Donald Trump for President?

[Note: I’ve written more about Donald Trump in a new Post on this blog, March 15th, 2016]

U.S. billionaire Donald Trump announced on Tuesday June 16th 2015 that he will be contesting the 2016 presidential elections (see USA Today, CNN).

Fortunately, we have accurate ‘AA’-rated birth data for Trump from, so we can cast an accurate horoscope. What insight about Trump and this news can we glean from his horoscope? What might have led, astrologically, to his announcement?

Birth horoscope diagram for Donald Trump.

Horoscope for Donald Trump, born 14th June, 1946, Jamaica NY, 10:54 AM.

There are a couple of interesting features about Trump’s horoscope (aka his ‘chart’), above. Firstly Mars is very prominent and ‘loud’, because it’s so close to his Ascendant (green arrow).

The Ascendant indicates how we ‘come across’ to other people; it’s the face we show to the world and indicative of how others perceive us, our ‘personality.’

So Trump has lots and lots of Leo on display — showmanship and self-interest aided and abetted by dramatic, forceful and action-orientation Mars. This is congruent with Trump’s flamboyant larger-than-life personal style and ego.

The ruling planet of his Leo Ascendant is the Sun. Trump’s Sun is opposite his Moon in Sagittarius. This indicates a restless chasing of many diverse dreams and ideas, with his ego (Sun) shaped by whatever adventure (Sagittarius) takes his fancy. A Moon in Sagittarius is emotionally restless and inconstant, and perhaps for Trump this is just the way he does business — lots of projects, lots of ideas, the desire for ‘something new.’

Secondly, this chart has no planets in Earth signs — they are all in either Air, Water and Fire. A lack of Earth in a chart will often lead the individual to over-compensate for this lack. For Trump it might be his fanaticism about wealth and assets — acquiring material wealth and assets (all ‘Earth stuff’) to compensate for this lack of Earth. Earth signs ‘anchor’ the chart, and without solid grounding, Trump is more likely to seek out experiences and assets that can provide some sort of personal foundation.

Finally, there are a couple of connections between certain fixed stars and his natal planets (not illustrated in the above chart). Venus is conjunct the star Procyon. Which my astrology software tells me is:

‘… associated with being hasty and single-minded but also strong-willed and capable of putting thoughts and plans into action … changeable and unpredictable, Procyon can take people to great heights and bring them crashing down.’

And Trump’s Ascendant is conjunct the star Regulus:

‘Regulus … means “little king.” It is the heart of the lion. It is associated with generosity and ambition. If well aspected it will raise the person to high positions in life and denotes successful activity, prominence and wealth.’

And what of Trump in the run-up to the presidential elections in November 2016? Below are his Solar Arc Directions (SAD) and transits for June 16th, 2015.

Solar Arc Directions and Transits to Donald Trump's natal horoscope - diagram.

Solar Arc Directions and Transits for Donald Trump, set for June 16th, 2015.
Inner wheel shows natal positions, middle wheel are Solar Arc Directions, outer wheel shows transits.

The past six months or so for Trump is show by SAD Moon to Mars (blue oval) and SAD Jupiter to his Sun (green oval). These aspects are separating, meaning they have occurred in the near past, but they will have nevertheless informed his June 16th announcement.

SAD Moon to Mars galvanises Trump’s vision (Moon) into action (Mars). As noted earlier, his Ascendant, Sun and Moon are all interconnected. SAD Jupiter to his Sun amplifies (Jupiter) his ego (Sun) and would indicate he sees his candidacy announcement as a great boost to his public profile — whether he actually makes it to the presidential election or not.

In terms of the near future, SAD Uranus is applying to his natal M.C. (red oval, above). This aspect is ‘applying’ – it hasn’t happened yet, as the aspect hasn’t perfected or become exact. This SAD Uranus to M.C. indicates a reversal or change of heart for Trump at some point in the next 12 months. It could go either way — Uranus is full of surprises — either he could drop out, or garner considerable support and shift the emphasis of his career (M.C.) to attaining the presidency.

However, in my opinion, the likely scenario is that Trump will change his mind, switch to some other role, or simply drop out of the race.

So there you have it – a brief look at Donald Trump and his run for the presidency.



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