Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s horoscopes

Taylor and her new man, actor Tom Hiddleston, have landed in Australia. Tom’s here for filming of Thor: Ragnarok. So let’s take a look at Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s horoscopes.  What’s their astrological connections?

I’ll finish up with a comparison between Taylor and her most-recent ex, Calvin Harris.

I’ve reviewed Taylor’s horoscope before. She was born on December 13th, 1989. The actual time of birth is unknown. On astrodatabank.com, there is speculation about her birth time. One person suggests 8:36am, another 8:46pm. As in my previous post about Taylor, I’m using the 8:36am birth time.

Tom Hiddleston was born February 9th, 1981, in London, England. His birth time is also unknown. So I’ll set his horoscope for noon. Below is Taylor Swift’s horoscope (inner circle) and Tom’s (outer circle).

In the astrology of relationships, astrologers often start by looking for planetary connections between the two horoscopes involved. We’re interested to see which planets connect, and the sort of aspects they connect by (learn more about aspects).

‘Hard’ aspects (square, opposition, conjunction) are active, always on, and forceful. ‘Soft’ aspects (trine, sextile) indicate ‘ease’ between the planetary energies involved.

Taylor Swift's horoscope (inner circle) and Tom Hiddleston's (outer).

Taylor Swift’s horoscope (inner circle) and Tom Hiddleston’s (outer).

If this relationship is a genuine ‘love’ (or at least ‘desire’) relationship, we’d expect to see planetary aspects between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s horoscopes. In love relationships, there’s often aspects between Venus and Mars in one horoscope to the same planets in the other horoscope. Venus is about desire, values, attraction. Mars is about force, drive, and getting things done. Joined by aspect between two people, they indicate ‘chemistry’.

These Venus-Mars aspects between two people are one of the reasons why we’re attracted, romantically or sexually, to some people and not others.

And we see some of this chemistry between Taylor and Tom.

It’s firstly shown by the conjunction (planets about 0° apart, plus or minus a few degrees) between Venus in Tom’s horoscope and Venus in Taylor’s (red oval, above). Taylor’s Venus is at 1° Aquarius. Tom’s is at 6° Aquarius.

This conjunction shows that this couple are certainly attracted and ‘connected’ to each other. They will find they have a lot in common, a bond. Especially in terms of Venus stuff: what they value, love, and how they express love and desire. Aquarius is an air sign, so there’s a strong mental/thinking component to their connection. They will communicate ‘on the same wavelength.’

There’s also a friendly sextile aspect (about 60°) between their respective Suns. Taylor’s Sun at 21° Sagittarius connects with Tom’s Sun at 20° Aquarius. This is an ‘I get where you’re coming from’ aspect, and a mutual ‘ease’ between their egos (Sun).

But there’s a more challenging situation here. There’s a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Tom’s horoscope. It forms a square aspect (about 90°) to Taylor’s Mercury and Neptune (blue arrows, above).

This has positive and negative possibilities. Jupiter to Mercury-Neptune will enlarge, expand and motivate (Jupiter) Taylor’s communication and singing (Mercury), artistic nature and idealism (Neptune). While the Saturn will be more pragmatic, structured and possibly critical. And both of these will be happening — at the same time.

So positively Tom will seem both a welcome moderator (Saturn) and enthusiast (Jupiter) towards Taylor. Whether it works out that way, only time can tell.

Another feature here is Tom’s Neptune. It’s at 24° Sagittarius, in conjunction to Taylor’s Sun. Neptune is the planet of mystery, and will give Taylor the sense that Tom is a charming and mysterious influence in her life.

Now that we’ve looked at Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s horoscopes, let’s compare Taylor and Calvin Harris’s horoscopes in a similar way.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris’s horoscopes

Taylor’s relationship before Tom Hiddleston was with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris. There is accurate birth data for Calvin. He was born January 17th, 1984, in Dumfries, Scotland, at 5:22pm. So let’s look again look at Taylor’s horoscope (inner circle, below). And compare it with Calvin Hariss’s, on the outer circle.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's horoscopes

This is a little more complicated. But let’s go through it, step by step.

Firstly, attraction. Yes, there it is: Calvin’s intense Mars at 3° Scorpio in square aspect (about 90°) to Taylor’s Venus at 1° Aquarius (blue arrows, above). This indicates immediate chemistry between them, right from the start.

Secondly, Taylor’s Uranus also connects to Calvin’s Mercury (green arrow, above) by conjunction. Again, this is generally challenging for Calvin. His ability to express himself (Mercury) will be disrupted (Uranus) by Taylor. That might have had a positive side to it, but in general I’d say it would be a difficult connection.

And then there’s Taylor’s Saturn at 13° Capricorn in opposition aspect to Calvin’s Moon at 14° Cancer (red arrows, above). Calvin Harris might have found Taylor’s sense of discipline (Saturn) rather restricting emotionally (Moon).

Finally, Calvin’s Venus at 20° Sagittarius conjuncts Taylor’s Sun at 21° Sagittarius (green oval, above). This puts a connection between Taylor’s ego an will (Sun) and what Calvin desires and values (Venus). But there may be misunderstandings here. He might love Taylor’s identity or sense of self (Sun). While this can be a nice connection, it might be a bit one sided.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s horoscopes: summary

Who knows how long the Taylor and Tom relationship will last. I wish them all the best. Certainly the astrological connections between them are more harmonious and promising than between Swift and Calvin Harris. With Calvin Harris, while there was a strong attraction there were other complicating factors.

With Hiddleston, the Suns are sextile and Venus conjunct Venus is optimistic. Hiddleston’s Jupiter-Saturn to Taylor’s Mercury could be a blessing or a curse. It really depends on the quality of advice and encouragement he has to offer, and Taylor’s amenability to it.




  1. Taylor’s birthday is Dec 13 not Nov 13 so your calculations are all wrong.

    • Thanks for pointing this out. I have fixed this error. The calculations are correct – see my previous post on Taylor. It’s just that I typed in ‘November’, when it should have been ‘December’ – a typo.

  2. fanrealclub says:

    In fact , taylor vertex also conjunct tom north node and taylor ‘s anti vertex also conjunct tom South node which show they has a karma which is difficult to be separate and has karma debt . Do you know South node are part life in the past . I also see ceres , plan of nuture of tom also conjunct taylor moon which show they will like naturing emotion each other . In fact , tom anti vertex also conjunct taylor ic taurus which I think he will bring safty for taylor . I think tom will help taylor carrer when he also has mercury , mar tribe taylor ‘s midheaven . Finally , moon cancer tribe mercury and mar pieces which also show harmonius character . In fact , I also love calvin but I don’t see they has any karma between them . Tayvin does not north node and South node look like tom and taylor . Effect of spare and opposite is more than tribe and conjunct

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