Tony Abbott’s troubles

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott is facing a crisis. After a series of backflips and gaffes (for instance, making Prince Philip a Knight), there’s rumours that he might be ousted very soon. And the landslide victory of the Labor party in Queensland on January 31st sent shockwaves through government ranks.

A government MP today publicly called on Abbott to resign. It’s a crisis of leadership, and loss of confidence by many government backbenchers.

So what’s happening, astrologically, that might reflect the current situation?

Using Solar Arc Directions, the situation seems very clear. In the diagram below, Abbott’s natal chart (aka his horoscope) is represented by the inner green circle. His Solar Arc Directions for February 3rd 2015 are shown by the middle blue circle.  The outer light blue circle are transits, which will be ignored in this article.

90 degree dial chart of Tony Abbott's natal chart and Solar Arc Directions.

Tony Abbott’s natal chart (centre) on the 90 degree wheel. Solar Arc Directions are shown in the middle wheel, transits on the outer.

The birth data for Abbott (4th November, 1957, 4am, London) is taken from His birth data is rated ‘A’, meaning ‘from memory.

What’s interesting is Abbott’s natal Sun-Uranus square is very active at the moment. We have the Solar Arc Sun-Uranus connecting with the natal Ascendant (green arrow), bringing his erratic (Uranus) leadership (Sun) to the fore (Ascendant). The Ascendant is ‘how you come across’ to others and Abbott has backflipped and fumbled his way lately, particularly during the past few months. Reversals and eccentricities are what we expect with Uranian energy, and now that they are connecting with Abbott’s Ascendant, it is ‘on display’ more than usual at this time.

Secondly, we have Solar Arc Saturn (restriction, censure, hard labour, etc) lining up with with the natal Sun-Uranus (red arrow). This Solar Arc Direction is not quite exact yet, but will become more prominent during the rest of 2015. Above all, this indicates Abbott being under considerable pressure, restriction and discipline, to ‘reign-in’ his cavalier attitude, and lack of consultation with his political peers. With Saturn involved, Abbott’s erratic behaviour will have to find a more ordered, sober and conservative expression if he is is to survive as Prime Minister this year.

There is talk of a ‘coup’ to oust him, but Abbott nevertheless claims he’s here for the long haul. The astrological factors shown above indicate that he has a considerable struggle on his hands – from the public, and his own party.

Below, fyi, is Abbott’s natal chart.

Horoscope diagram for Tony Abbott.

Tony Abbott’s natal horoscope. Data from Astrodatabank.

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