Trump or Clinton for president? Part 1

I’d planned to write this as a single post: ‘Trump or Clinton for President?’ But it just kept growing in length. Hence the split into Parts. So this is Part 1. Clinton will be reviewed in Part 2. There may even be a Part 3, looking at Bernie Sanders. And Part 4 looking at a Republican hopeful.


I’ve previously written about Donald Trump and his candidacy for President.

Since that post, and against expectations, Trump has dominated the Republican primaries. He is likely to be the Republican presidential candidate if his momentum continues, to the angst of many. Including the Republican establishment. Critics consider him a bombastic ‘monster’ (e.g. this ABC article and or this one by the Washington Post), not fit for the highest office in the land. To his supporters, he’s a breath of fresh air. Someone who ‘tells it like it is.’

More recently, I’ve written about the astrological factors at play in horoscopes for five previous Presidential inaugurations.

In this series of posts, I’m going to take a closer look the horoscopes of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And possibly other candidates. In particular, I want to see if and how the planets align for them on inauguration day. Which is January 20th, 2017. What are their respective chances of becoming President?

Below is Trump’s natal horoscope (inner green wheel, or circle). Surrounding the inner natal wheel are two things: firstly, his Solar Arc Directed (SAD) (middle wheel) planets and points. Secondly, transiting planets and points (outer wheel). Both are set for January 20th, 2017.

These are all displayed using the ’90° dial’ system. This recognised system visually re-arranges things a bit. But it adds significant clarity. Classical hard aspects (conjunctions, squares and oppositions) are all displayed as conjunctions.

Trump or Clinton for president

Donald Trump’s natal horoscope (centre), surrounded by SAD and transits for January 20th, 2017. Trump was born June 14th, 1946, 10:54am, Jamaica, New York. This birth data accuracy is ranked ‘AA’ by

Trump’s planetary alignments on January 20th 1017 are — like the man himself — direct, blunt and to the point (blue oval, above).

SAD Pluto (power, force) at 17° Libra is conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter (money, fortune, gain, grandiosity, luck, expansiveness). Furthermore, transiting Pluto (shown within the blue oval, but on the light blue outer wheel) at 17° Capricorn squares natal Jupiter. So this is a double-whammy of powerful Plutonic energy connecting with Jupiter in Trump’s horoscope.

Jupiter-Pluto is generally a ‘gamblers’ planetary signature. In horoscopes this combination denotes someone prepared to ‘bet big,’ particularly financially.

In Trump’s natal horoscope, his Jupiter is in the 2nd house (of money, resources and self-esteem) and is in trine aspect to Uranus. Jupiter-Uranus in a horoscope means ‘erratic’ fortune, unstable income and unpredictability. This has been a hallmark of Trump’s financial history.

But wait – there’s more…

Secondary Progressions

There is another astrological technique for looking at unfolding events in a person’s life. And it’s not shown in the above diagram.

That technique is Secondary Progressions (SP). This is a symbolic system based on a ‘day for a year.’ That is, if we want to know about the 50th year of life, we look at the 50th day after the birth. If we look at Trump’s natal horoscope (inner) and SP planets for January 20th, 2017, two further alignments add to the overall picture…

Trump or Clinton for president

Donald Trump’s natal (inner) and SP planets etc for January 29th, 2017.


Secondary progressed Moon at 25°44′ Cancer is exactly conjunct his natal Venus (red ovals, above) also at 25°44′ Cancer. Venus in Trump’s horoscope is the ruler of his Midheaven (career, public standing, reputation).

This portends a strong emotional (Moon) connection to his career and public standing at this time. Venus is about what we value, what we love. History has shown us that one thing Trump values highly is his personal ‘brand.’

More importantly, Trump’s SP Sun in January 2017 has just changed signs (from Leo to Virgo – green oval, above) and entered Trump’s 1st house. This brings good news … and bad news.

The good news is that the Sun goes from a being cadent or relatively weak (in the 12th) to being angular (1st house). Being angular makes the Sun (or any planet) ‘louder’, indicating this will be the start of a time when Trump’s ego and ‘self’ will be even more powerful, in terms of ‘doing’. He will have relatively more ‘ability to act’. But what about the ‘quality’ of that action?

The bad news is that the Sun is going from a sign it rules (Leo) to one it doesn’t. This denotes a drop in the quality of Trump’s ego or self, his Sun expression. So while the quality will be less (Virgo), the quantity (1st house) will be more. To put it politely, IF he is elected President he may not be on his best behaviour once in office.

And more…


Transits are the ongoing (transiting) daily location of the planets in the sky compared to their location in the horoscope. Transits are measured by ‘aspects’. Significant transits are shown ‘hard’ aspects ( conjunction: 0°, square: 90°, or opposition: 180°) between transiting planet and natal planet. Many astrologers place a high value on transits. But they are secondary compared to all of the above.

Between now and inauguration day, Trump has two significant transits. These are shown graphically in the diagram below.

Trump or Clinton for president

Transits for Donald Trump, from March 2016. Significant are Pluto square natal Jupiter (yellow arrows) and Uranus square natal Saturn (blue arrows).

Firstly, transiting Pluto square to his natal Jupiter (yellow arrows). This aspect repeats in mid-January 2017. It’s strongest effect until then will be mid-March until the end of May. The effect is a boost to his ‘fortunes’, but also it brings with it possible violence and power struggles – both within the political system, and with demonstrators and his opponents generally. The more ‘powerful’ Trump becomes, the more enemies he’s likely to create. This is a typical theme around those striving for power.

Secondly (blue arrows), Trump has transiting Uranus square his natal Saturn. Strongest effect will be mid-June to mid-September. Saturn in Trump’s horoscope is in his 11th house (friends), and rules his intercepted 5th (creativity), 6th (illness, minor suffering) and 7th (relationships, partnerships). All these areas of his life will be ‘shaken up’ by Uranus to Saturn. There will be reversals and surprises in these areas – both good and bad. Former foes might surprise many and become allies. And vice versa.

Summary: Trump or Clinton for President? Part 1

It is going to be a ‘wild ride’ between now and the election for Donald Trump. Expect change, reversals and surprises. Possibly ‘revolution.’ Expect powerful polarised energies, both for and against him. And on inauguration day his ‘personal brand’ will be at its peak.

Whether its Trump or Clinton for president, Trump will have scored a significant personal victory. He will be even more of a household name and beaten the odds.

If he IS elected President, then there will be a significant personality shift (SP Sun into Virgo), to put it mildly. In Virgo it would indicate – at worst – perfectionism, criticism, and detail-obsession.

But looking back at five previous presidents, and their inauguration astrology – Trump’s planetary alignments might not actually be ‘enough’ to get the top job. This is because neither of the planets involved are in angular houses in his natal horoscope.


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