Adolf Hitler’s horoscope

‘It appears as if he only in his element when he has a mass audience that eagerly listens to every word he utters. On the platform he is like a man possessed, like a medium, the unconscious tool of higher powers.’
– German astrologer Elsbeth Ebertin, writing in 1923.

Adolf Hitler's horoscope

Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1990-048-29A / Heinrich Hoffmann / CC-BY-SA 3.0 DE

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889, at Braunau, Austria, at 6:30 am. This birth data is very accurate (birth certificate) according to

Let’s take a look at a few features that describe the psychology of this brutal dictator and tyrant.


A defining feature of Hitler, particularly in his early ‘career’ was his public speaking ability.

With dramatic theatricality he mesmerised (hypnotised?) audiences.

So it’s really no surprise to see Mercury, planet of communication, occupying such a prominent position in his horoscope. Mercury is shown by the orange arrow, above.

Hitler’s Mercury is in Aries, a fire sign ruled by Mars. This sign position gives us an overall sense of his communication style.

Anyone with Mercury in Aries tends to be an impatient communicator. Aries is an abrupt, fiery, assertive sign. So Mercury in Aries means communication and thinking will tend to be quick, assertive and forceful. And to the point.

This particular communication style of Hitler’s is considerably amplified. This is because Mercury is conjunct (close to) an important area of the horoscope.

It is conjunct the cusp (or ‘boundary’) of the 7th house. That is, it’s very close to the line where the 7th house begins. It is thus considered to be close to one of the horoscope ‘angles’.

Any planet within a few degrees of the four main ‘angles’ is boosted, made louder in expression. This is irrespective of whether that planet expresses positively, or negatively. It is like giving a 10,000 watt PA system to a singer, whether they sing well or not.

The angles are defined as the cusps of the 1st (Ascendant), 10th (Midheaven), 7th and 4th houses. Donald Trump has Mars close to his Ascendant. Angelina Jolie has Venus in the same position. Both these celebrities express qualities associated with those planets.

According to Ian Kershaw’s biography, until his 20s Hitler was an impoverished artist. But he soon discovered and made use of his ‘gift’, public speaking. This talent found a powerful outlet in the turbulent political agitation and anti-semitism of the times.

And this is reflected here. Because the 7th house is the house of other people, both individual and collective. And it is in this ‘theatre of experience’ that Hitler’s Mercury is most active. His communication (Mercury) identifies (Sun in 7th) with other people (in the 7th house). He has the ability to preach ‘I am one of you’ or ‘I represent you’ to the masses.

But …

Quality of communication

What can say about the quality of Hitler’s communication? To get a sense of this, astrologers look at a planet’s ‘condition’, or ‘dignity’ to understand how it might express.

His loud and prominent Mercury is, on the one hand, ‘accidentally dignified‘ (made prominent) because it is so close to an angle.

On the other hand, there are the following contrary considerations.

Mercury is firstly ‘combust’.

This term refers to any planet within 8.5° of the Sun. A planet in this situation is considered (at least in traditional astrology) as weakened and debilitated by the Sun’s ‘heat’. And a weakened planet won’t express as well as it could.

Mercury is also conjunct a fixed star, Alpherg (not shown above). Which, according to Robson¹, ‘confers a bold, confident, valiant, unyielding, ambitious and liberal nature; great and sudden but ephemeral wealth, and a position of command, [it] makes its native guilty of bloodshed…[!]’

Mercury is ‘peregrine’. This means Mercury is ‘without essential dignity‘ at this particular degree of the zodiac. A peregrine planet is likened to a homeless wanderer; without fixed address. Likely to be wayward, tending to mischief and poor behaviour.

And Mercury is in a wide opposition aspect (about 180°) to Uranus, the planet of restlessness, change and revolution.

In summary, his Mercury is placed in a ‘loud’ and amplified part of his horoscope. But what is amplified is a Mercury in poor shape, and therefore ‘inclined’ to use communication for base, instinctual ends.


A starting point for looking at someone’s personality, how they ‘come across’, is their Ascendant and the 1st house. Particularly planets in the 1st house and the condition of the Ascendant ruler.

Hitler’s Ascendant is Libra (red arrow, below). Libra is ruled by Venus (orange arrow). Someone with a Libra Ascendant typically seeks balance and harmony. They’re a negotiator.

However, the state of Hitler’s Venus gives a more troubling picture.

Hitler's horoscope

His Venus is in its own sign, Taurus, and in an angular house. Ordinarily, these are positive indicators.

But there are a couple of problems. First, his Venus is conjunct Mars. Mars adds forcefulness, will, passion and drive. In traditional astrology, Mars and Saturn are considered harmful, malefic.

Any planet in conjunction, square or opposition aspect from either of these planets is considered ‘afflicted’, or receiving the harshness of Saturn or Mars..

Secondly, Venus is square to the other difficult planet, Saturn (purple arrows, above).

This connects disciplined and structured Saturnian qualities to Hitler’s outward personality. And thirdly, Venus is retrograde. Meaning it appeared to go backwards in the sky on the day Hitler was born. Symbolically, this means a ‘holding back’, a difficulty expressing Venus qualities.

Venus, Mars and Saturn are also all in fixed signs, indicative of an underlying stubbornness, despite outward Libra appearances of seeking balance.

Mercury and Sun are opposite Hitler’s Ascendant. This means that how he ‘comes across’ will be quite different to how he communicates (Mercury) and his sense of ego and self (Sun). Both of these sides of his personality only engage when he’s with other people, when he has an audience.

Career, vocation

This area of life is shown by the Midheaven (or M.C.), the 10th house (green arrow, below).

Hitler’s Midheaven is Leo, ruled by the Sun (blue arrow). And the Sun is in Taurus, in his 7th house. We also have Saturn situated in the 10th house (purple arrow).

Together, this all points to ‘career’ connected to a powerful sense of ego. Leo is about self, honour. Its ruler the Sun in the 7th seeks honour and ego expression through, and from, other people. This is also emphasised by the square aspect between Midheaven and the Sun (red arrows).

Adolf Hitler's horoscope

Even in his downfall, Hitler blamed everyone else (Sun in 7th) for what went wrong. It was never his own fault.

Saturn in the 10th brings, at worst, harsh discipline and a rule-driven, authoritarian career. Underpinned by ego (Saturn in Leo, ruled by Sun).

That Saturn is also square Mars, as mentioned previously, adds force, and (at worst) violence to career matters.

The Sun is also in a trine aspect (about 120°) to his Moon and Jupiter in Capricorn (orange arrows). Ordinarily, this would offset some of the harsher elements of his career signatures.

But since Moon and Jupiter are in a Saturn-ruled sign, their value is diminished because they are connected with his ‘career’ (Saturn in 10th).

Moon-Jupiter to his Sun inflates (Jupiter) his ego (Sun), and expands and connects his emotions (Moon) with his ego-centric approach to others (Sun in 7th).

Hitler’s father

Astrologers look at various parts of a horoscope in multiple contexts. So some of what I’ve said above is repeated below.

Kershaw says Hitler’s father, Alois, beat his son regularly. Kershaw describes Alois as:

‘…an archetypal provincial civil servant — pompous, status-proud, strict, humourless, frugal, pedantically punctual, and devoted to duty … at work and at home, he had a bad temper which could flare up quite unpredictably.’

These qualities are clearly visible in Adolf Hitler’s horoscope.

Adolf Hitler's horoscope

Astrologers look to the 4th house to learn something about a person’s father, and the 10th house for the mother. The 4th is also about family, assets. The 10 also career, vocation, as we’ve seen.

It is normal, astrologically, to look at each house from these different perspectives or contexts. They are all inter-related.

Hitler’s 4th house (blue arrow) is Aquarius. Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is in the 10th house, in Leo (red arrow).

Saturn here describes a traditional (Saturn) father. Someone with a considerable ego and sense of status (Saturn in Leo). Being angular (10th house) makes Alois ‘loud’ and dominant in Hitler’s life from an early age.

Saturn is also in a sextile aspect to Uranus (abruptness, unpredictability), shown by the orange arrows. And in a square aspect to Mars (green arrows), which amplifies the potential for Alois’ anger, assertiveness, hostility.

Kershaw speculates that Hitler’s brutal father had lifelong consequences for his son, and this shaped his career (also a 10th house matter), and/or served as a role model.

Saturn (Dad) is in the house of the mother (10th), and in this context indicates his dominance of her life.

Hitler’s mother

Kershaw says his mother Klara was submissive, retiring, quiet and a pious church goer.

Of her six children, her first three died in infancy. Another died before the age of six. Only Adolf and Paula made it to adulthood.

His mother is symbolised by the Leo 10th house (green arrow, below) and its ruler, the Sun. And the Sun in Hitler’s horoscope is in Taurus (blue arrow), just inside the 7th house, not far from Mercury.

Adolf Hitler's horoscope

So the Sun, like his Mercury, is angular and therefore ‘loud’. Sun is ego, self-identity. But in this context it tells us his mother had an enduring (Taurus) self-identity, consistent and reliable.

The Sun is also trine his Moon and Jupiter in Capricorn. This adds an emotional and optimistic dimension to his mother.

However, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. And Saturn is the father…

Kershaw says Hitler was very close to his mother. And he suggests Klara was the only one he ever felt truly close to.

Adolf Hitler’s horoscope: summary

Looking at the astrology of the 20th century’s most notorious tyrant and dictator is challenging.

For while astrology can certainly say a few things about Adolf Hitler’s general psychology, there are bound to be others with similar horoscopes.

And they have not gone on to lead a regime known for genocide and suffering on an colossal scale.

Astrology reveals only a certain amount about a person. We need to admit that there are larger unknown forces (fate? destiny?) at play that shape our lives that astrology doesn’t reveal.

¹Robson, Vivian E. The Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, p134.



  1. Fascinating insight to a terrifying individual.

  2. Donald Trump has been compared to Hitler, especially by his speeches and how he fires up his followers while also being a bigot and with trying to create an Aryan Nation. His Inauguration is this Friday, I see what you did there Charles by making a reading on Hitler this week ;) Great Work as always!

  3. Andries H. Cats says:

    On 14 December 1939, Raeder introduced Adolf Hitler to Vidkun Quisling, a pro-Nazi former defence minister of Norway. Quisling proposed a pan-German cooperation between Nazi-Germany and Norway. In a second meeting four days later on 18 December 1939, Quisling and Hitler discussed the threat of an Allied invasion of Norway.[8][15]
    After the first meeting with Quisling, Hitler ordered the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW) to begin investigating possible invasion plans of Norway.[15] Meeting Quisling was central in igniting Hitler’s interest in conquering the country.[16] The first comprehensive German plan for the occupation of Norway, Studie Nord, ordered by Hitler on 14 December 1939, was completed by 10 January 1940. On 27 January, Hitler ordered that a new plan, named Weserübung, be developed. Work on Weserübung began on 5 February
    The German plans for the invasion and occupation of Norway relied heavily on air power. In order to secure the Skagerrak strait between Norway and Denmark, the air bases in Denmark had to be seized. The domination of this strait would prevent the Royal Navy from interfering with the main supply lines of the invasion forces. In this respect, the occupation of Denmark was considered to be vital. The capture of Aalborg Airport was considered particularly important in this respect.[34]
    The German Wehrmacht crossed the Danish border around 05:15 on 9 April. In a coordinated operation, German troops disembarked at the docks of Langelinie in the Danish capital, Copenhagen, and began occupying the city.

    Adolf Hitler: progressive aspects and transits.

    18-Dec-1939 016°,22’26 Virgo MC 120 Mars
    18-Dec-1939 029°,48’11 Pisces Jup 180 AR07 transit
    4-Feb-1940 -06°,28’20 Ura // mutual C-11
    5-Feb-1940 022°,17’48 Libra Moon * SPICA (VENUS – MARS )
    5-Feb-1940 006°,50’12 Aries Jup 90 Chiron transit
    9-Apr-1940 016°,42’13 Virgo MC 120 Venus

    21 Libra Ascendant ruler Venus 17 Taurus = conjunct Mars 17 Taurus.

    These are examples of a perfect rectified horoscope.

    • Andries H. Cats says:

      On 10 May 1940 Hitler had transit Cheiron on his radix Draconis.

      I rectified the Wilhelm T. H. Wulff Hitler horoscope MC 26 Cancer and acquired a 27 Cancer MC.

      Later I rectified the Third German Reich 1933 horoscope witch got a 27 Capricorn MC, opposite the Hitler MC..

      The attack on Russia was planned on 17 Juni 1941 for 22 June 1941, 3 am.

      The horoscope 17 June 1941, 3 am. has Ascendant 29 Taurus conjunct transit Uranus 29 Taurus ruler Eleven House.

      Peculier is that all Cusp grades are the same of the German Reich horoscope!!!!

      On 21 June 1941 Hitler informed with code Dortmund his Army on 1 pm. about the attack following day.

      The horoscope 21 June 1941, 1 pm. has Ascendant 29 Virgo = Twelve House Cusp 29 Virgo of Hitler.

      Hitler had on 21 June: transit Saturn conjunct radix Black Moon.

      And on 21 June: progressive aspect Neptune 3 Gemini 135 degrees mutual C-11.

      More is to tell…

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