The astrology of Tony Abbott’s demise

Australia has a new Prime Minister. Earlier tonight, incumbent Tony Abbott was defeated in a party room ballot by challenger Malcolm Turnbull. Until late this afternoon, Turnbull was the federal Minister for Communications.

Earlier this year I wrote about the astrological underpinnings of Tony Abbott’s troubles, and the challenge to his leadership at that time, which he won. I mentioned that the challenge for Abbott was to bring a responsible focus to his natal Sun-Uranus aspect, which is best characterised by his sudden changes of direction, and his left-field ‘captain’s picks’, such as making Prince Philip a knight of Australia.

In that earlier post, I mentioned that Abbott’s challenges in 2015 would centre around his Solar Arc Directed (SAD) Saturn moving forward to aspect the natal Sun-Uranus. I said the energy of this combination would become stronger as the year progressed because this aspect was ‘applying’, meaning it was moving towards being an exact aspect by degree. The closer the aspect, the stronger the effect.

Today, that SAD Saturn aspect is very close to perfecting, becoming exact (see below). Saturn is at 11° 23′ Aquarius, in square aspect to his natal Sun at 11° 28′ of Scorpio.

The fundamental energy of this combination — like what was occurring earlier in the year — is about bringing responsibility and intelligence to the Prime Minister’s record of impulsive and somewhat erratic behaviour. It is a ‘calling to account’ (Saturn) Abbott’s leadership style, which (according to his critics such as Turnbull and others) lacks consultation and not in Australia’s best interests.

Diagram of Tony Abbott's natal horoscope (inner circle), his Solar Arc Directions (middle) and Transits (outer) for Sept 14th, 2015.

Tony Abbott’s natal horoscope (inner green circle), paired with his Solar Arc Directions (middle/blue) and Transits (outer/light blue) for Sept 14th, 2015, the day he was ousted as Australia’s Prime Minister.

The leadership challenge earlier in the year corresponded with the SAD Sun-Uranus aspecting his natal Saturn, shown above by the blue arrow. I wrote about this in my post at the time. This aspect has now passed. But the combination of planets involved repeats in a different way in the current situation. It’s now SAD Saturn that is aspecting Abbott’s natal Sun-Uranus, shown by the red oval, above.

The events of today confirm that Solar Arc Directions have particular merit when looking at life events, in my opinion more so than Transits (no significant Transits are shown above) and possibly Progressions. In another post I’ll look at the horoscope of Malcolm Turnbull.

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