George Michael’s horoscope

Pop music virtuoso George Michael died on Christmas day 2016, aged 53.
His hugely successful career was occasionally derailed by drugs. Drug use may have contributed to his death.
So what can George Michael’s horoscope tell us?


We don’t have his exact birth time, but estimates it to be around 6:00 am on June 25th, 1963 in Finchley, England.

So we’ll use that data. But with the proviso that it may not be entirely accurate. Let’s look at a few key features of his horoscope.

George Michael's horoscope

Mars conjunct Pluto, square Mercury and Venus

One of his most significant planetary combinations is Mars conjunct (next to) Pluto, in Virgo.

This is shown by the red arrow, above. My late brother had the same aspect in his horoscope. It simply means power and drive. Lots of it.

Power and drive in a controlled and directed way, like an icebreaker ship ploughing through ice. It is enduring personal energy, seemingly inexhaustible.

Mars in Mars-Pluto hard aspects is turbocharged by Pluto. Pluto brings a transformational energy to Mars. Mars is the planet of ‘taking action’ and getting stuff done.

But that’s not all.

This boosted Mars is in a square aspect (about 90°) to Michael’s Mercury and Venus in Gemini, in the 12th house. This is shown by the purple arrow.

This indicates what this strong Mars energy is directed towards. Which is communication (Mercury) — such as music. And love, values, fashion, aesthetics (Venus).

Venus and Mercury are in air sign Gemini. Mercury is particularly ‘happy’ in Gemini, because it’s a sign it rules. Gemini is about ideas. Lots of ideas.

But what’s odd, is that Venus, Mercury and his Cancer Sun all sit in the 12th house. If his birth time is accurate, this would indicate a very private person.

And looking at his biographies in the press, there’s an element of truth to that. He was a reluctant superstar.

This 12th house placement would vary considerably if he was born 30 minutes earlier or later. But the Mars-Pluto square Mercury and Venus applies for all of his birth day.

Neptune in the 5th, sextile Mars-Pluto

Astrologically, Neptune is about many seemingly different things. One of them is escapism and altered states of consciousness.

And the yellow oval below shows George’s Neptune in his 5th house of pleasure, fun, and creativity.

He enjoyed recreational cannabis on a regular basis. But there is also speculation, perhaps false, that he liked the harder stuff as well.

Neptune in the 5th is almost stereotypical for someone who’s pleasure (5th) is being ‘out of it’ in some way. But this 5th house placement IS dependent on the birth data being accurate.

George Michael's horoscope

But what we can say for certain is that his Neptune is connected by sextile aspect (about 60) his power base, the Mars-Pluto conjunction. This is shown by the blue arrow, above.

This gives an occasional fantastical and fantasy element to what drives him (Mars-Pluto) and his music (Mercury-Venus). It’s a useful aspect for creativity, and bringing a fantasy element to his music.

Jupiter and career

I read that George had an odd reliance on his career. That he knew that whatever happened, his career would survive. Almost on autopilot.

And that he had a strange compulsion to push himself and see how far/bad things would have to get, in order to derail his career.

Career and vocation in a horoscope is shown by the Midheaven (aka “M.C”) and the 10th house generally. Here we have Pisces on the Midheaven (green arrow, below), which is ruled by Jupiter.

George Michael's horoscope

Jupiter sits within the 10th house, in Aries. It is in a sextile aspect to his Mercury-Venus (blue arrow).

A Pisces career is something to do with ‘the masses’, possibly a humanitarian. In Michael’s case, it’s his fans.

But there are many anecdotes of his philanthropy and private donations emerging as well.

Jupiter is the planet of generosity, luck, exaggeration, grandiosity. So he has a reliable source of all these qualities in his career.

And this flavour is added to his Mercury-Venus. Which as we have seen is powered by Mars-Pluto and (to some extent) Neptune.

The Moon and personality

Assuming the birth data is accurate, George Michael’s horoscope shows him to have a Cancer Ascendant (or ‘rising sign’), shown by the red arrow, below.

Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon. And his Moon is in Leo with Saturn opposite (about 180°) it (orange arrow).

George Michael's horoscope

A Cancer Ascendant indicates an emotional and lunar component to his personality, to how he ‘comes across’ to the world. So he comes across as a ‘feeling’ person.

Someone with Moon (ruler of Cancer) in Leo can be a ‘drama queen,’ prone to exaggeration. But with Saturn involved here, that’s not so likely.

Saturn brings order and discipline to George’s emotional life. Or more negatively, it can seem like emotional inhibition and restriction.

Sun-Uranus sextile

The last feature of George Michael’s horoscope I’d like to look at is this aspect between his Uranus and Sun. It’s shown by the green arrow, below.

George Michael's horoscope

This brings Uranian excitability, spontaneity and novelty to his ego and self-identity.

But not all the time. Since the sextile is a soft aspect. And soft aspects aren’t always active.

This aspect means he is not one to stick with the tried and true. He’s open to re-inventing himself, moving with the times and doing surprising things from time to time.

George Michael’s horoscope: summary

If this birth data is accurate, George has many planets in cadent or succedent houses. This would indicate there’s a private person underneath the outward glamour.

Only Jupiter, the planet associated with his career, that is in an angular house and therefore the most prominently visible planetary energies in his horoscope.

His Mars-Pluto (no wonder the band was called ‘Wham!’) is central, but hidden because it’s in a the cadent 3rd house.

It drives his Mercury (communication) and Venus (values, loves). And is influenced by Neptune.

Mercury and Venus also get cues from optimistic career planet, Jupiter. While his Cancer Ascendant ruler, the Moon, gets kept in line by an opposition to Saturn.

His Sun-Uranus sextile brings change and unique approaches to his identity.

Overall, we have a private person who has plenty of drive channelled through creative outlets. Someone who enjoys recreational drug use, yet has a disciplined emotional life.

And a talent for reinvention and creativity, with a larger-than-life career with a charitable sideline.

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