Steve Bannon’s horoscope

He’s risen from being Donald Trump’s campaign manager, to being the President’s most trusted advisor and political strategist.
We don’t have his exact birth data, but nevertheless Steve Bannon’s horoscope offers a few insights, and it connects powerfully with Trump’s horoscope.

Bannon was born November 27th, 1953, in Norfolk, Virginia. We don’t have a birth time, so let’s do the usual thing and set his horoscope for noon.

Steve Bannon's horoscope

First thing I notice here is Mercury conjunct (next to) Mercury in Scorpio, shown by the blue oval above.

Venus is what we value or love. Mercury says something about how we communicate and think. In Scorpio these qualities are welded together and express here with emotional intensity.

That’s because Scorpio is a water sign. And water is about emotion, feelings. And Scorpio is the ‘most intense’ of the zodiac signs. It’s ruled by Mars, which is fitting.

Mars correlates with the emotional (water) drive (Mars) of Scorpio. Strongly Scorpio people want to get to the heart of the matter — with no half measures.

Mercury-Venus trine Uranus

Everything I’ve just said about his Mercury-Venus we now expand in scope. Because both those planets are in trine aspect (about 120°) to Uranus in Steve Bannon’s horoscope. This is shown by the red arrow, above.

Uranus has many meanings. But in this context it indicates a ‘revolutionary.’ This Uranus aspect accurately reflects Bannon’s wish to ‘throw out’ established structures in government.

He wants change. He wants disruption, to reverse the traditional way of doing things. These are all Uranian characteristics.

And this revolutionary worldview ‘plays out’ in what Bannon says and thinks (Mercury), what he values (Venus). With intensity and gravity (Scorpio).

The Uranus aspect is a trine, a soft aspect. This means the Uranian side of Bannon’s nature is not active all the time. It’s more ‘on call’, as the situation dictates.

Uranus square Neptune

Things now get, um, a little more complicated. But bear with me!

Uranus in Steve Bannon’s horoscope aspects Neptune, shown by the orange arrows above.

Many people born around this time will have a similar aspect, so this is not terribly unique.

However, it does indicate that Bannon’s Uranian revolutionary side, is connected to a sense of ideals and idealism; a sense of ‘mission’.

These keywords are what Neptune is about. Although as I’ve written before, Neptune is rather tricky to pin down.

Steve Bannon's horoscope

Neptune square Jupiter; Jupiter sextile Pluto

And we might wonder… what kind of Neptune idealism are we talking about here?

Simple: BIG ideas. Because Neptune is trine Bannon’s Jupiter (purple arrows, above). Jupiter is about expansiveness, wealth, opportunity, ‘more’ and excess.

In Bannon’s chart, Jupiter is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury. Its aspect to Neptune infuses Bannon’s Jupiter-stuff with idealism (which can also be delusion, or a kind of fantasy).

Jupiter is also sextile (about 60°) to Pluto, which adds a dash of ‘power’ to the mix. This is shown by the green arrows.

Steve Bannon’s horoscope: summary

Putting all of the above together, we get a picture of a man whose thinking and values are intense and inter-twined, and informed by Uranian disruption, reversals and revolution.

And that revolutionary spirit is driven by an idealism, a wish to ‘do something’, even if that something is not entirely clear.

The ‘big picture’ (Neptune) and an urge for ‘power’ (Pluto) drives Bannon’s sense of optimism (Jupiter) and hope.

It is interesting that Bannon’s Sun is not aspected by one of these outer planets. It means these underlying planetary forces are not playing out through his ego. He’s more a ‘behind the scenes’ person.

His complicated big picture worldview nevertheless will continue to play out in his intense communication.

Bannon’s interaction with Trump

Let’s now look at how Bannon’s horoscope interacts with Trump’s. Astrologers look at relationships by checking the interaction, or ‘synastry’, between the horoscopes of the people involved.

Below you’ll see Trump’s horoscope on the inner circle. Bannon’s is on the outer.

There are extremely powerful combinations here. And it absolutely explains exactly why Trump hired Bannon. And the nature of their relationship.

Steve Bannon's horoscope

Bang, bang bang! Look at all those connections. This is rare and powerful synastry.

Green arrow – Bannon’s Jupiter conjunct Trump’s Sun. Bannon expands (Jupiter) Trump’s ego and self-identity (Sun).

Blue arrow – Bannon’s Uranus conjunct Trump’s Saturn. Bannon provides revolution and disruption (Uranus) to Trump’s structures and rules (Saturn)

Red arrow – Bannon’s Pluto conjunct Trump’s Mars. You thought Trump was hostile and aggressive? Bannon makes that stronger in this relationship. Pluto turbo-charges Mars. Mars is Trump’s assertive personality.

Purple arrow – Bannon’s Mars conjunct Trump’s Jupiter. Bannon’s actions (Mars) can make Trump feel bigger and better (Jupiter).

Orange arrow – Bannon’s Neptune square Trump’s Venus. Whatever Trump thought he valued (Venus) will be wrapped in mystery (Neptune) by Bannon. Or put another way, Bannon will make Trump’s personal ‘loves’ (Venus) global (Neptune).

Overall it is meaningful that it is (mostly) Bannon’s outer planets that aspect Trump’s inner, personal planets. Bannon is thus the ‘guiding hand’ of Trump’s personal life.

Some might say that Bannon is the puppet master. Whatever the truth, this is an extremely significant relationship.


  1. Wow-that’s crazy. It makes sense. Thanks for covering these guys.

    • Thanks for the feedback Josie. :-)
      Yeah, it’s sure is one hell of a relationship – I almost fell of my chair when I saw the Trump-Bannon horoscopes together. There’s some kind of powerful chemistry between them.

  2. Hi Charles, this is Gabriel from Quora… I love your traditional, nuts bolts analyses! I changed directions in my work, but still appreciate this sort of work. One thing I noticed on Bad-Boy-Bannon’s chart (maybe it goes beyond the scope of your analysis, but is central to my work) is Neptune squaring the Nodal Axis!. Lends a bit more fright-factor to this fellow.
    Also cool that you took a look at his synastry with Trump. Now I may distract myself and look at their composite chart. :-) Thanks for your contributions!

    • Charles says:

      Hi Gabriel, thanks for the feedback! I don’t usually look at aspects to Nodes, but I’m open to it. :-)

  3. Excellent analysis-Saturn has entered bannon’s house, hmmmm not too popular, that mars/pluto on trump’s ascendant—explosive relationship.

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