Trump or Clinton for president? Part 2

Part 1 of this post looked at Donald Trump’s run for the White House in considerable detail. Here in Part 2 of ‘Trump or Clinton for President?’ I focus on Hillary Clinton, Trump’s likely opponent in November’s presidential elections.


First I’ll look at Clinton’s natal horoscope. And then how things are ‘playing out’ for her astrologically on inauguration day in January 2017. Bear in mind that I looked at her horoscope last year. Some of the info in this post repeats stuff from last year.

Clinton’s horoscope

We have a slight problem here. No one knows the exact time of birth for Clinton. Sure, we know the day (October 26th, 1947, in Chicago). But not the time. Although there’s plenty of speculation about birth time on her profile. Having an accurate birth time, as we do for Trump, provides much more detail.

So what I’ve decided to do is review all the candidate birth times, and pick the one that gives her the ‘best case scenario’ for being the next President of the United States. For instance, which birth time gives her the strongest planetary alignments on inauguration day? As I’ve demonstrated in a previous post, five elected presidents (those with accurate birth times) all had strong alignments on inauguration day.

Rather than go through each birth time, I’ll just conclude that process by saying that I settled on 2:18am. I’ll get to my reasoning shortly. But first, let’s look at Clinton’s horoscope, set for 2:18am.

Trump or Clinton for president

Hillary Clinton’s horoscope, using a speculative birth time of 2:18am. October 26th, 1947, Chicago.

There are three things to be said about Clinton’s horoscope. And they’re irrespective of birth time.

Firstly, she has a Mars-Pluto conjunction (green oval) in Leo. This signature gives tremendous drive, power and energy. Mars-Pluto is a very good combination to have in politics and management. Mars-Pluto people have considerable endurance. They can be blunt, forceful and exhausting. In the sign of Leo, the challenge here is to ensure that this power is not used selfishly. That’s because Leo is ruled by the Sun. And the Sun is about our ego, our will.

Secondly, Clinton’s Moon is in Pisces. This denotes emotional sensitivity – far more than she reveals. The Moon is in Pisces for most of her birthday, until about 9pm that night. If she was born after 9pm, she would have an Aries Moon. This would be a more fiery and dramatic emotional life. Pisces is the most sensitive of signs, and the upside is that Clinton has the potential for immense empathy, and concern for the welfare of others. On the downside, there’s letting long-held emotional hurts dominate her life.

Finally, Clinton has Saturn in square aspect (c. 90°) to her Mercury (red arrows). And Mercury is retrograde. This gives gravity (Saturn) and responsibility in her thinking and communications (Mercury). Clinton is more likely to ‘tell it like it is’, than perhaps Obama. Obama has a Jupiter-Mercury connection in his horoscope. That gives an effusive optimism (Jupiter) and the ability to communicate ‘hope’ (Jupiter).

Clinton’s Saturn-Mercury is the flip side of that. It’s communicating realism, pragmatism, and presents information in a more structured way. Mercury retrograde might indicate a hesitation or self-consciousness about speaking out.

In my speculative 2:18am horoscope, above, Mercury rules the Ascendant (rising sign) of Virgo. And this sense of responsibility would be therefore be part of how she ‘comes across’ to others (Ascendant).

Clinton and inauguration day

The 2:18am horoscope lines things up reasonably well for inauguration day. Here’s Clinton’s horoscope (inner circle, or wheel), together with Solar Arc Directions (SAD) (middle wheel) and transits (outer wheel) for January 20th, 2017.

Trump or Clinton for president

Hillary Clinton’s horoscope (inner) using the speculative 2:18am birth time, and SAD (middle) and transits (outer) for January 20th, 2017.

And here’s the reason I picked 2:18am. SAD Moon at very late degrees of Taurus (green oval) applying to a square aspect to natal Jupiter. And the Moon in the horoscope is angular in the 7th house. The aspect and natal angularity follow the principles mentioned in my earlier post about planetary alignments for previous Presidents (albeit only those with accurate birth times) on inauguration day.

Moon applying to Jupiter bookends the earlier SAD Neptune to natal Moon, which was active at the time of Clinton’s candidacy announcement on April 13th, 2015. Obama had a similar one-two from announcement day to inauguration day. His was between Mars and Neptune.

What about Bernie Sanders, or Ted Cruz?

Again, we don’t have accurate birth data for Sanders. And on current estimates, he won’t win enough primaries to be nominated. But anything’s possible. So I’ll leave Sanders to one side for the moment. I did look at his horoscope in an earlier post though. Cruz is currently well back in the field. He’s not really a contender. Not yet!

What about Clinton’s transits or progressions?

I’ve looked at both, and there’s nothing significant showing. This is neither good nor bad. Having an accurate birth time would probably reveal some. Yes, Trump has both of progression and transit stuff going on (see Part 1).

Summary: Trump or Clinton for President?

Hillary Clinton ‘has what it takes’ to be President. This is both from a horoscope/astrology perspective, and simply her significant career experience to date. Compare this to Trump.

But the United States population is angry, and seems in no mood for ‘business as usual.’ This is a highly unusual election campaign. Trump representing the radical Right, Sanders the radical Left. For the moment, Hillary Clinton remains the sensible middle-ground choice. But whether voters are prepared to endorse her is another matter.

We have an accurate birth time for Trump, and he has strong planetary alignments for inauguration day. It’s a pivotal time for him. And even if he doesn’t get the top job, his ‘personal brand’ and fame have been massively increased. And U.S. politics may never be quite the same again.

Not knowing Clinton’s birth time means it’s very hard to gauge her chances come election day, if she is indeed the Democrats’ candidate. Nevertheless, the next six months are likely to offer a fascinating unfolding of political history.

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