Jupiter, planet of justice

Let’s take a quick look at the astrological meaning of Jupiter, planet of justice. But it’s really much more than this core theme of ‘justice’.

It’s the planet astrologically associated with wealth, growth, luck, optimism. And sales, confidence, and ‘more’.

More as in: ‘a little is good, more is better!’ This is the reason Jupiter is often associated with ‘excess’, and overdoing things.

Jupiter has always been seen as an essentially good planetary influence. It is one of the the two benefic (meaning ‘good’) planets; the other being Venus. This is because Jupiter energy brings bountifulness and one of its underlying principles is ‘justice’ at the highest level. To be wholly just and fair is considered benevolent and good.

I like to think of planets as people. It’s a good way to remember a planet’s astrological qualities.

And if Jupiter could be a person, well, I pick this guy…

I pick him because he’s a walking, talking Jupiter-type person. He has abundance (another Jupiter word) and generosity, and brings gifts. He’s jovial (ho, ho, ho!) and large. These are Jupiter qualities.

Composer Gustav Holst wrote The Planets, an orchestral suite where each planet was described musically. His musical view of Jupiter captures the planet’s majesty and grandeur. And if you skip to 2m:54s in this YouTube video of the piece, you’ll hear a beautiful melody that nicely encapsulates Jupiter’s majestic side.

People with a prominent Jupiter in their horoscopes are often boisterous, enthusiastic, optimistic. And have a boundless sense of possibility and maybe a grandiose and majestic worldview.

Which is why top salespeople can appear very Jupiter-ish. They sell dreams, hope, wishes and ‘of course you can afford it’. Never mind the reality (that’s a Saturn thing, by the way). They channel Jupiter optimism, but not always with the best outcome for the customer in mind.

And our society has a Jupiter and Venus emphasis. In our consumer culture we want (desire – Venus) for ‘more’ (Jupiter). The advertising/marketing juggernaut embraces these values, and capitalism would falter without them.

Jupiter in a horoscope

The above describes Jupiter in general terms. But how does this play out in a horoscope?

Jupiter in a horoscope indicates where you have this sense of justice, of ‘more.’ It shows areas of life where you might get the Santa treatment – your source of wealth, hope, enthusiasm. Your Jupiter placement (by sign, house, aspect) also shows what gets you enthused and optimistic.

Someone with Jupiter aspecting their Mercury, will tend to ‘think big’, or have grand ideas, or communicate (Mercury) in a larger-than-life way.

A person with Jupiter in the 2nd house (of money), like Bill Gates, will tend to be fortunate in terms of wealth and resources.

Jupiter aspecting Mars (Brad Pitt) will enlarge and emphasise the Mars’ masculine dynamic energy.

And Jupiter conjunct the Midheaven (Angelina Jolie), ensures that the person has a career that is expansive and full of growth.

With Jupiter conjunct your Ascendant (Ben Stiller), it is your personality that will be emphasised and will be seen as the part of you that is your ‘gift’.

And when Jupiter transits your horoscope, it can indicate life events which bring the possibility of gifts and opportunities. When transiting Jupiter aspected my Saturn (ruler of my house of career), I got a new job in 24 hours, without lifting a finger. An incredible day of good luck. Thank you Jupiter!

Jupiter, planet of justice: summary

This is a short post, but it should give you something of the essence of Jupiter. It’s generally seen as positive, but (at worst) prone to excess, without a sense of consequences.

Jupiter, like Santa, is seen as kindly, generous, good-hearted and helpful. It is the source of hope, optimism and luck. Oh, and ‘wealth’ in some form.

It’s underlying principle is fairness, justice and benevolence. How it actually ‘plays out’ in our lives can vary quite a bit, but this is its essential nature.




  1. I’m a Sagittarius ASC with an Unaspected 11th House Jupiter in Scorpio. Haven’t read much on a Jupiter with that position. Can you tell me what that would mean?

    • Charles says:

      Well, Jupiter is ruler of your Sagittarius Ascendant. And the Ascendant says something about our personality. And with the ruler of the Ascendant in the 11th, I get a sense that your personality has something associated with friends and groups (11th).
      Your personality – how you come across to others – has an optimistic Jupiter-ish flavour, coupled with Sagittarius’, a fire sign associated with adventure. And although you say your Jupiter is ‘unaspected’, it is nevertheless sextile the Ascendant ‘by sign’.
      I’m reading a fascinating book at the moment, Hellenistic Astrology by Chris Brennan. Aspect ‘by sign’ was part and parcel of horoscope delineation back in the ancient times. So should not be ignored.
      Would need to see your whole horoscope before saying anything more about your Ascendant and Jupiter in the 11th, but I hope that gives you a few points to consider. :-)

      • Melissa says:

        Oh thank you so much for the info. I forgot to add though that my Jupiter is also Retrograde so I don’t know if that affects the meaning a bit.

        • Charles says:

          Hi – Jupiter retrograde is not such a big deal, so I wouldn’t be concerned. It’s more when the faster planets are retrograde (Mercury, Venus, Mars) that the effect is more noticeable.

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