Bruce Springsteen’s horoscope

He’s called ‘The Boss.’
He’s a music legend. An enduring rock icon. So let’s take a look at Bruce Springsteen’s horoscope. What makes him tick … or rock?

Springsteen is also in the news this week. Because his autobiography Born to Run is being released. And it’s getting big media coverage.

Bruce Springsteen's horoscope

Springsteen in 2012. Photo by Shane Kaye. CC BY 2.0

Bruce Springsteen’s horoscope is a good illustration of those age-old questions around ‘fate and free will.’

The questions go something like this: is the life we live ‘made’ by our own efforts? Or are we ‘born’ with a certain destiny ready-made, as ancient astrologers and the stoics saw it?

Or is the truth somewhere in-between these two positions? Perhaps this is something we just can’t know for sure.

In Springsteen’s case, was it his destiny to be a rock star — was he born that way? Or is his success just a matter of ambition and talent? Something that anyone could do?

My view is that our horoscope is an architectural plan or blueprint we’re born with. A well-constructed and nicely organised architectural blueprint does not guarantee a great house. Or a fantastic living experience. But it can certainly help.

In terms of a horoscope, some might be well-constructed for a particular kind of life. A good ‘head start’. Springsteen has such a horoscope, but it doesn’t guarantee success or his particular career path.

But Bruce Springsteen’s horoscope does provide a solid starting point. In his case for a larger-than-life career in the arts. Anyway, let’s move on, and actually look at his horoscope.

Astrodatabank lists accurate birth data for Bruce. He was born September 23rd, 1949 in Freehold, New Jersey at 10:50pm.

Bruce Springsteen's horoscope

Springsteen and some celebrities (e.g. Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift) have horoscope planets arranged in a particular way. Most planets in their horoscopes are grouped in a relatively small area. An extreme example is celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. All his planets are tightly clustered in the 5th and 6th houses.

In Bruce Springsteen’s horoscope, all planets (well, apart from Jupiter) are grouped between Cancer and Scorpio. And a bunch of those (Sun, Neptune, Mercury and Moon) are all in the sign of Libra. And this is crucial. As we’ll see shortly.

Planets in such groups typically indicate a person focused on just a few areas of life. This is very helpful for providing a ‘singular vision’ or aim. Although at worst it can indicate dogmatic and a blind self-belief.

Springsteen’s Libra planets sit all in (or very near, given the Sun is just outside) his 5th house. The 5th is the house of creative expression, entertainment, fun.

But what sort of creativity are we talking about in Springsteen’s case? Well, Libra is ruled by Venus. And Venus is generally about the arts: music, theatre, art, fashion, and so on.

So Springsteen has plenty of Libra/Venus 5th house creativity action. His 5th house creativity is further defined by the planets in (or near) his 5th house.

On this basis we have themes of self-identity (Sun), ideals and visions (Neptune). And communication, thinking (Mercury).  Finally, there’s emotion (Moon) in there too.

All of these planets are in Libra, the zodiac sign about ‘relationships’, ‘me and you’, on all sorts of levels. And it’s these subject that underpins many of his songs.

Let’s now look at some key planetary aspects in Bruce Springsteen’s horoscope.

Sun square Uranus

There’s a square aspect (about 90°) between Springsteen’s Sun and Uranus. This is shown by the red arrows, above.

A Sun to Uranus aspect denotes someone changeable and restlessness. But also someone who sees themselves as unique and adaptable. These are Uranus qualities. And furthermore someone able to re-invent themselves, as circumstances dictate. It also brings a magnetic (Uranus) charisma to Bruce’s self identity (Sun), or ‘brand.’

These Uranian qualities are further amplified because Uranus is in Bruce’s 1st house. The 1st house, like the Ascendant, is about how we appear to the world, our outward presentation. Uranus in the 1st gives Springsteen’s Sun-Uranus aspect public prominence.

Sun square Uranus is a good aspect to be born with for avoiding becoming a tired and stale old Rock Star.

Sun-Uranus enables him to adapt, move on, re-invent himself. Used constructively, the restless and changeable side of this aspect also feeds curiosity and provides flashes of inspiration. Negatively, it could be someone who makes ‘change for change’s sake.’

Moon conjuct Mercury; with both square Jupiter

His Moon in Libra is conjunct (close to) Mercury. Emotion (Moon), communication and thinking (Mercury) are thus intimately connected.

This is an excellent aspect for someone wanting to express or communicate (Mercury) about emotional (Moon) topics, such as … relationships (Libra).

The square to Jupiter (blue arrows) considerably amplifies this Moon-Mercury signature. Jupiter brings optimism, grandeur and a ‘larger than life’ anthematic quality.

It’s like adding a microphone and a 10,000 watt PA system to Moon-Mercury! And it’s very congruent with Bruce’s more epic songs and concerts. And his iconic status.

Jupiter is in Capricorn in his 8th house. It is also the ruler of his Sagittarius 7th house of relationships and other people.

This indicates his ‘wealth’ and honour (Jupiter) come largely from ‘other people’s money and resources’ (8th house). For example, ticket and music sales. And he sees relationships optimistically. To Springsteen relationships can enlarging and expansive, perhaps exaggerated at times.

Mercury is also the ruler of Bruce’s Gemini Ascendant. The Ascendant (and 1st house) is how we appears to the world, our outward personality. So he’s a communicator, a messenger (Mercury) of grand anthematic (Jupiter) emotional (Moon) messages, as songs and music.

And finally, the Ascendant forms a trine aspect (about 120°) to his Moon-Mercury conjunction. This provides further connection between Springsteen’s personality (Ascendant) and his creative work (Moon-Mercury square Jupiter).

The importance of Venus

Venus is Libra’s ruling planet. This means planets in Libra will ‘look to’ Venus for guidance, like a mentor or CEO. Bruce’s Venus is in the intense sign of Scorpio.

Mars is square to Venus (green arrows) in his horoscope. This connects ego-driven drive (Mars in Leo) and assertiveness (Mars) with intense Venus in Scorpio.

Mars to Venus here is about being in charge, being The Boss. If Venus is the mentor of his Libra 5th house planets, Mars is an assertive external shareholder. This related to what Springsteen once said about the E Street Band. That he was their ‘benevolent dictator.’ All key band decisions were his.

Disciplined, structured Saturn also aspects Venus. It forms a sextile aspect (about 60°). This can be useful. Because — at best — it keeps his creative muse (Venus) disciplined and focused. At worst, Springsteen’s Saturn will be his own harshest critic.

That’s because Saturn can be perceived as strict, rule-driven and dominating. But being a ‘soft aspect’ (sextile), the intensity is lessened. Soft aspects (sextile, trine) are not active all the time. Unlike the hard aspects (conjunction, square, opposition). Saturn sextile Venus in Bruce’s horoscope will only operate now and then.

Bruce Springsteen’s horoscope: summary

Springsteen was born with a horoscope that provided, potentially, a solid foundation. A foundation for being a larger-than-life communicator (Mercury) in the arts (Venus).

Several factors (covered above) indicate this. In summary they are:

  • A collection of planets in Libra, with most of those in the 5th house of creative expression
  • Artistic Venus, ruler of those planets
  • Venus in intense Scorpio square to Mars — this brings assertion and drive to the creative table
  • Saturn sextile to Venus — on-again off-again (soft aspect) self-regulation and self-criticism of creative endeavours
  • Mercury conjunct Moon — Communicating how I feel comes naturally, and vice versa
  • Mercury conjunct Moon squared by Jupiter — and I will elaborate these feelings and communicate them in expansive and grand ways
  • Ascendant trine Mercury-Moon — these grand feelings and their communication appear entirely congruent with how the public sees me
  • Mecury ruler of his Gemini Ascendant — communication (singing and songs) is ‘my thing.’
  • Sun-Uranus square — Adaptable, unique and able to change and stay relevant; young at heart

There’s probably more that I could say about Bruce Springsteen’s horoscope. I’ve simply provided an overview of his astrological makeup.

But I’m sure you can see that he began life with a fair amount of ‘potential’. Potential that has been realised through determination, persistance and hard work.

Would you like me to look at your horoscope, just as I have with Springsteen? If so, head over to my page about astrology readings, and please get in touch.

Update history: September 27th, 2016: Cleaned-up the text in this post a bit. Made just minor changes throughout, to make it read more clearly.

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