Jennifer Lawrence’s horoscope

Rolling Stone magazine calls her ‘America’s kick-ass sweetheart‘. She’s the star of the Hunger Games movies, and has had an astonishing rise to fame since she was ‘discovered’ on the streets of New York. So what does Jennifer Lawrence’s horoscope say about her?


An unusual facet of Lawrence’s career is that she was ‘discovered’ by a modelling agency talent scout on the streets of New York in 2005, aged 14. And that is what ultimately led to her acting career. I’ll look at the astrology of that life-changing event shortly.

We don’t have a birth time for Lawrence. So I’ll do what most astrologers would do in this situation. I’ll use a horoscope set for noon. According to Wikipedia, Lawrence was born on August 15th, 1990, in Louisville, Kentucky. Here’s a horoscope set for noon for that date and location:

Jennifer Lawrence's horoscope

Let’s look at what each of the coloured arrows represent.

Firstly, the purple arrows identify Lawrence’s ‘kick-ass’ attitude. This is the square aspect (about 90°) between her Sun and Mars.

Our Sun is our ego, our will, our core identity. Jennifer’s Sun is in Leo, indicating a strong sense of self. Also wanting to be ‘honoured.’ The square aspect to Mars adds a dynamic and assertive quality to her Leo Sun sign.

This Mars-Sun combination is a core signature in her horoscope. It’s provides energy, drive and a ‘can do’ attitude. Mars is in Taurus: stubborn, enduring and persistent.

The second most interesting feature is her Grand Trine. A Grand Trine is three (or more) planets connected to each other by trine aspect (about 120°). In Lawrence’s case, Mercury is in trine aspect to Mars (green arrow). And Mercury also trines Saturn (blue arrows). And finally, Mars trines Saturn (red arrows).

Mercury is communication, thinking. Mars is force, energy, drive. Saturn is responsibility, discipline, realism, inhibition. A Grand Trine means these energies are interlocked. They work in harmony together, because the trine is a harmonious aspect. Planets joined by trine may not always be an active combination, but they work well together when required.

So in Lawrence’s case, her communication (Mercury) is shaped by determination (Mars) and discipline (Saturn). She will have the ability to – when required – put considerable effort and focus into her work as an actor. And acting is a Mercury-related career. Mercury is not only about communication, but mimicry, adaptation.

Furthermore, Mercury is in Virgo. A Virgo Mercury will seek to communicate concisely. And overall, the Grand Trine is in Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. This means a grounded, earthy combination. This adds pragmatism and realism.

2005: discovery

Jennifer Lawrence never went to drama school. Instead, she was spotted on the streets of New York, one day in Spring of 2005 (according to Rolling Stone). The talent scout was looking for people for modelling careers. While we don’t know the exact date, if I set a horoscope for March 21st, 2005, we get this:

Jennifer Lawrence's horoscope

The above diagram puts the planets on what is called a 90 dial, or wheel. The inner light green wheel are Lawrence’s birth planets. The middle wheel are the positions of Solar Arc Directed (SAD) planets for March 21st, 2005. The outer wheel shows transiting planets for the same date.

The red oval shows two things. First, SAD Uranus is conjunct Lawrence’s Saturn. And Saturn, as we have seen, is part of the Grand Trine. Second, transiting Saturn is also aspecting her natal (birth) Saturn.

Uranus is the planet of surprises, of reversals and changes of direction. Here, it’s a trigger, a wake-up ‘jolt’ to the Grand Trine, galvanising it into action. The transiting Saturn signifies responsibility, of becoming a ‘grown up’ in some way. Together, these two factors indicate this was a time when there would be a significant change for Lawrence.

Historically, it can be seen as the turning point in her career. Until this point, she had had no acting experience (understandable, given that she was just 14!).

Jennifer Lawrence’s horoscope: summary

Lawrence has risen to the top ranks of Hollywood. Her horoscope, which I’ve covered only briefly, indicates a couple of planetary signatures which have assisted her journey. Sun-Mars describes her ‘kick-ass’ reputation. The Grand Trine is a robust combination that provides focus, stamina and discipline in whatever she does.

An accurate birth time would reveal more about Jennifer Lawrence’s horoscope, but even with a ‘noon’ horoscope, we can get a sense of what makes Lawrence tick.


  1. My daughter is an aspiring actress and has Leo Sun square Mars (Scorpio). Very Interesting. I wonder how the square being in Leo-Scorpio differs from Leo-Taurus.

  2. Charles says:

    Yes, there would be a difference. Mars in Scorpio would bring an emotional intensity to this planetary signature.

    This is because Scorpio is a water sign, and water is about emotions. Scorpio is also recognsied as the most intense of all the signs. So your daughter would likley have a more directed and intense focus to her actions (Mars).

    Both Taurus and Scorpio are nevertheless ‘fixed’ signs of the zodiac. Fixed means they are persistant, not easily swayed. Someone with many planets in fixed signs is often fairly singular in their views. At worst, stubborn!

    So the difference is that Sun square a Taurus Mars would be more ‘earthy’ (Taurus is an Earth sign) and pragmatic. While with the Mars in Scorpio there’s the emotional side to one’s actions, someone who has ‘gut instincts’ behind their actions.

    Mars is strong in Scorpio, because it is one of the two signs which it rules (the other is Aries). A planet in rulership is ‘at home’, somewhere where it can function well, and the underlying quality of those actions are likely to be fairly reasonable.

    There are many other factors to consider though – such as which houses the square occurs in – but this will give you a snapshot of the difference between the Sun-Mars aspects you’re asking about. :-)

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