, or other trappings of fame that can ruin lives.


Taylor’s developing career and rise to fame is closely linked to her Solar Arc Directed (SAD) Sun (as a background, check out my article about Solar Arc Directions).

For instance in 2001, aged 11, Swift went to Nashville and tried to get interest in a demo CD she had recorded. I don’t know the exact date this occurred, but a news report says it was during the  ‘spring break’, so I’ve picked mid-April 2001.

Solar Arc Directed diagram, 21 April 2001.

Swift’s Solar Arc Directions set for 21 April 2001 using a 90 degree dial.
Inner wheel = natal, middle = Solar Arc Directions, outer = transits.

This was Swift’s first big foray to seek fame and fortune in the capital city of country music. This is likely to be highly emotional time, given that her SAD Sun is connecting to her natal Moon (blue circle, above), and that the natal Moon is connected to expansive Jupiter.

SAD Sun moves about 1 degree counterclockwise in these wheels for every year of life. You can see from the above, that the SAD Sun is about to connect with a sequence of Swift’s natal planets in the years following 2001. In sequence, the SAD Sun will hit Uranus, then Jupiter, Ascendant, Mercury and then finally Saturn.

The SAD Sun’s connection to Uranus (not shown) coincides with the Swift family relocating from Pennsylvania to Tennessee, and it’s connection to the Mercury-Ascendent-Jupiter combination coincides with the release of her debut album Taylor Swift, on October 24th, 2006.

Swift's Solar Arc Direction diagram for October 24th, 2006.

Swift’s Solar Arc Directions for October 24th, 2006 – launch date for her debut album.

Other albums followed. Fearless launched on November 11th, 2008 and then Speak Now on October 24th, 2010.

Swift's Solar Arc Directions for October 25th, 2010 - launch of Speak Now.

Swift’s Solar Arc Directions for October 25th, 2010 – launch of Speak Now.

Astrologically, Speak Now marked the end of one phase of Swift’s recording career. It was the last recording associated with the SAD Sun, and its connection with the last of the planets in the cluster that started with the Moon nine years earlier. It is the end of ‘traditional’ (Capricorn) country music for Swift. Like the SAD Sun shown here, she was ‘moving away’ from the conventional, conservative music she’d started out with, her early passion.

The change to a pop music focus might be indicated by the SAD planets now connecting to Swift’s natal Venus-Midheaven (M.C.) – shown above by the red oval. And SAD Neptune to the M.C., if the birth time is accurate, would indicate a culmination of Swift’s career (M.C.) vision (Neptune).

Her next album, Red, was released on October 22nd, 2012.

Taylor Swift's Horoscope

Swift’s Solar Arc Directions for October 22nd, 2012 – launch of Red.

If you look at the blue oval, above, you can see that around this time the SAD Jupiter-Ascendant-Mercury combination is now connecting to natal Venus. This denotes a period where romantic relationships (Venus) are also getting attention. Wikipedia notes: ‘In the Red era, Swift’s romantic life became the subject of intense media scrutiny … Gawker remarked that Swift had dated “every man in the universe.” The New York Times asserted that her “dating history has begun to stir what feels like the beginning of a backlash” and questioned whether Swift was in the midst of a “quarter-life crisis.”‘

If Red marked a transition to pop diva, the album 1989 was the fulfilment. It was launched on October 27th, 2014. Wikipedia says, ‘Swift herself described 1989 as her first “official” pop release and parted ways with some members of her longtime band.’

Taylor Swift's Horoscope

Swift’s Solar Arc Directions for release of 1989, October 27th, 2014.

And it’s a parting of the ways astrologically too. The release date of 1989 doesn’t have a strong astrological correlation. But earlier, in January 2014, the above SAD Mars to natal Sun (blue oval) and SAD Venus-M.C. to Mars (red oval) would have been in play, indicating a move to a stronger, more forceful (symbolised by Mars) sound.


Expect to see at least several years of increasing success and more albums, since SAD Uranus and Moon are yet to connect to the natal Venus-M.C. combination. The last of these connections will occur in 2018. This will mark, in some way, the end of another phase of Taylor Swift’s life.

And in 2019 Swift will have her transiting Saturn Return – something we all go through at about 29 years of age. The Saturn Return can often be a pivotal turning point in our lives. My astrology teacher used to say, ‘everything in your life up until the Saturn Return is just a dress rehearsal.’ Post-Saturn Return marks the start of true adulthood.





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